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  1. Such idiocy is embarrassing, yet I doubt you have the class to be embarrassed as you're exactly what you claimed to me. Please show me where I said his nationality had anything to do with his performance, then show me who judged him after a few performances? Such blind and wrongful hatred is astonishing yet typical, ridiculous especially as you're wrong on every count.
  2. Like I said, give him time and he will bloom. Didn't see the game, but very encouraged about what I heard about him.
  3. Again how pathetic, showing your blinkered view on me again coupled with your alarming hypocrisy. What is truly ironic is your vain attempts to drag everything I say down into a cat fight, guess your milk gone sour old boy.
  4. http://www.toffeeweb.com/season/09-10/comment/editorial/article.asp?submissionID=13342
  5. You're being rather pathetic to be honest.
  6. Ok......... Mike, I'll stop calling you lad. What is patronising is your claim that my opinion is fact from thin air, sorry but my opinion is based on fact. What is further insulting is saying that I do not know the difference between the two, so I think you should reflect and get over the obvious chips you have against me, or is that too opinionated?. Anyway, can you construct a reason why you disagree with my opinion?
  7. Irony isn't your forte I see. Funny, as you have posted just nonesense!
  8. *Rye smile* Ok, my rank of the best player's at the club: Arteta Jagielka (regardless if him being injured) Pienaar Yakubu Saha Billy Baines Yobo Rodwell Howard After them is much of a muchness.
  9. Aren't YOU guilty of the same thing which you acclaim to me? Seems hypocrisy is the order of the day again for you lad, as you're not even presenting a logical/decent argument against what I have put forth, just trying to shoot me down because it's me. Not sporting, is it lad?
  10. I must admit, for the second time Pro Evo will stay in the shops as Fifa10 is the simulator I've been waiting for. Still rough around the edges, but crucially is far better online while the Pro Evo demo suggests Konami have abandon their loyal (including me) fanbase and have made their game too arcade like. Kudos EA!
  11. It's rather worrying to be honest, but I think Heitinga can play there in an emergency.
  12. He's Dutch, so chill out man. I think he is adjusting to a new league and new life, so it's inevitable it will take him time to settle. I like him though he has no pace, and has been a top player for years now. His concentration is Yobo like at times, but like Jagelika (hopefully) will blossom. Funny as it's the same people attacking Johhny, who attacked Arteta, Yakubu and Saha when they first came. Some our of fans have patience towards Hibbert and Osman but not towards the better players of this club, interesting why that was/is? Maybe some confuse endeavor with being a good pl
  13. Agreed. Wasn't going to bother replying with some of the zealots bleating, but as some mature posts went up I'm inclined to agree. Whether I like him or not (which I don't), he is and always will be a Blue. But what I will never forgive is the lies, spin and blatant hanging on to power, despite some power puff articles to the contrary. Interesting question which nobody can answer until Billy actually allows an invest to come near the place. Part of the problem is that Billy doesn't want to sell in a economic time where rich investors are few and far between, while Billy also expects
  14. Didn't see the game, but have to agree with Mike and Romeo that Cahill has been distinctly average this season. His goals mask the fact of how out-of-sorts he has been, which may have to do with he is required to play the ball in the middle, which he isn't the best at. But I'll always have him in the team for his goal threat.
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