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  1. 3rd person to say that today which means it must be true. I really like the reference, Children was a massive track. I guess it reminds ppl of Children as soon as you use a piano in a dance track . Thx Matt
  2. I love my 303 clone. Use a xoxbox and i also run it through some guitar pedals. ATB were awesome
  3. Lol @ proper viking look. I have to play the part of the swede here. I use both, i use a daw in my mac but I also use a drum machine, hardware synths, hardware sequencers etc. I have a dawless setup for live performances
  4. Currently actually listening to a lot of my own music. Ego? Sure Some good news tho, got my first solo single coming out on the 10th April. Yay me! (will be available on most streaming sites including Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Apple Music) Want to hear some of my stuff? (shameless plug)
  5. If we got Bale and Ramsey you ALL would be over the moon, stop talking shite now :D. Id have both in a heartbeat but this simply isn't true. Cant be. Can it?
  6. Just wanted to check in here to see that everyone is safe and doing well. Fairly mild in Sweden at the moment but most who can are working from home.
  7. I still consider myself a regular. I just dont post that much. Been here for 11 years lol but thx for not including me in the moaners edit, actually, I think I was here before 2009 to? But under a different name? Something like Peter H (Swe)? I think i lost my password or something and just created a new account. Feels like ive been here a lot longer than 11 years
  8. waves oh and the game was wank. We should have scored at least 6
  9. This one was a bit more obvious but some just blend right in.
  10. I understand why they are there and I don't mind them but could we please change their background colour slightly. Don't know how many times I've been enjoying a thread only to read something strange that I have to think about to try and make some sense out of, until I realize that it was an ad and didn't have anything to do with the thread.
  11. The old Quaison thread is closed for comments. Merge? Robin Quaison is linked to Everton again. He is a good player. Turned out better than I thought he would do. 7 goals in Germany and 5 in the Euro qualifiers for Sweden. Has a great shot. (Remember the strike against Man Utd?). Good enough for Everton? Don't know. He is better than Tosun, Sandro and Niasse though https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/england/quaison-pekas-ut-som-dromvarvning-for-pl-klubb-kan-vara-utmarkt-kop-for-manga/
  12. Ive been around. Mostly reading
  13. Dont expect Everton to spend 60 million on one player. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7890403/Everton-director-football-admits-club-afford-buy-players-end-market.html
  14. Its seriously quiet on Evertons transfer front in Sweden. There are absolutely no rumours in Swedish newspapers about Everton, and I like it! let me explain why. In Ancelotti we have a manager who can attract the right type of players. In the ownership we now have the funds. In our sports director we have the strategy and the intelligence to sign the right players. So why so quiet? a) the leadership is probably working hard to improve the squad and sign a game changer b) we might not have been able to find the right signing yet c) Everton rumours usually pop up here and there, hardly any are true, most never happen and they are simply there to up the costs d) I want it to be quiet, because when we suddently hear something it will probably be close to signing. e) we need to sign the RIGHT players instead of signing players out of panic, a lot of our recent signings have either been too expensive (Gylfi), not ready (Kean) or simply not good enough (Tosun, Walcott). Others have not paned out yet due to poor form and tactics of the whole team. (Due to Silva) it will be interesting to see how THIS team develops under Ancelotti. We have a good start to build from and im sure there will be signings this january. But lets not hear anything until its almost signed. Thats when we will know that the signings have been thought through. Look at the rumour section on the site. In honesty, how many of the rumoured players would: a) improve the starting 11 b) be likely to happen. id argue that none of the current rumours fall into both categories.
  15. anyhow, Swedish news are now reporting that its Milan or nothing for Ibra. Even if Ancelotti goes to Everton.
  16. He is ego, and arrogant but somehow most team mates always love him. He is a bit of a prankster. Compare him to Gazza in that respect. A mix of Gazza and Roy Keane.
  17. If Ibra comes to Everton we need a good crosser of the ball. Ibra is a beast in the air.
  18. Probably not, but Vela played for the top team. Ibra didn't.
  19. I know its the MLS but its not a bad league. Id say its on par with the French league if you take away the top two teams.
  20. Zlatan would never want a bit part anywhere. You don't understand Ibra if you think he would settle for a bit part anywhere. The thing is. I really believe that Ibra would make a massive difference here. Thats not JUST a dig at our other strikers, that's just how good he still is.
  21. Ancelotti is coming to Everton and he is bringing Ibra with him according to AC Milan and Italian RAI
  22. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11888482/carlo-ancelotti-agrees-deal-to-become-everton-manager only 16 years older than me? Am I old or is he younger than I thought?
  23. Done deal according to sky sports and some swedish newspapers. Ill hold out for the club tweet before I believe its done.
  24. If we sign Ancelotti, remember, I called it early. If we dont then forget I ever said anything
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