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  1. Its changed now again. This has got their coefficient http://www.xs4all.nl/~kassiesa/bert/uefa/seedel2009.html
  2. Nothing better than a great european night at goodison. How after that Fiorentina match and the atmosphere people want us out of europe I don't know! As MikeO said we weren't doing to shabby in the league last time either.
  3. What respect is is that when we say he is NOT for sale you move on and RESPECT that he is our player, he is under contract and he's going nowhere. Simple. Hughes bollocking on about wanting to sit around some bastard table and were reluctant. Its like because you have money we are now obliged to discuss a fee with you!
  4. I think Bentley would be a good signing for us. We are desperate for someone to be comfortable out on that wing and not keep drifting in. Gettin someone with a cross like him would mean a dozen more goals per seaon for the yak, felli and timmy c imo.
  5. EFCfanatic


    One thing is for sure that Neville must go back to right back because if Moyes shifts Jags out there again, no matter how good a CB he is, Downing will roast him all day because you see how uncomfortable he is there.
  6. With United having won today the UEFA cup place (Europa League from next season onwards) has gone down to 6th hasn't it? Now unless we do an almighty cock up we are more or less there. Especially if we and the top 3 get through to the semi finals of the F.A. Cup then europe will also be 7th. Surely were there now aren't we? There's even fair play although Felliani might of let us down....!
  7. I did like him when he was here but didn't know if he REALLY cared. I always got that impression from him. When he turns it on tho he is a very, very good player - only need to look at the game when he gave Arsenal players a run around to back that up. I duno what to make from "enrichening£ experience tho. But say or be shot I would like him back. £5-6m?
  8. Villa have returned 2000 tickets!!! Strange http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/more...-available.html
  9. That was fantastic hahaha. Gotta love Soccer am for stuff like that!! That tic tac video is fantastic too lmao
  10. IN MY OPINION, we need players like Moutinho and the like to step up to the next level, enen though he's a decent player, I don't see Adam Johnson turning us into a Champions League side. You really can't be serious bringing that dick Pennant here? I'm sure he'll add to the team spirit here. Fellaini wise. He's a good player. £15million? Nah, no way not yet. But Jesus he's 21!!! The foundations are good we need to put meat on the bones and players like Moutinho are just the ones we need to be linked with. The Portugesse league is a very good league as well compared to the Russian (Arshavin) for example..
  11. I really do believe the winner will have a trip down to London im May. I reckon we'll turn it on, rattle them and shank them 3-0. Mikel F.K, Felli and Timmy to top it off. Nuff said.
  12. It really is unbelievable Jeff. I mean i know who I would want in my team between Alonso and Mikel. Did you see Alonso against us? Woeful. The guy can't do anymore. Doesn't have to start for Christ sake just a call up. As Romey says I fear the worst like I do every window.
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