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  1. We've improved immeasurably. Take the players that allardyce left in a dysfunctional, disillusioned "forget football, this is what I want you to do" state.... and you are talking a big job being on. If they were being asked to play the moyes way- maybe not a huge transition and more fitness and discipline. Silva has had a huge job and looked at one stage like it wasn't working.... fair play to him for getting it right.. I trust him to continue this trend and hopefully we see more of the same trendline
  2. Keepers need good keepers to keep them sharp in training.
  3. There is a more focused reliance on players like mitrovic, DCL, Llorente, firminio ..... for the reasons I said 4 years ago as to why I would have preferred firminio to lukaku. The ability of a team to attack and sustain attacks and retain and win possession is easier with these so-called "non prolific" players. Mitrovic looks like he can finish. There aren't many of his type about.... troy deeney was kinda doing this role a few years back but has slowed up and is nowhere near the athlete that DCL or Mitrovic is.
  4. Bernardo Silva is the best player in the world at the moment.... no exaggeration. Unbelievably good feet, a bit more polish on his finishing and you are talking the complete modern attacking player.
  5. Normally would root for the underdog but Watford have behaved like pricks over Silva and Richarlison. They hate Everton at every opportunity
  6. Not the greatest moment for city players but I'm sure that lot will milk it for all its worth. It's not like they haven't attacked coaches, chanted about Munich, thrown smoke bombs in away pens, insulted Phil Neville and Lee Carsleys children, just to name a few...
  7. Shown determination.... had a massive and quite alarming dip. The saying "Will get worse before it gets better" springs to mind. Have to give him huge credit for the turnaround and our ability to give the better sides a game.
  8. The hilarity is that their fans are telling us that they finished over 40 points more than us...... that's the beauty!! They should have won the league! It's like me going out and playing a round of golf - nailing every driver down the fairway, chipping in from bunkers, striking my irons beautifully, even getting jammy bounces...... shoot my lowest round and when I get into the clubhouse the local hotshot has gone one lower than me and he's just like "Yeah I played ok today"..... Enough to make you want to pack in the sport and take up tiddlywinks
  9. Disgraceful officiating it what got them so close. MJB... you have got to stop jinxing us with that lot. Never ever think anything is a foregone conclusion with that lot. Football won in the end. Their diving and all other nonsense got to the point of being ridiculous. VAR will hopefully sort that lot out.
  10. United and PSG looking at IDRISSA GUEYE???? Surely they would be better looking at the lads who play in the middle for Huddersfield eh Pete?
  11. I applaud them for taking no shit. Some of our fans show a bit of militancy - ask where money is going missing.... why we are in awful sponsorship and kit deals and they get called kopites. Apathy has destroyed our club.... if you allow it to happen you deserve it. We are lucky we aren't playing in a tin shed in kirby....
  12. The reason for that Pad is that they sack a club legend for finishing 7th and winning the league cup..... cos it's not good enough. But our fans applaud a chairman who has presided over woeful decisions cos he's a blue. We tolerate and applaud players who give 50% effort and spend international breaks touting for a move just in the vain hope that they unpack the suitcase they have been living out of for the previous 3 years. We have had financially astute fans call out the irregularities with our club in AGMs and had them cancelled as a response..... questions were asked. At a time when our rivals making giant strides, our club was making giant mistakes and cover ups. Dodgy PR execs, a CEO who was incapable and shifty. As soon as Phillip Green got brought up in front of the commons committee after the BHS fiasco the club was getting sold..... All this nonsense transmits from boardroom to the pitch..... best players getting sold, assets getting stripped and the disgruntled fans and disillusioned players produce what we see.....
  13. I think a good few of us just need to realise that once Pete has formed an opinion who will throw anything at all at it to make it stick..... the phrase "put the shovel down" has never been more appropriate. Gerrard was a rubbish player with a rubbish shot.. hit and hope Harry Kane a one season wonder who wouldnt get in the Everton side even after his golden boot exploits Gana is the worst ever player in a blue shirt, changed to worst ever regular player in a blue shirt Joe Hart was rubbish (when he wasn't rubbish) .... repeated several times..... then eventually when he did go rubbish (as many keepers do)....."I always said he was rubbish"...... May as well get the "Messi is shite" shouts in now... he's on the downturn so when he's over in America in 2-3 years he probably will be "rubbish" from a competitive level perspective.
  14. Spurs have a very good chance of beating Liverpool. Physically Ajax would have got battered by Liverpool... too young and inexperienced for their game. Don't have a problem with Spurs winning it. We aren't a million miles away from following their template with the new stadium.... if they win it they will be happy, celebrate and move on.... the Red Shite can't do that. When spurs lose that's it... end of story. Liverpool? Oh.... it's excuses and finger pointing. If they win it we will not hear the last of it.
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