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  1. He's fit now though. http://www.manchesterunited-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/owen_fit_again_611078/index.shtml
  2. http://news.google.co.uk/news/search?aq=f&cf=all&ned=uk&hl=en&q=Everton+OWEN I personally don't see any harm in him coming on loan for a while. If we can get that spark that he used to have back then he could be a kep player for us for the rest of the season. Everyone says he's useless, unfit, crap ect but he hasn't really had a chance to play first team football for a while. Maybe after a few games he might supprise us and grab himself a few goals.
  3. Link 1 I think it would be a good signing if United where interested.
  4. Just said on ssn that leighton baines has been omitted from the final squad.
  5. EFC247

    West Ham (home)

    so pissed off at the moment! At least we didn't lose but it's games like this we need to be winning! I still think 5th is a possibilty though! But we need to win the rest of our games!
  6. Great News! We should def beat sporting now, and spurs on sunday! coyb x
  7. damn right! I hate the way united and other top teams think they have the right to get steal our players. United can't afford rodwell which is good but even if they could Moyes should just reject every thing because he is the future. Im certain rodwell knows he's at the right club to take him forward. I also recon we can take 4th this year. But if not 4th, the we should be looking for 5th.
  8. Everton set to offer Pienaar new contract. http://www.imscouting.com/global-news-article/Everton-set-to-offer-Pienaar-new-contract/5939/
  9. I personally think now there's an 95% chance that donovan will move here permenantly. I mean it's very unlikely he will return to Mls because he's done all he can do over there, we know he loves everton and it feels like 'home' to him. He indicates in reports nearly every week that he would like to stay here. And i don't think he would go to any other premierleague club because everton was his first and I can't think of any other club that would make donovan feel at home like everton do. coyb x
  10. EFC247

    Man Utd

    super danny goslig yet again. and rodwell, well that was magic. rite in front of ferguson to. and last but not least, billy with a stunning goal. now proving his 9million price tag. coyb x love this club more than anything x x x x x
  11. Pienaar - Everton is my home Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar insists he is happy at Goodison Park after speculation surfaced over his future. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11671_5956834,00.html
  12. Steven Pienaar: I'm staying at Everton FC http://www.dailypost.co.uk/sport-news/everton-fc/2010/02/18/steven-pienaar-i-m-staying-at-everton-fc-55578-25858908/ Pienaar: I want to win the Europa League with Everton - and then sign new deal http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Steven-Pienaar-I-want-to-win-the-Europa-League-with-Everton-and-then-sign-new-deal-article325967.html But the midfielder wants the situation resolved with a new deal soon, and said: “I feel this is my home. The supporters have always been good to me and I always give 100%. “I definitely aim to play he
  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/feb/15/rumour-mill-everton-cardozo-pinola
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