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  1. Matt

    Seamus Coleman

    That's a different type all together!
  2. Matt

    Seamus Coleman

    Batches are hard on top, that’s clearly a barm. You do need a lie down, you’re delusional!
  3. Matt

    Longest Thread!

    Apparently Iceland are only stopping their own, name-brand products with this claim, not other products from other suppliers. A small step in the right direction but a bit deceptive too.
  4. Matt

    Seamus Coleman

    That ones a barm...
  5. Matt


    I don’t want an election, it’ll become a bigger farce. If a referendum is offered, at least the people will have a chance on the verdict (and I might actually get a vote. Unlikely, but more likely than an election)
  6. So you can blame the manager for making the “mistake”’of putting him on the field, but it’s Ganas fault for shite football and a relegation?
  7. You know that villa went down and we played shit football because of the manager right?
  8. When I get to my computer I’ll give a more in-depth response. But to the point on him scoring - I don’t expect him to because I don’t expect him to be in that area as he should be watching the back door. However, when he shoots I actually have hope and don’t think “oh not again” as I’ve felt with other, more attack minded players. Less opportunity does not equal bad at something. That said, his hits on target are 1 in 5 so not great, but not bad for someone who’s supposed to be defensive
  9. Isn’t that the only reason to have more women in the workplace? Seriously though, nice to see a woman get the role of a male dominated sport. Provided she’s put there for her skill set and not the bullshit forced-equality that I’ve rambled on before.
  10. Matt

    Cardiff City (Home) Saturday November 24th

    understandable, but as you said elsewhere; we’ve got a manager who seems to know what he’s doing.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46200473
  12. Matt

    Cardiff City (Home) Saturday November 24th

    He finished the last game with 3, so don’t think he’s against it. Granted, he wanted to secure the point, but i suppose it was more of a back 5. I’ve said somewhere else, if we had 3 at the back plus 1 DCM, the rest of the team should be able to attack with gusto. I’m excited
  13. Happens all the time to be fair, but it’s still a valid point.
  14. Matt

    Remembrance Day

    You’re the connection now mate.
  15. Interesting. Media taking on the establishment. First amendment be damned