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  1. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    It's exactly the same mate, and part of what makes it the same is that you can't see past your opinions. Regardless of the players strengths and facts to back the player up, both players do their jobs. 1 is a water carrier, the other was a goal scorer. Yet both should be better at their jobs despite statistically being in the top 3-5 at the job in the league. It's baffling.
  2. Not really. Well, yeah, ok, a lot of the time. But in this case, it's the fact I hate "modern" looking shitboxes like the Echo area slap-bang in the middle of a traditional and beautiful river scape. I want something to blend in but look unique at the same time, and from what he's said, I'm hopeful that will be the case. I'm not saying I want a copy of that stadium, but something that incorporates the features (like materials, aesthetics that fit the surrounding area, etc.)
  3. Davy Klaassen

    Romey or MJB? Not sure either will be happy being stamped on, no matter how frustrated you're getting.
  4. It's supposed to, the outside at least, so it fits in with its surroundings. Agree that the inside is a mess, but I'm saying it's the principle of the external design rather than the actual design that I'm hoping for
  5. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    That's a cracking goal
  6. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Sport live soccer is only available for registered users. FREE Create an account to get unlimited access. Free but they want a credit card... No chance mate
  7. Wayne Rooney

    He will be, but 100 hours is kinda meaningless too
  8. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Not a single bloody stream
  9. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    I wish to fuck he'd stop dicking around with the keeper. If Pickford is number one, play him unless he's injured or suspended, otherwise you're taking time away from his development. Not to mention the inconsistency for the defence to cope with. Other than that, I hope DCL is in the middle and he's switched with Sandro, but looks a decent line up
  10. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    It's like Haf with Lukaku. Just incomprehensible for me.
  11. Wayne Rooney

    Hey, I'm getting demoted coming first of January because of a reshuffle (though those who aren't changing contract won't be, despite us doing the same job still). Nothing really surprises me at the moment
  12. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    He's your new Jags, isn't he Pete?
  13. Wayne Rooney

    No, he got pushed out and lost his job, partly because he'd been ill for a while and was getting paid whilst not working. I think this was the final straw for them, and nothing to do with mobility since we can work from home if we want.
  14. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    e's shit 'im
  15. Wayne Rooney

    Because it reflects on the employer and costs them, becomes an internal disciplinary thing. A colleague of mine was done for drink driving, he left "by mutual consent" a few months later