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  1. http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/873054-evertons-phil-jagielka-and-tim-cahill-eyed-by-arsenal-and-sunderland?
  2. cols

    Bohemian (away)

    I take it this ain't televised anywhere?
  3. Well said Stev0..the guy is still a cock though haha..
  4. Hey rebecular..you talkin shit again haha.. How u doin mate havnt seen u in a while.
  5. Glad i don't have to make the decision haha
  6. You can't say WILL NOT as you dont know that for sure but at 18 mil I think it will be hard for dm to say no. Although I wouldn't want to sell our top defender he isn't irreplaceable with that sort of money and with change..
  7. Arsenal to bid 18 mil for jags..I'd bite there f****n hand off haha. http://www.toffeeweb.com/season/11-12/rumour-mill/
  8. Mike ill give you 19,500 for your moter lol... Totally agree with you though..
  9. http://www.toffeeweb.com/season/11-12/rumour-mill/
  10. Yeah bet we don't see any of that..might get a lil sniff if we lucky..
  11. cols

    Liverpool (Away)

    any 1 got there starting line up they would like to see, with jags out and mabey penuts coz know 1 knows for sure if he will play or not yet,what do u reckon guys? HOWARD NEVILLE HIETINGER DISTIN BAINES COLEMAN ARTETA FELLAINI BILLY SAHA BECKFORD billy insted of penuts if he dont play
  12. cols

    Brentford (Away)

    this is shocking...so poor..what the hell is going on i just dont understand any more..really disapointing
  13. cols

    Brentford (Away)

    does the link i posted work for every 1..
  14. cols

    Brentford (Away)

    1-0 coleman Streaming Options radio link
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