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  1. 15 points to play for. Before last night we’d taken 7 from 9 available. Provided last night was a blip, we should be looking at 12 from 15 imo
  2. Everton 4-1 Saints DCL hat trick
  3. Sat in front of a back 2 who can make up for his occasional cockups, can fall back into the CB role or a back 3 when under pressure, good on the ball, good moving the ball and passing in tight situations. I said it when he was here; He just needs that extra layer behind him as a security blanket.
  4. 100th appearance for Tom today apparently, second youngest to get to that landmark after Michael Ball
  5. To be honest, not watched them this season, just going on memory
  6. Didn’t want him to go, would love him back. But no chance he’d come back after some of the shit he had from some “fans”
  7. So Churchill didn’t make that statement, the BMA did. This is why Twitter is not to be trusted as an information source
  8. I would assume so. Contracts up so why not?
  9. I wonder if he gets subbed to avoid puttin that strain on him. They are such painful and terrifying experiences
  10. I always dread this thread being bumped because it’s never to say he didn’t actually sign after-all and it’s all be a prank.
  11. Except 1 costs the same as the others loan.
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