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  1. hafnia


    Regardless of how much progress we make? So if we are top 4 and title contenders and get to cup finals and champs league you think they will still be off? Not necessarily. Outside the prem there are about 5 or 6 clubs that would be appealing... Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve, AC Milan.... pickford doesn't strike me as the sort to up sticks... Richarlison may be Barca quality but would be wanting to play every week. If we make a good fist of progressing then we could retain players.
  2. hafnia


    Gotta make hay whist the sun shines if we want to keep him. We never had the money to build a team around Rooney when he was 17. We do now. For me the weakest attacking link is Walcott. That can be addressed by brands going out and getting lozano... sadly Coleman needs replacing too. That last injury has took something from him. It remains to be seen if richarlison goes back to the left hand side and we buy a striker who the attacking players can pivot off or we use him central.
  3. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Nah... you're good quality mate. Get on here a bit more.
  4. hafnia


    Very unique skill set. His heading is outstanding... technically at a level we haven't had since Cahill. He is so rounded we are gonna need to tie this lad to a proper contract.... work rate, technically brilliant, clever, strong and quick... all at just 21...... quite frightening really. He is the best talent we have had at the club since Rooney at 17. Nothing has come even close to that till this lad. He will go on to surpass those levels and reach the levels seen by Suarez, Henry etc. Even when he is getting heavily marked by strong defenders he handles them.... he makes the game difficult and freed space for his teammates. £50m is an absolute bargain....
  5. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Unless we can replace him with a ball winning machine who has expansive talents then I don't think it's worth it. He adds too much to the team. Liverpool signed fabinho for £44m and isn'tt looking good. Torreira at arsenal looks great but they would demand double what they paid.
  6. hafnia


    Proper footballer this lad.
  7. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Crackin visual ... it could be split into a 9 blocker where bottom left is shite and top right is excellent. It doesn't indicate what type of passes they are as per Matt's comment but it essentially says..... he wins the ball more than anyone and doesn't give it away. Awesome.
  8. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Nah... the lukaku thread is still going. Was gonna post the video of him rapping... it's nearly as bad as his first touch. What's the fiorentina forums like?
  9. hafnia

    Jordan Pickford

    If United lose de gea then they are in serious shit. I can't see United being attractive enough to pickford to make him want to leave what he has here. If man city came in then maybe but man United are a long way from being that club that used to be able to get whoever they wanted. As for fee? £80m there or there abouts.
  10. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    You know when you invest hours in a computer game... complete it and then play it over and over again and you end up fighting the same monsters and zap them without thinking. That's when you know it's time to get a new game.
  11. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    This thread is a load of bollocks. Actually bored of it now. It's quite embarrassing really.
  12. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    1. Bollocks 2. Also bollocks
  13. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    We have more than enough midfielders to choose from now... Gomes, gana, Davies, McCarthy, schneiderlein that's 5 for 2 spots..... we all know what gana brings and where his strengths don't lie. At this moment our manager is giving him the nod and he is doing a lone defensive midfielder role which is what we have been crying out for rather than 2... it's meant we can have a more expansive player like Gomes instead of a master of nothing in schneiderlein. We look loads better for it.... Gana isn'tt overloaded he is doing a fine job. The team look loads better and far more balanced. I trust the manager. The manager trusts Gana. End of story.
  14. hafnia

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    I'm not saying gana is better than Kante, I dont think I ever have... I'm agreeing that Kante is a great DM..... won 2 titles and 2 POTY.....I'm also saying that Gana overshadowed this great DM in a game that you said he would get found out in. Did he get found out? No. How can such a shit player overshadow such a great player in a game that he was meant to get found out in? Maybe there isn'tt a great deal of difference between them... the stats certainly seem to indicate that. Are you saying Roy Keane was shite? Di canio, juninho, defoe, kinkladze, viduka, Scott Parker?... all got relegated. Whilst you are on about villa fans - they rated him on the whole. Have a look at villa talk they are pissed off that he was surrounded by shite... player of the year for many and his stats were similarly impressive. https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/premier-league/2015-2016/the-kante-gueye-conundrum-how-are-leicester-so-good-and-villa-so-bad_sto5440821/story.shtml A nice article that puts it all into context...