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  1. hafnia


    I see it as him being overpriced.... and yes it had feelings of Martinez bringing McCarthy and koeman bringing schneiderlein.... But if I look below the surface... it appears that Silva was key in richalison choosing Watford over Ajax... a few months in and Silva was looking to leave and then was fired.... so yeah maybe there is elements of things not being right for the lad. Let's face it... established international stars like van persie, Rio, Carrick looked awful after SAF left man United. It would be churlish to suggest change in managers doesn't change things. £50m though???
  2. hafnia

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    He offers a different approach. Pure energy and hassle.... that's why he's worth keeping.
  3. hafnia

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    Man United won all sorts with ji sun park and John oshea.... squad players don't all have to be elite.
  4. hafnia

    Elephant in the room

    Not necessarily. We finished 10th last year with awful managers. The league really isn'tt that good. Top 4 or 5 define themselves. 6th isn'tt unachievable with the right tactics and players being 100% focused.
  5. hafnia

    Elephant in the room

    We need 3 or 4 signings and I'm pretty certain that they will happen. It was only the world cup final last week. The fact they haven't happened as yet suggests that they will be players who were in and around the world cup. Silva and brands have had to have been given a chance to see the players for themselves before making the decision to get rid. It will all happen pretty soon.
  6. hafnia


    Looks like he's got a cannon of a shot on him too.
  7. hafnia

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I'm fully trusting that we have the right mechanism in place this season.
  8. hafnia

    2018 World Cup

    Well.... that's pickford nailed for golden glove
  9. hafnia

    2018 World Cup

    I'm pleased Croatia and in particular that red nose tit lovren are getting battered.
  10. hafnia

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Good player. Good shot, settled into the prem. £13m is a bargain.
  11. hafnia

    Michael Keane

    Keane was telling the press he was playing well last year..... he needs to just shut the fuck up. Hes like a cliche machine.
  12. hafnia


    Talented players who became "Fringe players" who lost their way and rediscovered it.... Pienaar Arteta Salah Zaha De bruyne And so on..... low risk high reward as above. It may not work out but there is very little to lose versus signing a bolassie, klassen.... £20m plus.
  13. hafnia

    Ademola Lookman

    Does he not wanna be at Everton? As far as I could tell he was loaned out as he wasn't getting a chance. We have a new manager now so unless there is another reason aside from football them I assume he will be approaching this as a fresh chance to impress a manager with more progressive ideologies vs the previous 2.
  14. hafnia


    isn'tt it a pity? Not that we lost but that we finally discovered that "hierarchical England" has probably cost us 4 or 5 international tournaments. I state this as clearly as I can.... the egotistical prima donnas such as Terry, Gerrard, Neville, Beckham, Rooney, Rio, Cole, Owen, lampard, Campbell etc have thrown away England's best chances of winning a tournament. Everyone of those players and many more have allowed a pecking order, clique, tread on eggshells culture to exist and thrive in our setup. I couldn't give a shit if Mike Bassett was the manager - those lot had one agenda - their own personal brand and a "false" existence amongst each other. Supposed leaders my fuckin arse. They needed to get real and honest and maybe just one of them call out the bullshit that existed between the lot of them like Neville to say. "Listen... I'm a man United player, yeah I'm good mates with Beckham and Scholes but let's cut all this false shit out. We sit amongst each other, no cliques... we fight for each other.... we call each other out.... we help each other." It never happened and we seen a disjointed dishsrmonised team for years.
  15. hafnia


    Disagree... He made the move to United and rusted away. Everton is a perfect step up.