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  1. Matt

    Wayne Rooney

    I thought he was angry, and I’m not sure I can blame him for being so (if that’s the case).
  2. Matt


    You’ve been consistent at least, but I still don’t understand why?
  3. Matt

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    I didn’t get to see the game in the end, but if he’s shit and scoring goals id have him coming off the bench every game.
  4. Matt

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    Shit him, get rid...
  5. Matt

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    Well crap. There goes my early night before our vacation starts tomorrow!
  6. Matt

    Jordan Pickford

    I'm not one for giving a new contract to players a year after they signed on, but I'd make an exception in his case.
  7. Matt

    Danny Welbeck

    Dear lord...
  8. Matt


    Well, I'll try and give a brief overview now whilst I pack for our vacation... I said before the vote even (I think) that it was going to be near impossible to leave completely without massive detrimental impact, simply because we are so integrated. But, lets look at some of the key points, with a mix of fact and opinion: 1. Immigration - we already had complete and total control over immigration into the UK. We have an exception to the EU immigration rules, along with Denmark and Ireland - here's the proof. So, leaving the EU won't change a thing regarding immigration, it'll still be in our hands. As for illegal immigration, it's just that; illegal. That's not something the EU can be blamed for. In fact, we can blame May for that, as she was the main reason behind massive cuts and changes to border control staff and procedure as Home Secretary, undermining the ability of the departments to control immigration, illegal or otherwise. If you want someone/something to blame, you look at the companies/employers who choose the cheaper labour over local labour for their own profit and growth. There are ways to curb that within the UK, and still work with the EU's rules - I know this from experience after working and living in mainland Europe for 12 years now. 2. Trade - There are hundreds (at least, if not more) of treaties, and then contracts, to sever; not just with EU countries but also with countries outside of the EU that are intrinsically linked with the EU. If we simply cut them, what will replace them? That's why I say it's suicide for the country - there is no plan, no future deals being shared, etc. and won't be until we have the Brexit plan in place with the EU. It takes years and years to negotiate these treaties and contracts, and was never going to be possible even if we had a clear Brexit plan in place before the referendum in a 2 year time line. My humble, non-expert, opinion, was that it would take 10-15 years to get the basics in place, 20+ before we've got everything covered. Of course, in that time, the world will change in ways we can't imagine, and assumptions of being such a "big trading partner" that everyone else will suddenly just flock to do business with the UK is disillusion at best, simply because we'd be going into the unknown, both in carrying out a leave process and world developments. Meanwhile, the EU will continue to open new trade routes and deals with other countries and continue to expand without us. See the proposed new Japan deal announced in the last week or so as an example. 3. Representation in the EU - that bag of dicktips Farage's speech about not knowing who the MEPs are isn'ttt all the EU's fault, it's an ignorance of the people and the failing of our own MPs and governments for not making it more transparent, on top of a ridiculously complicated parliamentary democratic system. The cynic in me thinks it's deliberately complicated to make it hard to understand for anyone who hasn't done a masters in politics. That said, there's no excuse nowadays to not know something; you simply have to take a bit of time and google. If that's not for you and you want more information or influence, you contact your local MP and get them to push their party for change; whether that be transparency on the process, or dissatisfaction with the state of affairs. The political party then needs to take your input and put it into action (if there's enough support). However, all that is entrusting British politicians to not clusterfuck the whole thing, which is one of my biggest fears - without EU supervision, just imagine the chaos that would ensue if any of the political parties were left to their own devices. If there's something I've missed, or something you want me to answer, let me know and I'll get to it when I can, but I think I covered the 3 main drivers behind the referendum. For those who still wouldn't hesitate to leave, I'm interested to know why.
  9. Matt


    That was the plan, then this came along https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-44864496
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44864739 he must have incredible neck muscles, never seems to suffer from whiplash as he 180s on every topic he’s involved in. I think for the next controversy (ie next week), we should have a poll on how long we think it will take for him to contradict himself and claim fake news.
  11. Matt


    There’s 55 pages of explanation in this thread mate. Plus, it’s 2h30 and I really should be in bed.
  12. Matt


    That would be suicide for the country, even if it was a simple as “just leave”.
  13. Matt

    What Are You Watching?

    Red Sparrow. Bloody good film
  14. Matt


    To be honest, and it’s been one of my biggest gripes of the whole thing, this should’ve been planned and debated before the referendum even took place. To blindly stumble on must be bordering on criminal!
  15. Matt

    Cenk Tosun

    No way we’d be looking to move him on. The lad is going to be a star for us