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  1. Aleix Vidal

    Couldn't do that to you mate
  2. When there’s acually some stability and they’ve been given some consistency. I’ve banged on about it 100 times, but the summer upheaval was always going to create this mess. West Ham did it with Bilic one season, bringing in 11 players and letting 5-7 go - that should’ve been as big a warning as anyone needed. But new money created excitement and the unrest had we not gone on a spending spree would’ve been crazy. Then there was massively delayed sacking of Koeman, the limbo Unsworth worked under for a month and a manager who came in, and to his credit helped improve the defence, before showing why he only ever gets jobs are clubs under threat. Im not excusing the players from playing poorly by the way. I just know they’re better than we’re seeing. I could ask you the same question about the manager and hierarchy too
  3. You mean not have a shot this calendar year then state we need to be more boring in attack? That is how you get into relegation trouble
  4. I still think they will still come good, but that second bit is absolutely spot on
  5. The latest argument in my debate with a rather difficult Trump supporter (family, so I have to remain respectful which is teaching me a lot about my levels of self-constraint and patience) is that Clinton’s a murderer and Trumps only a racist, and that “lefty’s” voted for her told the Trump supporter all she needed to know. I’m resisting the urge to highlight the claims against Clinton may well be true, but there’s no proof so for now it’s a fantastical conspiracy theory, whereas Trumps racism, mocking of the disabled, sexual assault, etc is all documented fact. But hey. That would be showing reason and logic.
  6. That made my eyes hurt, but well worth the read.
  7. It’s alright Mike. “At all costs” and all that
  8. At this rate, I can see it happening well before the end of the season
  9. They might not think they’ll get rid of the owners, but it would still be a way of showing discontent and Im with MJB on this, I can see it happening
  10. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Had to look that up! Not really, just don’t see us having much of a chance with our manager
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    Not heard that for a while, fantastic track
  12. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 1 - 3 WBA Tosun