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  1. I can’t remember to be honest.
  2. Matt

    Bad news

    Best of luck John, hope it gets sorted soon
  3. Bring it old man! Just don’t hit me, I break easily. Usually without anyone’s help... Is this you talking fancy or has autocorrect done you over?
  4. Well fuck you too! Watch a proper sci-fi
  5. ROBINSON TO AC MILAN? AC Milan remain interested in Wigan full back Antonee Robinson. There have been discussions between the two clubs regarding the 22-year-old, who joined the Championship side last summer for £2m from Everton. However, Milan will only proceed with a deal if they sell Ricardo Rodriguez who looks likely to leave this window. Everton will receive a percentage of any profit Wigan get for the player who could cost Milan up to £10m.
  6. I’ve never understood the attraction of Dr Who.
  7. I don’t think so, but only Louis can confirm. @Louis is it possible to disable them for people who donate a certain amount for a period of time?
  8. One of the names I knew from basketball, and one I respected after seeing the work he put in off the court.
  9. Bolasie was never doing fine
  10. Actually excited! I got offered 2 programs from 1985 but told the family to give it to EITC for a possible auction. Wish I’d had seen them though
  11. I’d love to see that! Can you scan and upload it?
  12. At least they should be able to spell the name correctly on the back of the shirts... you’d hope...
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