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  1. Matt


    Bizarre choice. Should’ve taken one or two of the u21 World Cup winning squad as filler, much more a benefit to them and the squad as a whole rather than a sicknote.
  2. I’m surprised Walsh wasn’t given a chance at what he made his name as; a scout. Not arsed that he’s gone mind you. I will say one controversial thing though; a thanks to Sammy Lee. I was hugely sceptical about him joining but he seems to have given his all for the club, and not back down despite the challenges of an ex-red being part of the setup. Good on him, at least he seemed to give a shit.
  3. Matt

    Mini Raiola

    For me, it was his conduct when he took over as Roms agent. Came across as very disrespectful towards the club at the time, and I didn’t see anything to suggest he’s changed
  5. What punishment? The kopites went out of their way to tap up VVD quite publically, “stopped” when asked and a short time later, lo! VVD signed! There was no punishment there, why should there be for approaching an unemployed manager? For the record, I still think our pursuit of him was disgraceful and a complete contradiction to Everton values and conduct
  6. I’m usually sickeningly optimistic but been burnt too many times in the last 12-18 months (personal life too) so it’s hard to keep up my chirpy optimism
  7. A lot of people said very similar things when Walsh and Koeman were brought in. I remain very sceptical, except for Denise who has actually proven herself at the club
  8. Matt

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Merged. Come on, Louis!
  9. Matt

    3 wants for next season

    The “red wine” in little plastic bottles is horrendous too
  10. Matt

    Matthew Pennington

    Agree. It’s his pace that really worried me
  11. Matt

    3 wants for next season

    1) integrity, starting with the manager 2) no mad, mass, panic buying. Max 4 players of real quality 3) to be proud of the club again
  12. Matt

    Which picture is real and which is fake?

    Ah go on, everyone needs a laugh after this season
  13. Matt

    What Are You Watching?

    Visually stunning, but I really don't know how I feel about it, simply because so much happened and I've no idea what's coming next. I'd definitely watch it again though
  14. That’s not much better unless it’s only Martinez’s 1st season he’s recreating and improving on