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  1. Hardly convincing though. We are mentally soft - too many players don't care enough.
  2. Yeah like the Martinez season was all down to moyes.... ffs. we have a team of mentally pathetic players. No fight, no desire, as soon as they concede they retreat. Unsworth seen us get twatted as did koeman and now allardyce. The team is full of shithouses. The manager is a coward. Just get us to 42 points and let's get the club rebuilt.
  3. We have lost the leader in midfield in Gareth Barry. Schneiderlein is a wet lettuce. Gueye needs guidance. The defence is either too old or inexperienced. Manager is a dinosaur.
  4. Kopite Thread

    Allardyce needs to go after that.
  5. I knew what he was gonna bring us but ffs this is incredible. Let's just get to 42 friggin points.... the whole set up is shit.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    We fell apart for the same reason we get beaten by Liverpool, battered by southampton and other shit teams.... we are mentally weak. Whole club is a mess.
  7. What's as worrying is that fans seem to think a shite team can suddenly become very good. The expensive car we built has broken down on the motorway.... we've patched the fanbelt up with a pair of tights and we have a bloke driving it at 20mph for the next 100 miles. Let' just get to the destination and take a sledgehammer to the fuckin thing and start over again.
  8. Yep. Three weeks ago some people were giving it the big "top 7 it is... Relegation never a threat" I actually wonder what some people are watching. This Everton side have been dicked by 3+ more goals in a game more times than I can remember. We are shit. It's best rememering this till we get to 40 points. The whole club needs sorting out.
  9. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Allardyce is making sure he gets replaced in the summer at the moment.
  10. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Was the first positive comment I had seen you make about him. Can't get a stream so will judge for myself in second half. Pay for sky sports.... why is so many games on BT
  11. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Not fussed on tosun Matt?
  12. Oumar Niasse

    Ok mike.... will you feel better if I say that they were average rather than quality? Will it bother you that the point of the debate is that he wasn't a flat track bully as proven by 16 goals vs top 6? Take Dixies goals vs top 6 and apply the ratio vs the rest of the league and you get 56 goals.
  13. Oumar Niasse

    My point is that arsenal were a quality side.... won fa cup 2 years later - they were as close to 4th as they were relegation. You saying they were shit? The point above all was that dixie scored 16 goals vs top 6. Not a fla5 track bully no?
  14. Oumar Niasse

    They only finished 3 points off 4th. Dixie scored 16 goals versus the top 69 that season in a 22 team league. Pro rated = doesn't matter who he played.... he scored.