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    2012/13 Fixtures

    I have a question regarding the fixtures & I am hoping someone can help me. I was always led to believe that the fixtures were created by a computer & therefore random. However.... How come for as long as I can remember the merseyside derby has always been Everton V Liverpool 1st then the reverse later on in the season??? surely at some point (even by the law of averages) the fixtures should produce Liverpool V Everton 1st?
  2. If Royston is on a free at the end of the season we should do exactly the same thing we did with Beckford. Sign him, if it doesnt work out we can sell him for a few million. Good business!!

    Gary Ablett 1965 - 2012, R.I.P

    Bye Gary thank you for the memories

    The Once A Year Takeover Rumour

    As I mentioned the whole club (a couple of years ago) was valued at £130m so I cant see just Kenwrights shares being worth £150m (unless I have misunderstood what you have written) Alot of clubs have hostile take overs. If Bill sold I wouldnt be surprised if Carter sold his which would put the new owner with a majority hold & complete control. The other shareholders would have limited power. In theory if Everton has £40m worth of debt then that should be knocked off the value.

    The Once A Year Takeover Rumour

    For me Kenwright is waiting for the right person to buy the club. I personnally wouldnt want Kenwright to sell the club to people who will do what the Glazers & the owners of the redshite have done & put all the debt on the club. At the same time I think Kenwrights price for Everton is too high. He paid (I think) £30m for the club & when we were last in Europe I believe we were valued at £130m. Were not in Europe anymore and valuable players have left the club so I cant see how Everton is now worth £150m to Bill. I like Bill and I appreciate he has Evertons best interests at heart & I trust him to find the right buyer for the club.
  6. Although we havent bought anyone due to no money being available, do we have the youth team players good enough to step up onto the big stage. Over the years we've saved a bob or two through the likes of Osman, Rooney, Rodwell Anichebe, Vaughan etc coming up through the youth ranks. I'v heard alot of good things about Barkley (before he broke his leg) & I know Garbutt is very good to but is there others / are these guys ready for the 1st team? With me being exiled fan I dont get to hear as much as the locals on youth players, only what I read on the web/hear from other fans.

    Liverpool (Home)

    I took 1 for the team on Sunday. I didnt watch the game on purpose, Sky +it. I woke up Sunday AM and thought to myself that I havent watched Everton beat the shite on TV for as long as I can remember. When we won 3-0 a few years back I was playing cricket that day so didnt see the game. So I told the Mrs lets go out and we did although I did keep tabs on my phone. Mrs Couldnt believe it when we got in and I said I wanted to watch the game


    Before we go any further it looks like this was an interview outside the UK therefore would people not agree that the press can...err lets say... translate things there way to make a story?? Im not saying Johnny hasnt said he's not flattered to join Bayern. I think most players would say that the rest however, could be tweaked a bit. I really dont think a player who wants to play 1st team football would be that daft to say things like that to the press as I am sure Moyes will bench him for being a gobshite!

    Birmingham Away

    Might give him chance to sign his new contract???

    Birmingham Away

    Noticed Pienaar wasnt in the squad v Brum is he injured??

    Birmingham Away

    0-1 I think it'll be a similar game to the Fulham match but our luck will be in this time and 1 will creep in the right side of the post to earn us a dramatic winner and see us go on a 9 match unbeaten run.

    "we'll Come Out Fighting"

    I think everyone is panicking for no reason to be honest. We've just been unlucky. The villa performance was great all that was missing was goals. Man U was a good performance too. OK Newcastle was shite & Ill admit I didnt see last nights but we have a good squad a good manager and great fans. Lets back the team and show them we have a bit of faith in them. It goes a long way. If were in this istuation after 10 games then starting sh1ting it!
  13. Say if you won the € lotto or sold your company or something and had £200m how much would you invest in Everton FC?
  14. Everything is for sale at the right price

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    Init! Papers talk a load of b0ll0cks I stopped buying a paper after the merry go round with Rooney. It showed me how much sh1t papers write.