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  1. Its an absolute joke. The debate wasn't unhealthy or tiresome.. my post was around role vs position and the difference. Complete and utter piss take which you got wrong Romey and far too power happy and mardy. The fact other mods agree means nothing to me. Yes sometimes posts can be irritating but on this occasion we weren't going over old ground.... it was around Delph, similarities to Gana and how a CM can have different roles. Piss take as I said. I haven't posted much of recent and will likely do less so. You need to look at how you want this site to be seen. Mardy giggly old boys network going on and it's not good.
  2. It shouldn't have been deleted in the first place. Let's see if your mardy stance is consistant eh.... I very much doubt it.
  3. Feel free to move the gana/delph posts in here Romey. Shouldn't be deleting them.
  4. Romey I don't put posts up to have them deleted. If you want to move it to a gana thread then feel free but I don't expect to have a non offensive constructive post deleted. It's a forum ffs. Unless my post around the difference between position and role needed deleting for a genuine reason then I expect it to magically reappear or is this GOT
  5. Bolassie is on £100k a week..... he needs selling immediately. No subs should be on that money, Walcott, Bolassie, Schneiderlein (let's see if he has changed first), niasse, tosun, all earn mega money.
  6. £30m is a good starting bid. I think £40m plus add one will be the goer
  7. Can't believe we got money for him... brands is a genius. Great player in first couple of seasons, his attitude stunk when Eto came in. That penalty fiasco was a joke and things were never right after that. Prick of a man. Caused trouble since that incident wherever he has gone.
  8. You just chat shit mate.... no wonder stats disgust you when they prove you chat shit. You are so heavily invested in protecting your ego by slating Gana and looking for any justification to do so has become a joke. It's like watching a liar try and wriggle out of stuff by telling more lies. Vidic was a centre half, maldini a full back, Alonso a deep lying midfielder..... Gana isn't any of them.... his role is to press and hunt the ball. If he wasn't doing the job he was told to do he wouldn't get picked. Do you honestly think his last 3 managers at Everton told him to "don't tackle, tackling means you have made a mistake"..... maybe Marco Silva isn't the right man to manage us.... maybe it should be you. Maybe you should be managing PSG instead of Tuchel... clearly he's one of these clowns who thinks Gana is a good player and £30m should be spent on a 30 year old...... Give it up lad. It's beyond sad now.
  9. He's had 169 prem games and scored 7 goals and 8 assists.... 26% shot accuracy, 450 accurate long passes, 72% tackle success with 369 made, errors leading to goal 4 Gana... 135 games, 3 goals, 4 assists, 22% shot acvuracy, 366 accurate long passes, 72% tackle success with 538 made, errors leading to goal 1 Any excuse to have a dig at Gana eh.... As it happens I like Delph. For the same reasons I like Gana. Athletic, gets stuck in, team player. You will probably hate him.... you need to calibrate your early shout in order to maybe avoid the hypocrite shouts if he does join and you decide to like him.
  10. That's big of you.... ever conceded you are wrong about an Everton player?..... surprised you haven't gone that little bit further and said if we signed Chris brunt he would make our best ever 11
  11. Best of luck Jags. Great player for us.
  12. Throw in Wilfried Bony whilst you are it... lukaku is trending perfectly to the level I said he was... i think that's been conceded. Let's move on from that one. I don't have a problem with opinions or predictions being wrong.... you most certainly do. That's your biggest failing... the ego. You make a statement and no matter what the player does - your original statement will always be the judgement. And we waste hours on dealing with your ego effectively. If Michael Keane performs like a rolls Royce next year and captains England you would still spout bullshit about Mason Holgate being better. You say Scott gemmill is a better player than Gana and gave all sorts of insights as to why he was and you let slip in this thread that you were about 8 or 9 years old watching him... laughable really mate.
  13. I think you are very mixed up on football tbh You actually think Scott gemill is a better player than Gana.....
  14. Stuart Stubbs Keane and Gana.... Stuart was key to us winning an FA cup and avoiding relegation. Stubbs was a leader at a time when there weren't many. Keane is nowhere near as bad as you make out Gana.... well yeah I suppose we had to fight off PSG for gemill and pembridge eh.....
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