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  1. A lot of what we've been doing well has been because he's been holding the ball better.
  2. Needs a productive and competitive loan situation.
  3. Yeah, it is a tough one. The numbers show that he's only getting better every time he's given a game, yet the energy towards him seems so negative all the time. If he can establish himself as a focal point that encourages the wingers to be more productive then I'd say he's worth the start. I watched the City match in patches so I can't comment on his whole performance but it seems like he's our best option as far as balance is concerned.
  4. Think Lookman should start over Walcott in the coming matches.
  5. He did everything right for the goal. Touch with his left that set up the hit with his right. He's a great striker and I agree; he thrives off competition. Also, congrats on the baby!
  6. Most assists for Bolton this season and apparently his all around game has been great. Didn't realize the loan was going that well. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-defender-antonee-robinson-gets-14429203
  7. Right, he has no diplomacy. That much is in his control. He doesn't care about the club at all.
  8. I watched the highlights and his shot/diversion from a great cross is what caused a very easy goal. He seemed to do really well from the bit that was covered in that edit. RB were wasteful in general, not even Lookman but the more established players. Again, that's from what I was able to see. Watching that clip also reminded me that I need to be following more Bundesliga.
  9. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/club/everton/368/blog/post/3397490/rooneywilliams-wasteful-as-allardyce-sets-up-everton-for-failure-at-watford Balanced
  10. Just after the match the other day a good friend of mine that works in production at NBC here in the states just causally mentioned our 'troubled locker room' as if I could expand upon it. It wasn't a surprise but I obviously don't have any details. He's a neutral that just loves football, and sound engineering! But his supplemental evidence was what he heard an analyst saying off camera (could be anything and anyone, I know) but also Martinez on set not too long ago also saying things to that effect. So that's not a clear explanation for anything, but it was information from someone who isn'tt really all that invested in Everton and thought he was spouting common knowledge to someone.
  11. Whoever is going to be successful next season, needs the rest of this one and the summer to make that happen.
  12. He needs to go. Absolutely no accountability. His hallmark of defensive organization is nowhere to be seen. He looks clueless and always blames the players who are tasked with making sense of his ever-changing lineups.
  13. Always well spoken and it seems he's sincerely excited about playing for the club. This is a good one.
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