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  1. Ronald Koeman

    Barkley had a decent season for us. Koeman was constantly getting on his back. I don't blame Barkley .. koeman clearly has a way of operating which is very divisive.
  2. Ronald Koeman

    indeed - personally I really hope he does. Tenner on it - donation to McMillan?
  3. Ronald Koeman

    Bye ron
  4. Chelsea (League Cup away) - Wednesday 25th October

    Actually feel sick at the thought of this match.
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    usually do this to stimulate the market - this all needs investigating. If this drags out any longer my question will be "who replaces the board"..... I actually thought I was keeping my powder dry in coming out with my concerns over koeman and relented a bit after the mini revival we seen under him. His method of operating is just absurd... he has never truly engaged with the club, he makes Roy Hodgson look interesting, his man management is akin to that of someone with zero emotional intelligence. How can someone so decorated in his playing career playing expansive football look like a sunday league manager? He is that bad that he makes me think he's trying to get walked.
  6. Ronald Koeman

    you mean refusing to sign a contract to play under a manager who was singling him out virtually every week even when he wasn't playing anywhere near as bad as other players? who left it till march to get the contract offer to him 4 months after telling the media that barkley needed to "earn" it. downing tools? that would be a player who after looking that he had secured golden boot with Harry Kane injured scored played 4 games in a row in his flip flops.... then in the realisation that Kane plundered 4 goals against Leicester to go 2 goals ahead of him turned up to the dead rubber last game against Arsenal and put in a shift? That's downing tools.
  7. Ross Barkley

    Ever heard the phrase "people don't change jobs - they change managers".... its very very true. Lets make a few things clear here:- Barkley was not offered a new contract under Martinez - Martinez mentioned that he would look at it in the summer. The summer is when Koeman took over. Koeman stated that Barkley had not had his contract talks arranged back in March... by April/May he was issuing sign or be sold ultimatums. I have previously stated the continued criticism of the lad.... much of it is contained here http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/ronald-koemans-criticism-ross-barkley-10782417 but there was actually more.... to the point that the likes of Phil Neville came out in support of the lad. Those comments indicate a sustained level of criticism of a player which is: 1. Unfair - based on the levels other players were performing at and escaping public criticism 2. Unwise - based on the fact that the lad clearly responds to an arm round the shoulder and not a beating.... why would you criticise a player who you wanted to sign a new contract? you wouldn't would you? don't be surprised if the lad signs an extension if koeman is sacked.
  8. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    He was a koeman pick - koeman has said he tried to buy him at Southampton. He spent £45m on a player he doesn't know how to use.
  9. Ronald Koeman

    What? He's injured and hasn't played.
  10. Who should replace Koeman?

    He got relegated with a tin pot club. He's got something about him.... 100%
  11. Who should replace Koeman?

    My brother called for him last year on radio Merseyside Was laughed at. No one's laughing Now.
  12. Ronald Koeman

    Let's be clear...... these players haven't been coached. This fucker is doing a Walter Smith. His brother is his archie knox and if duncan ferguson hasnt kicked off about it then he can go with the lot. This is abhorrent. Absolutely disgusting. I want any players who have downed tools to get fucked off too. Enough is enough.
  13. Who should replace Koeman?

    Is take Rom.as the next manager..... In fact I'm actually feeling a bit of the need for Peter Reid. .... seriously it needs to be unsworth.
  14. Ronald Koeman

    No.... he's made it up as he goes along. All this lukaku bullshit makes me laugh.... one player has gone who knew more about football than this fat headed melt ever knew - GARETH BARRY. YES if we were creating chances, then I'd say lukaku. After Barry we miss Barkley. Just because the lad gave us far more than he was credited for. I never realised how good Barry was....