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  1. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    As if gylfi would come on here and start slaying DCL. Been a good signing. Playing for a shit team.
  2. Jack Wilshere

    MJB no one is right on him based on injuries. Who knows what the future holds? Giggs used to suffer injuries all the time in his early years but managed to find a way to balance himself with yoga. The fact remains is that he is a quality footballer who would add quality to our team.
  3. Cenk Tosun

    No. I think far too much was made of it. Like most strikers he could have done with a goal pretty quickly. His all round play was good and still is.
  4. Cenk Tosun

    I don't buy it. I think the poor bastard realised that he almost has to agree with the gravy drinking slob.... I see these interviews as nothing more than attempting to remain in favour. If he came out and said "I have always been ready"..... you reckon he would get a game? Allardyce is a vindictive egomaniac. Allardyce said cenk doesn't like the cold.... he scored 2 on a blustery cold day in stoke. In short Sam is full of shit
  5. Yep... let's be honest his role has effectively become a chief scout with a stronger voice. Does a DOF really work? For me the role goes too much into the remit of a manager. I can understand the DOF overseeing youth development and aspects of player recruitment but not to the level of "look what I've bought you..."
  6. Does no one see the bigger issue here? "This player was that fellas choice, i reckon that player was that fellas choice .... absolute farce." The DOF should be a top quality scout who presents his findings to the manager.... the manager from there makes his choice. Ultimately it falls on the manager. The DOF should be judged by the options he finds and presents.
  7. Jack Wilshere

    He is exactly the type of midfielder Liverpool need. Their front 3 will think it's Christmas.
  8. Cenk Tosun

    It wasn't obvious though. Against spurs he looked solid.... occupied their centre halves and got stuck in. He has done well in spite of Sam's sporadic use - not because of it. It's an old sandbagging method some managers in business do to get kudos.... they rate a capable person as being shit in a year end review.... they tell the person 'don't worry....i will get you where you need to be' the only difference the following year is the managers opinion and not the level of performance. But he will take claim for improving someone to their own manager. Tosun was no where near as rusty and far off as allardyce is making out.
  9. Luke Shaw

    What i like about him is he is a natural.... very powerful runner and has great footballing ability. I think like Rooney he needs to play all the time. He wasn't exactly slim at Southampton. I used to play with 2 lads who were both at least 2 stone overweight for amateur football..... strangely enough they were 2 of the fittest in the team.
  10. Luke Shaw

    I actually think mourinho is trying his best to divert attention away from the fact that the team are performing shite. Alexis Sanchez has been piss poor but escapes attention. Shaw has been alright.... I watched that game the other night and he was fine. Some players may give them impression that they aren't arsed. I remember mourinho picking on Joe Cole a lot. Shaw has lots of ability. It wouldn't be the first time that we have managed to get an unhappy player of potential and make him feel at home. Arteta, pienaar.... but then again we had mcgeady and VDM
  11. Luke Shaw

    Whoever gets him will be getting a very good player who should go on to achieve good things. Mourinho doing what he does.... making the public believe someone has a shit attitude cos he doesn't like them.
  12. Luke Shaw

    Top player. Very good and just because mourinho has it in for him means absolutely fuck all. Watched him a fair bit and he has got everything. Quick, runs all day, great delivery. Mourinho will probably add him to the likes of matic, de bruyne, salah as players who he has dumped but go on to do well.
  13. Ramiro Funes Mori

    I'm done to be honest. Just had to call out his incessant need to be contrary (and to clarify what it means) Funes mori eh.... let's hope Sam doesn't take forever to get him integrated.... I heard he doesn't like the spring.
  14. Ramiro Funes Mori

    Credit for tosun??? I didn't know who fuck he was before we signed him. I don't need to feel the need to pay myself on the back. Gana over Davies? No.... I said gana alongside Davies... gana has a specific job that he does well. You just try and make out all his good stats are as a result of him being poor in his positioning. How the fuck is that??? He has a passing accuracy as one of the highest in the team, are his high level of interceptions down to his poor positioning too? You talk absolute bollocks. I'm not even going down the lukaku road... enough has been said and reiterated elsewhere on United forums as to his shortcomings.
  15. Ramiro Funes Mori

    I'll be honest I stopped reading after you said strawmannning..... it's beyond irritating the way in which you pretend to understand things but clearly demonstrate that you actually don't. If you do use Google then please look up strawman. You don't understand what it means at all. You whole m.o on this forum is to try and prove that you are a football expert by coming out with controversial views.... you are no different to Robbie Savage or Chris Sutton... it's attention. This conversation has all stemmed from allardyce and his arrogant trolling ways.... trying to take credit for things and alleviate responsibility for things.... picking players who are shit at the expense of others who deserve a shot You clearly identify this topic as another one of your "I'm gonna be different just to prove how special I am" exercises.