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  1. I've chronologically gone through this numerous times.... Martinez was sacked before Barkley contract discussions were due. His talks were set for the summer - Martinez was sacked in the May. Koeman came in and delayed Barkleys contract talks till January 17. Having issued extensions to Baines, Barry and holgate he said.... "We know it's about 18 months of contract. I think it's not the priority now. Of course, in the new year, we will have talks about his situation and about his future. But the priority now is playing and winning and we will see what happens in January." In the time from this interview Barkley seemed to be subject to weekly interview beatings by Koeman. He had already started his disgraceful mismanagement of Niasse which under any other industry would see him In front of HR getting a disciplinary. So.... whilst I'm not excusing Barkley..... take the 21 year old version of yourself and ask yourself how you would feel? 2 players who's legs were going getting extensions and one who hasn't made it as a regular getting one? Throw in the level a of shit thrown at him from some fans and the manager exposing him rather than protecting him and he's prime pickings for his agent to turn his head to the money. Barkley remains an enigma... either brilliant or piss poor. We have spent somewhere in the region of £90m including wages so far to have 3 players in the squad to do his job. Klaasen, Gylfi and Rooney. Whilst Gylfi is the better player it's not improbable that Ross would have flourished under Silva. Ross has been a nob and the wheels were set in place by Koeman.
  2. Herving Lozano could maybe be bought to replace him.
  3. Cheers palf. It was all about looking where I used to be drinking wise..... young lad, going out on the pull having beers with mates and bettering the gym in the week... drinking 2 or 3 days a week. To where I was - drinking in men's pubs in middle of week after a shit day at work, drinking cans in house... sweating all day on a Monday and feeling the boost blues till Thursday. I then projected my future trajectory and didn't like what I seen. Alcohol for me is a progressive trap. Bloody expensive too! It's glorified. Very taxing on the body. I'm the type of person who is full speed or stop so moderation isn'tt a characteristic of mine.
  4. I've swapped alcohol for caffeine.... alcohol was becoming a problem for me. Not in the sense that I was drinking in mornings and stuff but I was drinking to get through stress- then when I had a hangover I would have a few hairs of dogs. I actually tried something I seen in menshealth - naltrexone. Take one an hour before drinking..... completely cut my drinking down to a point where I'm not arsed anymore. Anyone who knows anyone who is interested in it... it's called the Sinclair method. It will work for people who wanna just cut down or people who have a bigger problem. Drink related depression was getting tough for me so it was the right step at the right time. Add in the fact that work is tough with a fuzzy brain and 2 toddlers don't understand hangovers and it was the right call. It would take me 4 days to recover from a night out I enjoy waking up rested now. I enjoyed my 20's and 30's and all the social side but drinking is not without its pitfalls.... dangerous drug.
  5. Dzeko is a shout.... giroud is free in summer.
  6. Post them up... and again.... can you answer the question- is gana the worst player to pull on a blue shirt. Don't mention strawmans or tinmen or that you have answered it elsewhere ... is gana the worst player to pull on a blue shirt.
  7. Bailey said he earned his place ahead of Cenk. You said he is a terrible finisher but other parts of his game are good and that he is ideal for a club like Burnley.
  8. Clearly has ability... sort out a permit and play him. Flog walcott to them.
  9. Oh no... I'm not suggesting for one second to sell. Let Tosun go - prob get £20m back for him. DCL is part of the future of the club.
  10. I've said he reminds me of sharpe & Kane. Very well rounded player. Look at giroud - DCL had the same tools in his pocket with the added bonus of pace. He could be like Kane with more work on his finishing. He's worth at least £25m now. If solanke went for £19 then there's my rationale.
  11. Yesterday pickford dealt with a shot harder more dipping than the one you are excusing..... it wasn't technique... It was a decision he pushed it over. He made the wrong decision for the second goal he palmed it.... no doubt about it.
  12. Credit where it's due.... silva showed fight and the players showed a response for him.... he can take the slating for Newcastle along with pickford.... but the two of them can take a lot of credit for yesterday.
  13. I think he will get 16 myself - he's missed games due to a ban and sporadic form. Need to see a lot more from him. Get that attitude better for 90 minutes.
  14. The way he plays you wouldn't think he was disappointed to get his move to PSG. An absolute credit. Backed up his words. Top pro.
  15. I would trust a person who has watched 1000 ganes of football vs someone who hasn't watched as much football but played a bit of schoolyard footy/amateur footy and watched far less. The phrase "student of the game".... Bill Belichick one of the greatest NFL coaches ever never played the game.... he just studied it from a young age. As it happens pickford had a shot pinged at him yesterday- closer range, more dip and swerve and he pushed it over.... clearly his choice last week in dealing with the second goal was wrong and that was reflected in what he did yesterday.
  16. He kissed the Chelsea badge just as I thought I'd seen him do.
  17. Gylfi smirked when asked about the manager at half time....... some thing tells me he lost his shit big time.
  18. Is Gana the worst player to wear a blue shirt? It's relevance is everything.... a bit like when people stopped buying some newspapers when they said "Elvis is alive" and had him photographed shopping in asda.... just answer the bloody question. At this moment in time - is Gana the worst player to wear an Everton shirt????
  19. I use my experience of playing to add a perspective - it doesn't mean that it's right. I can't play the game as well as someone like Robbie Savage because he was a pro..... doesn't mean I can't say he's shite compared to Zidane. Nor does it mean that me savage or zidane have more right to an opinion than anyone else. I have 3 friends who played in sticks for professional clubs as teenagers.... none of their opinions stand out any different to another watching fan as to what constitutes a good save or bad save. Egotistical nonsense to suggest otherwise. You get insights as to what it's like as a keeper - there isn'tt some magic fuckin circle where being a keeper makes you know more about who looks a good keeper vs someone else.
  20. You always call out someone for avoiding a question..... is he the worst player to put on a blue shirt??? I've asked this numerous times.... would just love you to clarify if your opinion has changed.
  21. Give credit where its due - that was the type of performance i expect to see from a keeper of his reputation. Did the things I wanted to see. Less about him but stood out for right reasons.
  22. Was in the back of my mind..... the only thing that was helping me not to panic was the points in the bottom 3.... I think 35 will secure safety.
  23. Tough one. Pickford, mina, Coleman, richarlison for the 2nd half, DCL. But Gana for me. We needed players to get stuck in and they followed his lead. All this bullshit about marking space, jockying players and not running to the ball..... we did that all first half and should have been 3 down. As Tim Cahill said.... second half players were getting at the ball. Making challenges and Gana set that tone.
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