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  1. According to Fox on GOT Baines has told ManU to do one.
  2. Looks like today is the day according to our good twitterers. Fourth Official ‏ @ FourthOfficial_ God is Great THT ‏ @ TheHolyTrinity8 @ FourthOfficial_ .. Certainly is mate...
  3. Twitter is currently going far too mad about a 4yr deal being signed for my liking
  4. With those week taps he kept giving? He also took 2 chances away from others that I can remember. Pie man for me.
  5. An article in one of our main newspapers has stated that, surprisingly, countries outside the UK have a far TV greater and more flexible coverage of the EPL than the UK itself. The journalist appeared to be basing this off a short visit to the UK recently and was unable to find many games on the TV due to various hotels only having one cable service and not the other etc, they also mentioned some stations had to use still images instead of actual highlights due to rights management. So let's see if it's true... this weekend, via our main cable provider FOXTEL, we have access to the following games. All of these are marked as LIVE. Saturday: Stoke v Arsenal (HD) Wigan v Newcastle (HD) Everton v Fulham Sunderland v Bolton Swansea v Wolves West Brom v Aston Villa Norwich v Shite Sunday: Chelsea v QPR Tottenham v Blackburn (HD) Monday: Man City v Man Utd We then get a couple of EPL and lower league highlights packages shown throughout the week, replays of the games and some lower league games on delayed broadcast... Is it a case that you'd have to be subscribed to multiple expensive cable providers in the UK to be able to watch any of these games or even pay per view? If so, I fully understand the large demand for stream links all the time in just about any football forum!
  6. Everton are $9 to win, a draw is $4.75.. Jelly to score first is $12... I think I'll keep my money! I'll watch it though as it's on HD @ 9:20pm here in Aus
  7. Seen on another forum that he was 2-2.5mil loan fee + 5mil to make the deal permanent.
  8. Umm, just got pinged this by a RS... https://p.twimg.com/...3DiCMAAbB6r.jpg I hope it's a bloody photoshop!
  9. Because he wanted to win? Not much heart shown by our boys tonight, if any
  10. Umm, a tazer to the balls = massive ejaculation if ebaums world was to be believed back in the day.
  11. Having a look at the highlights when we first signed him, cracking through ball is the first highlight.
  12. Regarding the howard flap... anyone else think that at the last second he thought he couldn't pickup the ball, thinking the deflection was a backpass? that was my first impression when he went for it then seemed to let it go... I guess he most likely just deceived by the googly...
  13. he's back, Fourth Official has tweeted.
  14. efc_andylewis Andy Lewis "Who'd like to see Peanuts back here then!?" Interesting... hope that's a sneaky hint!
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