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  2. Even more rumours around deepdale today that a loan agreement has been reached for rodwell coming to Deepdale, apparently seen at Deepdale today avec his agent......personally think its bullshit but thats whats going around again.......... anyone know owt similar
  3. cheers bill...... i prefer any other forum to www.pne-online.net so many idiots that call themselves fans just slagging other posters and insulting people...anyway its good news for us your not lining anything up for sledger.......
  4. in terms of his ability right now and the potential with a few seasons in prem £4m is about right, north end would never let him go for less than £5m though..were totally skint you see....and have a wanker as a chairman.....
  5. Yeah i think he could, he played really well against torres in fa cup last year, for a young lad hes very good, by far our best player, he lives around the corner from me....no one at deepdale would want to see him go but he would benefit from goping straight into the starting 11 if you needed cover staright away, hes manging to establish himself in the ireland first 11 too.......great player
  6. Hi guys, another rumour around deepdale is your lining up a £4m bid for Sean St Ledger if Lecsoot goes anyone heard owt..... cheers Pete
  7. Hi guys, Preston north End fan just signed up here, we have heard a rumour Rodwell is coming to Deepdale on a season long loan. Has anyone heard anmything of the same. My opinion is hes far too good for the championship...anyone heard owt cheers Pete
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