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  1. Played well again. He looks at home with players his age group...just does.
  2. I answer all questions Pete.... why did the club extend Barry Holgate & Baines? Because they clearly offered them contracts and they signed them. They never said in any part that they offered Ross a contract and he rejected it....Martinez said it would be discussed in the summer and added that Barkley is a player to build a team around but he has to want to be there for that to happen.... make of that what you will. Koeman came in and said they would look at Barkleys contract in the new year.... after a sustained period of persecution. Of which Barkley never signed.... They are the facts..... Now is Gana Gueye the worst player to wear a blue shirt? Answer it. Don't tell me you've answered it before..... you tell us that the worst player to play for Everton is Gana Gueye... I would be fine if you said he isn'ttt and that you exaggerated. It would be cleansing for you. Imagine the first time you admit you were wrong? It's not about shouting and being nasty Pete.... nearly every person on here has been big enough from time to time to admit they got something wrong..... your desire to be right, to be niche is all encompassing and ruins what could be some decent posts and threads.
  3. Good piece.... I often hear that we got lucky but how many managers stumble on a winning formula and disregard it.... tinker and get too clever. Sharpe is spot on about the video needing to educate fans and players who don't know about the team of 84/85..... they are the standards we need to demand. Players get idolised for scoring more than 15 goals these days - we had a centre half who nearly got that many.
  4. Not true palfy. He was getting stick way before then. Leon osman actually got interviewed about it with Barkley sat next to him. Osman himself got loads of shit from time to time. It's something ridiculous our fans do. I seen it when Rooney played for us at 17 vs Charlton in a game Scott Parker bossed. Nothing like what Barkley got but it was a one off game where Wayne was pretty poor.
  5. "Still waiting".... thats rich. Is gana the worst player to ever wear a blue shirt. Answer that. ANSWER IT! COWARD. Can't stand Koeman? Correct- nauseating prick who never wanted to be here... money was his master like the fat brown envelope grabbing tit allardyce. How's that for an answer? Had my eye wiped? By Barkley? I still see him as I always did. A bit daft - lacks sense but a nice kid and a great talent on his day. If koeman never behaved like the big alpha male that he thought he was and behaved like a manager with sense and a duty to the interests of the club he would have treated him better.
  6. Are they gonna fine the officials for being shit???
  7. It will be Digne I think. Gana very close. Either 2 of those players will be targeted by the likes of PSG in the case of Gana and Digne is probably neck and neck with Robertson for left back in team of the year. Fernandinio best holding midfielder by a distance. Gana arguably been better than Kante this year.
  8. The top and bottom of it is loads of fans had him as a better version of Steven Gerrard before he ever got going. I was genuinely excited about him when he first burst on the scene in the game against QPR where he ran the show. A few ganes later he played against Blackburn- had a poor 10 minutes and moyes subbed him. He never really got over that for some time. Was loaned out to play for clubs like Leeds and sheff wed and their players weren't on the same wavelength. Moyes bought him back back later him out wide where he was ineffective. Like Rodwell before him.... one of moyes traits that pissed me off tbh The next season he finally got a game in his best role versus arsenal and ran the game and moyes didn't really like it cos he didn't trust him. After that he had a great period under Martinez- the dino Hodgson ruined him in the world cup by picking on him. And after that Martinez built him back up before getting sacked. A very very good player on his day who when not on his game needs hooking off asap. Very similar to Gomes in my opinion. We should have secured him here.... fans got off his back and kept getting mentors like Gareth Barry for him.
  9. Talking absolute shite as per norm.... Billy Bullshit..... More like Delusional Dick. Ever been wrong in your life? Silly question.
  10. Gana & Digne are the only standouts and that is by a clear distance. After them gylfi & richarlison , with DCL and Bernie making a late burst.... Below them pickford, Coleman, keane. Essentially I don't think any players are near gana and Digne. They are head and shoulders above. They would be rated 9/10 - the rest 7/10 max. Pickford 6/10. He's just had too many poor games with really costly mistakes and I feel it's changed the dynamic of the defence. I'm pleased with his reaction to the Newcastle game but ffs that performance was coming.... his pissy antics were getting more and more intolerable. Petulently reacting to fans getting audibly agitated with his choice of kicking etc. I sense he has been advised what is expected of him.
  11. You are saying that the manager isn'tt necessarily telling the truth because that doesn't fit your agenda. You have absolutely zero credibility to disgruntle anyone's arguments when it comes to matters like this - your gana gueye posts go in a hall of fame of complete and utter delusional toxic bullshit. Worst player to pull on a blue shirt and you have stuck to that.... laughable. How can anyone take anything you say as being balanced? You are the only person on here who thinks allardyce should have been given time and that's how you like it..... makes you feel special.... Barkley had songs about him being a diamond eh? Yeah... abusive husbands buy their wives flowers and chocolates - does that mean you ignore the fact that their poor wives are treading on eggshells 90% of the time. You can ignore the fact that Barkley used to get shouted out as being "fuckin shit you lad" when taking a corner.... that's if you want to.
  12. But conversely if the manager said "He doesn't want to sign" you would believe him and not think there was anything more to it??? How many ways do you want it? What isn'tt beyond dispute is koeman singled him out regularly. The fans gave him shit and he left. As I said on many occasions - if he was my son and even as an Evertonian I would struggle to advise him to stay.
  13. Put it this way pickford is nowhere near in the running for player of the year and after this season that tells you something. He has played poorly at times and it's not just Newcastle. It's when he gets all egotistical and starts making stupid mistakes. He's made some smart stops... but overall it's been a season that he wouldn't be rating too highly. I've seen a noticeable difference in him after the Newcastle game.... far more low key which indicates words have been had either with himself or off someone else. His demeanour and mindset in the Newcastle game was a joke just likebitvwas at anfield. My guess is the root act was read out out but we will never know.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2016/feb/05/roberto-martinez-ross-barkley-everton-contract Martinez confirmed he was confident Barkley would sign a new contract in Feb 16 but it wasn't going to be discussed till that summer with the other players. That he was looking to build the team around him. Barkley wanted to stay.... he played his best football under Martinez. Martinez never made it to the summer. Koeman picked on barkley and it almost seemed personal - like mourinho on shaw. Barkley was on £60k... Koeman started the ball rolling to a debacle that meant we lost a £40m+ asset for peanuts cos he is a bully. He showed what he is about with niasse and apparently did the same shit at Valencia.
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