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  1. Matt

    Fred Pickering

    They did: http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/02/09/null
  2. https://www.google.ch/amp/s/talksport.com/football/495640/everton-new-stadium-update-leaked-picture-bramley-moore-dock-safe-standing-section/amp/ i hope it’s not that
  3. Matt


    Anyone with an ounce of common sense and negotiating skills?
  4. Matt

    Marco Silva

    My theory is it imploded under the weight of its own utter ridiculousness
  5. Disappointed that there’s no drafts for the outside.
  6. Oh I know it was a catchphrase and that he’s surrounded himself by the people he said he’d clean out. What I meant was he’s shown, again unintentionally, to what extents politicians will go to and shown their true colours is UHD.
  7. He is doing one good thing, unintentionally. He will drain the swamp if the people want him too. He’s shown the true colours of most politicians. If people still vote them in, that’s not on him - it’s on them.
  8. The constitution is toilet paper to him. It’s like watching a... I honestly don’t know.
  9. Errrr, we already have massively different characters!
  10. Until there’s a fixed date it’s an official rumour. Either my point stands you pendantic sod
  11. Rumours of it, but there's no fixed date so far as I've read. I can't see the designs changing dramatically in a couple of months, so would make sense that they bring forward the release to try and boost the mood before the end of the season / beginning of the TW
  12. Matt


    You're not wrong, that's exactly what was happening. The starting lineup hasn't changed much, but the mentality and tactics have done a 180
  13. Matt


    But they were doing and quite well too. After the derby we reverted to this mess