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  1. Manchester City (Home)

    does anyone think that Mancini might rest a few City players as they have a massive game against utd on tuesday? plus there players might be thinking of that.
  2. I think both teams would go for it now, Liverpool arn't as well backed as he OP has said. They can't afford to sack there manager(who sinking them as it will cost them 20mil). They can't afford to build there stadium alone. Both teams should get together a build a big stadium on stanley park. Also another point on Liverpool, any hopes of getting there ground started will vanish if they don't finish 4th.
  3. Summer Exodus

    Peanuts took over a season to come good, an only did after Arteta got injured. Most players take a season to adept to the premership. Hopefully Bily will be up to speed well rested an up for it next season. As for Peanuts and Saha leaving, i'm not sure. They know what a fully fit Everton squad will be like, makes my body tingle, thinking about it. Arteta back in full swing, with Peanuts and (hopefully) a up to speed Bily. Saha must think about the service he'll get off Arteta,Bily and Peanuts an think 30 goals this season. A defence with Jag's back. The kids another year older. At the moment next season looks great. even the Yak will be back to full fitness(if thats ever possible). Howard Neville Jags Yobo Bains Peanuts Arteta Rodwell Bily Saha Yak Bench:Cahill, Vaughan, Fellaini, Heits, distin, Osman, Nash(this guys not worked in 3 years an gets paid monthly, jammy git)
  4. Lucas Neill To Turkey

    Hibbert will be CB most likely
  5. Fa Cup Draw

    Hopefully a win, an hopefully another home time, Now we need Chelsea an Arsenal to draw each other, an it could be our chance again.
  6. Summer Exodus

    I can't see any of them leaving really, We all know were in a false postion. Mainly due to injures. Hopefully we have a good run in the 2nd half of the season an our 80/1 odd of coming 4th will come true top 6 is unlikely, 12 points away from it, 15 away from 4th so even more unlikely, However a win against City on sat will be a good start.
  7. Manchester City (Home)

    I'm more worried about who we are going to play at CB, looks like it will be Hibbet and Heits, as we sold Lucis Neill. Howards Neville hibbert Heits Bains Bily Cahill Fellaini Donovan Peanuts Saha Something along those lines. That i would guess would be the starting xi
  8. Lucas Neill To Turkey

    who plays CB against City this weekend? as Distin an Yobo arn't available.
  9. Rooney

    We can only hope Man U sell him, the Glazers are Hero's an need to continue borrowing mills from Man U, Wonder if they will loan me some cash. Maybe we can loan the money off them to buy him
  10. Marouane Fellaini

    I don't see where this is coming from, he's not the best midfielder in the country, it was his fault for Arsenal's 2nd goal, he jumped in an missed the tackle, leaving space behind him, which Arsenal exploited, Had he stayed put, they wouldn't of been able to pass in to the space he left. Fellini is to slow, i know he tall and this makes him look slow, but he just seems really really slow. Rodders is far far better in that postion.
  11. Lucas Neill To Turkey

    No point selling him now, were seriously short on defenders as it is, hopefully Nigeria will lose again an Yobo will be back.
  12. Man City Away?

    We were ment to play them the day we played a uefa game, not sure which one, so it got put back an hasn't been played, was about our 4th fixture i think, not 100% sure tho.
  13. Marouane Fellaini

    I don't see him leaving in Jan maybe in the summer though.
  14. Arsenal (Away)

    Great first half performance by Everton. Typical top 4 jammy luck by Arsenal, undeserved goal for them, we were much the better team.
  15. Arsenal (Away)

    i thought it was pienaar