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  1. nutmegwolf203

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I don't think he should - it's the players responsibility to adapt to what he wants. This video of Gary Neville saying as much about Unai Emery seems like the same logic.
  2. nutmegwolf203


    He gets it.
  3. nutmegwolf203

    Antonee Robinson

    Most assists for Bolton this season and apparently his all around game has been great. Didn't realize the loan was going that well. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-defender-antonee-robinson-gets-14429203
  4. nutmegwolf203

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Right, he has no diplomacy. That much is in his control. He doesn't care about the club at all.
  5. nutmegwolf203

    Ademola Lookman

    I watched the highlights and his shot/diversion from a great cross is what caused a very easy goal. He seemed to do really well from the bit that was covered in that edit. RB were wasteful in general, not even Lookman but the more established players. Again, that's from what I was able to see. Watching that clip also reminded me that I need to be following more Bundesliga.
  6. nutmegwolf203

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    http://www.espn.co.uk/football/club/everton/368/blog/post/3397490/rooneywilliams-wasteful-as-allardyce-sets-up-everton-for-failure-at-watford Balanced
  7. nutmegwolf203

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Just after the match the other day a good friend of mine that works in production at NBC here in the states just causally mentioned our 'troubled locker room' as if I could expand upon it. It wasn't a surprise but I obviously don't have any details. He's a neutral that just loves football, and sound engineering! But his supplemental evidence was what he heard an analyst saying off camera (could be anything and anyone, I know) but also Martinez on set not too long ago also saying things to that effect. So that's not a clear explanation for anything, but it was information from someone who isn'tt really all that invested in Everton and thought he was spouting common knowledge to someone.
  8. nutmegwolf203

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Whoever is going to be successful next season, needs the rest of this one and the summer to make that happen.
  9. nutmegwolf203

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    He needs to go. Absolutely no accountability. His hallmark of defensive organization is nowhere to be seen. He looks clueless and always blames the players who are tasked with making sense of his ever-changing lineups.
  10. nutmegwolf203

    Ademola Lookman

    Great run and goal.
  11. nutmegwolf203

    Theo Walcott

    Always well spoken and it seems he's sincerely excited about playing for the club. This is a good one.
  12. nutmegwolf203

    Theo Walcott

    Yeah I'm not a fan either and I actually don't think he's that great of a finisher. Perhaps it's match fitness but recently I've seen him miss some great chances and make poor choices in front of goal.
  13. nutmegwolf203

    Mason Holgate

    This is really my point. I'm not trying to call him a liar. But this really does have to be 100%. I've been called dishonest in these situations and there is nothing gained from a lack of proof. That's all I'm saying. Sorry to make it seem like I was throwing him to the wolves. I hope he is backed up in all this, always want to support our players and I hope justice is served. I won't say any more on the subject.
  14. nutmegwolf203

    Mason Holgate

    Just so I can properly give my stance on the twitter thing: I don't even know what batty boy means, don't care to look it up or have someone explain. Sure, he was young(er) than he is now I was merely saying that the internet is a deep archive and for anybody claiming discrimination in this day and age, especially about race, because race is a topic that's often bypassed in terms of social progress, it is incredibly common for people to try and slander your character. That's all.
  15. nutmegwolf203

    Mason Holgate

    Well, comedians take liberties and I'm a fan of some who use some crude language as I assume we all are, but in general I'm not in to crass humor. But at the same time you're talking about constructs that make up modern society as we know it, hard to avoid those topics if you want to tell a narrative of who we are right now, for better or worse. My social circles are really diverse so I'm lucky in that way, but I think that's conflating the fact that you can speak of being queer without using the word faggot. I'm pretty sure it's possible. But the point is, young or not, it was used as a negative, it wasn't celebratory in those tweets. That, as many have said can be a commonality in young people who learn those terms and the contexts to use them in from influential sources. Beyond all this, I'm really not here to judge his past tweets. Based on the series of events and the way people tend to cover their bases after high profile situations it did seem like a PR move, but as people have pointed out it was suggested by the authorities. I wish kids didn't learn to apply these terms so casually, because they don't sit casually with people on the other side. I could talk about that forever and not say anything we don't already know.