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  1. Arteta is a player who would get into most Evertonians best sides of the last 20 years.... But but but he's shite cos carsley was a better DM, Cahill a better AM, Barry a better CM.... Fooking nonsense. He was a top player cos he could do a lot of everything and was we worth one of 2 spots in midfield for that reason.
  2. Let me guess.... kilbane was a better player? Or no.... maybe Simon Davies????
  3. Steven Gerrard just "above average"? And part of your argument is that lucas was a better DM, firminho a better AM... blah blah blah. That's a shite argument. Bryan Robson was a better DM than Gazza, Hoddle a better AM than Gazza.... ask me who I would say is the better midfielder and go straight into my side.? Yes - Gazza by a country mile. Matchwinner. You try and make a case using ridiculous criteria that aren't even relevant. Gerrard single handedly won cups for Liverpool (UEFA, fa cup, league cup, champions league) won derbies.... the lad was a brilliant player. Not for any one particular reason but for many - all wrapped up in one player. Above average... have a word.
  4. Pienaar??? First time round he was brilliant for us. What the fuck do you tell yourself when you are watching some of these players? Pienaar was a few years ahead of the prem the way he played the wide AM role.
  5. Gana the worst player to ever wear the blue shirt??? Absolute joke. John Spencer Tony Thomas Mark Hottiger LI Wei Feng Mark Pembridge Bakayoko
  6. That is why I asked the question about Gana and Kane.... I could have thrown in Steven Gerrard... he thinks he was shit too. It's beyond Pete to say "kane is a good finisher and gets himself amongst the goals and has worked hard to get where he is but I just don't rate him as high as others" or "gana has attributes that are good for certain games but he's not my cup of tea" ... it has to be a ridiculous extreme that just doesn't even stand up. It's a pity really cos it makes all his posts almost invalid and not all of them are....
  7. I could honestly add Brett Angel to that list and it still wouldn't get anywhere near the levels you are currently at. Was Gana shit today? Would Harry Kane get in our side?
  8. hafnia

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Too right we do. But we are good boys.... we probably put £10 in the swear jar for every single work used.
  9. hafnia

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    I said this last year... the lad has some lazy arsed arrogance. Lukaku like and he can knock it on the head.
  10. hafnia

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    I spotted this a while ago.... romelu at times.
  11. hafnia

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Richarlison is so fuckin good.
  12. hafnia

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Meaning The Sun... meaning bollocks. They try and cause shite cos we ban their journos
  13. Get off the drugs mate. Beyond stupid and frankly I'm not going to dignify that complete and utter disaster of a post with anything more than that.
  14. Pete.... I really can't be arsed getting into this again it's like arguing with a child. Neither player wears our shirt. One has and one hasn't. I'm pretty sure most on here have a better opinion of lukaku than me and I'm fine with that. It's not like he's a shit striker - as much as I'm not his fan I can't deny he has ability that warrants inclusion in many squads. You on the other hand don't just try and deny Kane is one of the best strikers in the league... you actually argue that he's SHIT and wouldn't get in the Everton side.
  15. Oh yeah.... that juggernaut is gathering pace. Most are saying they would sooner see rashford developing rather wasting game time on lukaku. He's got too comfortable and the laziness is starting to creep in. £75m is great business. He will be sold or benched before long.