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  1. Matt

    Yerry Mina

    Just say your didn’t Mina’t
  2. I could never get past the smell of it.
  3. Matt

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Y’ald git! I’m getting a company car soon and it’s got beepers, but we’ve got a camera in the Citroen and it feels like taking a step back. I do miss handbrakes though
  4. Matt

    Rube's Random Ruminations

    I’ll try to remember mate
  5. Matt

    What Are You Watching?

    I’ve got 2 episodes to catch up on, can’t wait
  6. Matt


    Because the principals of both “democratic” results are very similar and achieved in very similar ways
  7. Matt


    Well, I know it is so... 😛 if this is going ahead, the only way to limit the damage is to prepare for a scenario that’s never occurred. Just pushing ahead to show strength and dominance is pigheaded arrogance; just look across the pond and the stupid tariff setting (which Trump clearly has no idea about, its going to screw their economy after a short term, localised boost).
  8. Matt


    Didn’t think you were mate. Either way this whole thing was going to be a catastrophe, but leaving without anything in place cripples everything and, because people have very little patience, 3-4 weeks of even minor inconveniences alone would probably have people quickly regretting to vote leave, not to mention hostility it would create. A deal has to be made in order to make an awful decision only awful and not catastrophic.
  9. Matt


    If you don’t make deals beforehand, the country would come to a standstill. It’s just basic project management to prepare for the cutover period, to not do it would be suicidal.
  10. Matt

    Cenk Tosun

    He wasn’t huge physically but he’s really buffed up this season.
  11. Matt

    Wayne Rooney

    Maybe, we’ll never know. Just feels a bit strange and it wouldn’t surprise me :rolleyes:
  12. Matt

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Arsenal 5 - 1 Everton cenk
  13. Matt

    Wayne Rooney

    The way I read it, he made the decision. So, manager or not, it came down to him and there was a better way of doing things (again)
  14. Matt

    Wayne Rooney

    Well he could, and should. “Thanks for this season, Wayne. However it’s not planned out the way I wanted so I’m doing a restructure and don’t see you being part of the plan the same way I wanted last year” not hard to do
  15. Matt

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I know the advert mate