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  1. Matt


    Ffs. People voting based on a figurehead piss me off. Sorry Rubes, but it’s just ridiculous and leads to Trumps and Mays. Vote for the parties policies, it’s not a dictatorship!
  2. Matt

    Michy Batshuayi

    I don’t want anyone who doesn’t want to come here.
  3. Care and technology yes, but the food and rooms are much better in private
  4. Matt

    Rumours Without A Link

    Meh. Whilst I think he was underrated during his time here, I wouldn’t want him back now
  5. Matt

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    This for me. I’ve always had a soft spot for Southampton but I’ll take this if it helps us. Watch them batter us now
  6. Matt

    Oumar Niasse

    Good luck to him
  7. That’s because Romey is wrong all the time
  8. Matt

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Can’t remember from which round that stops though.
  9. Matt


    DUP doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, they’d lose more than just seats.
  10. Matt


    19 short. I wonder if Corbyn stepped down and they put someone more likeable in charge then pushed the vote again if that would change things. Sickening that she’s survived this. Just when I had a little faith in the democratic process and MPs, they bandy together because they don’t like the Labour leader
  11. That pun would make me very hesitant to try, but fair play to them!
  12. Matt

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    My tired head is probably wrong, but I’m hoping for a penalty shootout so they play as long as possible.... ... and then lose.
  13. Matt

    Edin Dzeko

    and this is one of few that I wouldn’t mind us bringing in for a short term. DCL getting the rest of the season is still my preference though
  14. Matt

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    I love the look of it but the smells just trigger memories That’s the south, doesn’t count 😛