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  1. And DCL couldn’t score under the same circumstances.
  2. Who should replace Koeman?

    No, but knowing the squad and that we’ve been in worse predictaments before and turned it around does. I’m not dismissing the fear of relegation as irrelevant, I’m choosing to be positive It might be too much for Unsworth, we’ll have to wait and see. But As you said, more experienced managers have taken teams down, so what to do?
  3. Who should replace Koeman?

    It’s not a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s confidence and experience. We have looked shite, but we’ve improved since Koeman left and we will continue to do so
  4. Who should replace Koeman?

    You can if you believe
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    Which won’t happen. Worst case were low in the table, but still confident we’ll finish top half
  6. Oumar Niasse

    Still scoring and leading the attacks. He embodies Everton for me; hard work, scores and humble. If only our starting 11 had the same When i talk about character, that’s it.
  7. Doubt it. I thought we’d get something to distract from the manager situation and Usmanov thing
  8. Finnish fan

    No need Dude good luck with your search
  9. Finnish fan

    Not sure posting your personal data is such a good idea mate
  10. Sandro Ramirez

    Exactly. There's talent there, no doubt, but so far shown in a poorer quality, less physical league. Let him go out on loan and develop. I also think some people get too excited because he was cheap
  11. Sandro Ramirez

    So did Geri. I'm just not sure the gameplay translates in England for the younger players. Just looked at his highlight youtube vid, it's good but not great
  12. Interesting, raises a few questions
  13. January Transfer Window

    I'd take him back in a heartbeat, underrated in my opinion