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  1. Honestly, all of the PR, marketing and design teams involved with the club can take a breather until we appoint a new manager. I don't care about training videos and icymi clips of away losses.
  2. I believe so; and it shows. We could get scored on just after halftime and it feels like 90+ mins of stoppage time.
  3. DCL was never a winger. He was played there but that wasn't his position. He started as a CM, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Yes, actually, it’s a pretty common racist trope to applaud or comment on the physical abilities of athletes of color by praising their tenacity, athleticism, or power then proceed to question their attitudes or mental capacity. White commentators/journalists do that to Black athletes all the time. It’s not exclusive to sports either. Have you ever heard of misogynoir? You can tolerate one aspect of someone’s being, especially if it’s a trait you benefit from, but discredit their actual humanity altogether. It happens constantly.
  5. ? I was agreeing with that point. I just think Souness is a bigot as well.
  6. I’m sure his biases against Everton were also a factor but I still think you’re giving him a pass and no one learns when that happens. We’ll just agree to disagree.
  7. He’s both! Let’s not excuse his behavior and the apathy of his two colleagues during the whole thing; he had no business speaking about a player’s character, especially without any research. That’s how cycles continue. Souness always has a specific tone and use of language when he speaks about black players. I can see it from a mile away because it’s familiar. Not listening or being dismissive is unhelpful and allows people to fall back on the claim that “I didn’t realize” or say things like “sorry to those that were offended by my comments”. It’s all cyclical bullshit.
  8. I thought so too. I think it has a lot to do with your second point in that he seems to be trying to set up a shot much of the time. That's what it looked like on at least two occasions. He looks like he'll score which gives the whole forward line energy.
  9. I think he's injured and I'm also glad we played Pickford for the sake of consistency.
  10. I hope he's given as much time as he needs to get used to things
  11. I think I read somewhere that Kean was a big fan of Obafemi Martins, which I personally think is awesome. That's as dynamic as it gets. I always thought he was really fun to watch and I can see some similarities in approach.
  12. We looked impressive defensively. The matched was well managed even with that scoreline. Kean fashioned two chances for himself, albeit towards the end of what was then an open match. He's obviously skilled and very eager to impress.
  13. ATM?! I'm not sure what's made his week bad can be reconciled...
  14. His English is pretty good. I think that (poorly) translated interview was for convenience. It seems he can understand the language pretty well so being immersed in it will speed things up.
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