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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48403705 oh the choices the choices....
  2. Very Christian of you! It would be a second swallow, because he was excellent for a long time when he arrived. Then the whole team went down the pan. The fact that he managed to come back and played well after so long out, stepping up when we needed him, deserves credit.
  3. Eventually. He started off pay as you play and insisted you on that (if I remember correctly)
  4. He’s a shit striker. His goal record proves that. If he’s fit, he’s an average forward at best. He’s also not the level we should be aiming for. I don’t think he’s an upgrade on Sandro, let alone the others.
  5. Everton are leading the charge to sign Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck on a free transfer, reports claim. Welbeck, 28, is leaving Arsenal after five injury-plagued seasons with West Ham, Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Wolves all credited with interest. But the Standard say Marco Silva’s Toffees are front-runners. It’s claimed the Merseyside outfit are prepared to increase his £100,000-a-week salary should he pass a medical. my main issue is his fitness. Well, it’s one of several main issues but I’m just baffled by this link. No way I’d have thought would be looking at him (if it’s all true)
  6. If I lock the thread, will it stop it happening?
  7. Neither would I, but only because we wouldn’t have a midfield. Ive never understood the hype about Delph
  8. Frustration part I completely agree with, it’s why I didn’t vote when I had the chance 15 years ago. But there’s never going to be a perfect party for an individual, so for me it’s a process of elimination. Abstaining, from my experience, is the worst thing to do however because then you truly have no say in any matter.
  9. You too mate. Heading to Bremgarten (AG) tomorrow, where I work every couple of weeks. The hotel I’ve used and have supported me (through thick and thin) over the last 10 months is closing so I want them to meet my girls before the close. Then off to Basel to sleep on a couch but be joined with my sister and her family for a few days. Can’t wait
  10. Disagree. German league is getting better because it incorporates both, and were not for money would’ve been a lot bigger because of it. But it’s still developing regardless. In my opinion, he does have the balance and skill (especially, we’ve seen it), to get past the best. His work need to be on position, and it’s hard to improve that if you’re told you’re a winger; he just isn’t.
  11. Silva isn’t strong either, but he’s clever with his movements. Neither is Hazard or Mata, Messi or [insert name here]. Ossie, was a master of balance, movement and control. Im not saying he’s at their level, but that playing to his strengths would be beneficial to all concerned. Size is irrelevant if you’re clever and have good control. See Bernard.
  12. I’m leaving for vacation too, hence laziness.
  13. Anyone got a clip of the actual discussion? I’m being lazy
  14. People keep crying out for a number 10/challenge for Siggy. We have it in him; control, movement, wicked shot and work rate. I’ve been undecided on him for a long time because he’s supposedly a winger. He isn’t. He’s a central player. However, can’t see him getting a chance there and if the money is right, it’s best for us and him if he goes. We have it Bernard too but I really don’t want to break up his Digne link
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