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  1. https://youtu.be/YahC2BXVyAQ
  2. Me too, on self reflection, so don’t worry. I won’t name names because that’s not the objective, I just need a brain dump
  3. After reading some threads and posts, I’ve become infuriated by the sheer lack of perspective of some, on both sides of the topic and I need to get it off Mum chest. Unfortunately my replacement phone is mental and infuriating even for short posts, so when i get time I’m getting on the computer to rant. Then I’ll be happy and positive
  4. Criticizing is absolutely the right thing to do, but it shouldn’t ever be a tool for oneupmanship which it will be, and already is to a degree. When i get 30 mins on the computer I’ll be having a big rant about all this!
  5. I’m not sure it’s that. I think it’s because this isn’t something he started and, even though he’s made some stupid comments (which people are numb too, even expect) and made bad decisions, that’s been true of a lot of leaders. Plus, whilst he’s been slow to react, there are efforts being made which will be fuel to support him I hate that all this has a political side though to be honest. It shows such ignorance, pettiness and overall misunderstanding of politics, timelines and the nature of life. It’s brought out the best of a lot of people, but once it’s subsided next year (I don’t see things being resolved until then) it’s going to become a tool for politicians to bicker and fight more, and people seem to have short memories.
  6. August 8th. New season. West Ham at home Everton 4-2 Wham DCL (hat trick)
  7. My experience talking to family and friends over there is; depends on your existing political alignment. It won’t harm his chances at all.
  8. All the more reason to hope the season is null and void
  9. That almost wants me to reactivate my social media accounts to spam it everywhere
  10. I’m a big fan of Jim’ll Paint It personally... very nice mate!
  11. Confcalls and video meetings are a nightmare no matter where you are though!
  12. We’re in the centre of Europe and on the flight path to GVA so there’s usually loads (although rarely hear him. The jets that practice runs down the valley on the other hand now and again...) so it’s been extremely obvious for me. I’d send you a photo but lost all my contacts when the old phone died, drop me a message off you like and I’ll send you some pics Everyone always says hello passing here, that’s not changed. I say good morning etc when I’m in the UK and I usually get a funny look
  13. A clear blue sky with no planes over head, no noise from traffic or construction, cooking loads of stuff from scratch and time with my girls (moments of cabin fever aside)!
  14. Reminds me a bit of Robert Miles, well done!
  15. Ramsey yes. Bale I really wanted because we hadn’t found a working partnership but now we have so not really. The other lad maybe for the same reason
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