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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50419130 oh really?
  2. SSN saying AC Milan too, about 30 mins after posting about the reason being “leaked”
  3. https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/50380177 before City’s defeat, I wonder if the 7/10 rating might be questioned a bit more
  4. their keeper was excellent
  5. I admit I’d lost my temper after the Burnley game but otherwise I’m still trying to be patient with him. Reasons 1&3 are principal for me, option 2 less so. I think he is trying to play the long game and trying to be patient with instilling his beliefs, not throwing kids into fray (hence sticking with the more experienced players even though they’ve been poor) and instead letting them take their time, etc. It’s the beginning of his second season. There was so much to correct from the previous 3-5 years, especially the 12 months prior to his arrival, it was never going to be undone and built on in 18months. I suspect we’ll see Kean regularly after Christmas, like he did with DCL last year. I think Iwobi would’ve been starting more in the middle if Bernard hadn’t been injured, but with all of the injuries mounting up he’s having to plug holes with whomever can play that role even remotely and we just need to be as patient as ever until the squad gets settled again. I didn’t want him here but I’m not in a rush to get rid of him. He showed end of last season that he can turn things around and play some great football. Patience, as well as consistency (as much as we can with players dropping like flies) are absolutely key.
  6. I stand with Labour. Not through choice (as if I had a say). But the LibDems made their bed years ago, and are fluffing their own pillows now. How can a party be so disconnected and claim to be liberal?! Conservatives out is clearly logical but why have the LibDems not learnt from last time round?! Vote grabbing isn’t a basis for a political party! But, yet, it is the norm. Bring on the revolution
  7. We don’t need to play either. Davies can hold and provide the forward motion.
  8. They do get demoted to lower leagues or pulled I believe
  9. Not in the replay I saw but I don’t want to look at it again so I can’t argue.
  10. If he’s selected it’ll be squad not starter. I’d see it as good preseason and nothing else
  11. Professionals consoling professionals, friends comforting friends... how dare they! the media has completely skewed this to flame things. Even after the challenge the BBC feed was saying something along the lines of “Son is gonna get a lot of flack for this on social media” and, the defensive intent was apparently justified. But they have then completely negated any well meaning with going OTT in the defence, ignorance and bias. Son went in to take him out. Clear. He hold his hands up when the whistle has gone. Clear. He makes no contact with the ankle that goes. Clear. He sees the injury... and then he reacts.
  12. You need to account for 2 things; exchange rate and cost of living (a massive point when comparing US vs other major economies). health care as an example is basically free, whereas in the US and Switzerland it’s stupid money for basic services (about 15% of my salary a month. My in-laws are paying close to 20% in the US and it’s only getting more expensive as they get older, causing all sorts of financial problems because of Obamacare (which I agree with in principal but it’s been very poorly implemented)) Anyway... If I got a pro referees wage I’d be made up based on job market and living costs, if I moved back. Assuming they ref 20 games a season, that’s 76kUSD a year. If you assume 50 (ie every league game and 12 cup games), that’s potentially 115kUSD a year with having a big off season/vacation. I’d never take it though because of the stress factor. it wasn’t that long ago that they got buttons as a wage though. As I said before, I have sympathy for the refs most of the time; they’re in the spotlight and take all the flack, deflecting from the cause of most of the issues. I’ve experienced this in the business world in previous jobs and you’re basically a patsy
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