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  1. Hey mate, thanks for the post ! I like you guys, but i hope we get the points tomorrow ! I think the crowd will be buzzing, so a few empty seats of late may be taken up. As for anfield, its not a football site, its just a site ! haha Also there are many pubs around the ground etc, theres pubs on County Road, the main road in front of the ground, then there are two on Goodison Road, to be honest i don't know where the away fans drink as i use The black Horse or Royal Oak and there just filled with Everton fans... 99% of us are friendly so i wouldnt worry about staying clear of h
  2. I would have to disagree with this point mate, i think the official stats were well in our favour i think it was something like "Completed Passes" Everton 400 - 275 Sunderland ... I would say they played nice bits of football at times but they didnt pass us off the park for the majority of the game.
  3. My friend called up at 1pm Saturday afternoon for a ticket and was told the game had sold out, so i an only presume the missing seats were from people who couldnt make it? Im not sure.. And with the blackpool game either sold out or near enough capacity then i can only see Sunderland being the same, if its not on T.V of course.
  4. Heres the headlines : Moyes finds Jelavic can not head the ball and is in line for a £100,000 transfer to Scunthorpe
  5. Hes also played in the champions league this season too .
  6. He done my head in with h is poor choices yesterday, only the run leading to the goal saved him imo and he neraly lost that until the entire gwladys street told him to play it out wide to Baines, lost the ball a good few times in central positions, and they attacked on every single occasion, one time he lost the ball high up the field and just stood there, left baines to dfend to players down our left side, his decision making and defensive skills need a lot of work to become a polished prem player
  7. i am genuinely gobsmacked at the moment, some gwoman in are work said if this happens shes gonna streak at the match... brucie bonus!!!
  8. Welcome mate, i agree, in principle with what you mean but not with some of your points... But everyone knows as football fans, its a fickle sport, one week someone can be loved the next they can be hated in regards to our "better" players being totally out of form at the minute... By the way, the quote up the top there i was confused with... I could just be being really dumb here, (lack of sleep etc etc) but who is GN?
  9. wheres the news on sky sports? I'm on it now and there is nothing about Bily? 2.5m if true is an absolute joke, but just shows what a manager can do to a players valuation, watch him move and play in his preferred role and undoubtedly shine
  10. fed up with these performances, especially at home, fed up of fans getting on the players backs after 5 minutes of the game, fed up of the same tactics from moyes with every team in the league, fed up with saha who might aswell not be on the pitch, fed up of the same attacking mentality which every team is onto, get the ball out to baines, let him slide it in, were no attackers attack. Fed up of walking out of goodison feeling like ending my life. Something needs to be done, this club is slowly sinking and before it we will lose the remaining decent players we have and we will be getting 15,00
  11. me too.. i just wear it for the gym and stuff
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