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  1. sinoharvest

    Portsmouth (away)

    with Jo upfront,fellani & cahill being supporting attack options and pinaar & osman on the wings. i see a convincing 3:0 win over Pompey. I dont really see us conceding any goal at all.
  2. sinoharvest


    too excited to keep their cool.
  3. sinoharvest


    Hey buddy,we are all result-oriented,arent we?Fellani scored,which is what mattered the most, no matter if was gifted or somebody's fault.His goal revived our hope and since then we took advantage. U can't deny how important that goal was. U simply can't be so critical to him. Yes he cost us 15M but he's got potential u gotta believe that. Nasri hasn't fully established him in arsenal.arshavin too old for us and simply arsenal snatched him up cuz they lacked options up front mid-season. Modric though,hasn't really shown what he has been in EURO 2008.same person,different class. Fellani has my full support!!!
  4. sinoharvest

    Man Of The Match V Middlesbrough

    Fellani for me.He could have scored twice and looking dangerous always. passed the ball well. Very impressed by lescott too as i saw him on several crutial occassions. Midfielders played well on the whole with osman not playing equally well as others. Saha had a good game,scored a vital game for us now i see him back on track to the scoresheet. Hopefully he keeps delivering in the rest of season. To me he is like a killer with instinct goal-scoring abilities.
  5. sinoharvest


    make sure you get me some souveniors from there.PS.i am in China.
  6. sinoharvest


    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. sinoharvest


    guess Yobo and Lescott had a good game.clean and tidy at the back. Yobo solid.Lescott crutial.
  8. sinoharvest


    clearly if fit,saha shoul definitely feature starting XI.
  9. sinoharvest


    i couldn't believe saha just missed that....
  10. sinoharvest


    unlucky to have hit the crossbar but it shows baines is an good option for freekick apart from teta.
  11. sinoharvest


    Wow~2-1.Everton have turned on the style.Really really impressive. The stadium is hot,full of voice. I think our next game is gonna be in Wembley. Boys have done well so far. Fellani has proven his 15M tag one more time. Give some time to him he'd show what he is really all about. It is a big time for us. We have a decent chance of pulling off FA cup this year............. Saha seemed to be a real good buy for us this season so far despite being sidelined for some periods. But he does score when we need. COME ON YOU BLUES!!1
  12. sinoharvest


    I play FM2009.I know computer game is not equal to life. But the game does reflect something,doenst it? I would say most information from its database can be used as reference but i am a big believer of that. Moutinho to me is certainly overpriced and if filtering in the game, we will find quite a bunch of people of his calibre with less money than his club is asking. I think we should look elsewhere or snatch him up at a real bargin price. Dont be next CITY.
  13. Unfortunately TC is more likely to score rather than create clear-cut chances and now our corners and free-kicks will be on Baines i suppose. Now i think the whole team needs to fight to prove they can win without Teta and wrap up a bittersweet season in May. So far the good thing for me is that we have a bunch of promising guys playing against senior players who are several years older than themselves but can still evenly match and even dominate the game, they stepped forward and done well so far. So future we would build an english team with major home-grown players together with quality overseas footballer like MO / YAK / TC / TETA with little spending but huge unity.
  14. sinoharvest


    I think it is too early to judge him as he's not had a good run yet. We can't really expect somebody to score on his debut or what. He will need to adapt to our way of play and sooner or later he will or he will be next Veron at Man U but we got him on loan didnt we? Still cheap and i hope he can come in handy when needed. This is what we have him here for. We do not regard him as another Teta or Chill i only expect him to do half well of Teta or TM has done for us this season before He fully proves himself. As long as we win our remaining games i dont really care who is playing. He's only part of the team when he underplayed the others did the same anyway.
  15. sinoharvest

    Arteta's Injury

    I couldn't agree more with this post. The 6th is the best we can do this year and a Semi in the FA would make me very pleased too. With the injuries we have it is good enough if we maintain at where we are if not any better. In the summer, DM shall be thinking how to make our players more durable to vicious tackles and raid more creative players possibly from Barca youth camp this year? I play FM 2009 and i heard we have close link to the company. So if we look into the database of the game, we shall broaden our selection from Moutinho to other similiar players with lower recognition and of course less fees.