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  1. Gylfi as captain is a joke. Saying that he'll probably score a worldy today.
  2. I'm so fucking fed up with this shower of shit, I'd happily see the back of all those players. Absolute dogshit.
  3. My brother was on the same flight as Moyes a couple of days ago (Dublin to Manc). I asked him to get the low down but he gave nothing away!
  4. Pickford needs to sort out his set pieces. That's 21 shipped since the start of last season.
  5. How can you be a striker by trade and not be able to score?
  6. I think he's been brought in because of his quick transition play. If you watch his highlights videos he almost always plays a forward pass/diagonal immediately after he's made a tackle/interception. He's going to have Bernard and Richarlison to aim for so we should be pretty rapid in the counter next season.
  7. We are crying out for a midfielder playmaker, I feel for Gueye because he finds space in the middle of the park because no one else does, which means he receives the ball a lot. Then he’s expected to find a killer pass which just isn’t in his repertoire. Wait and see, once Gomes is fit Gueye can go back to being anti-football and breaking up the play, what he should be doing.
  8. Tosun is dropping deeper, always the case when goals are scarce!
  9. I'll throw my two pennies into this absolute minefield of a thread: Alot of the terrible issues (child poverty/housing crisis/low wages - inflation/jobs/children centre closures/NHS underfunding) we face in our country have absolutely zip all to do with our relationship with the EU. People are pissed off with the EU 'beaurocracy' when in fact they should be pissed off with a system that was implemented in the 70s by our dear old Maggie. She single handedly transformed our political landscape from the Keynes inspired social democracy to full hilt neo-liberalism. Neo-liberalism will only ever favour the have's and not the have nots. The tories patronise people by saying "If you work hard you can succeed, be a go-getter, a self-starter...blah blah blah' It's all just a fucking mask for their paymasters to screw over working people. Thatcher dismantled the unions and huge working communities (I don't need to elaborate on this) - restricting workers rights which are currently pretty much only supported by EU regulations and the Human Rights Act. Thatcher wanted to make the NHS fully privatised/pay-for-service and was only stopped by more compassionate members of her own party. Neo-liberalism is cross party , Blair was the goddamn golden boy of neo-liberalism. It is the foremost politcal philosophy in Europe and the main reason why the EU is not serving all of it's people. Immigration is the by-product of a global economy that Thatcher ensured we would rely on by eradicating most of our industrial output. Ironically, the same THatcher suppporting right -wing voters are now voting to leave the EU because of issues such as immigration/jobs. Look at Germany, it hasn't lost it's industrial output/jobs because of the EU. We lost our output because of Tory policy - not the EU. Neo-liberalism is making the rich richer and the poor poorer and the bastards are so clever making sure that everyone/everything else is to blame that they are fucking laughing at us. The right-wing media/think tanks (owned by billionaires) are NOT on our side and if they pushed this whole brexit farce through. It's a fucking joke. People need to wake up and read some books/articles and notjust the mainstream media. and breathe.......
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