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  1. Countries having their own rules? The rich dictating the poor? Sounds all too familiar
  2. @TallPaul1878, apologies for any stress this caused, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. But condone murder again and it’ll be a permanent ban rather than a warning
  3. The act itself is still disgraceful. Laughing at buildings being attacked is obscene. Just because some practice is doesn’t make it right. I’m all for stricter punishment. I’ll put the comments back and remove the ban, even though I think it’s fucking disgraceful
  4. I made the decision. Condoning murder is simply unacceptable. edit: if the general consensus is that I’m being too heavy handed, I’ll accept that and apologize
  5. So apparently people have started breathing differently?
  6. Yes, the looters are scum. Condoning murder / capital punishment is also scum.
  7. No. It’s a disgraceful comment and the situation is terrible. It’s not one or the other.
  8. I’d love to agree, Mike, but streamlining is what every company has been doing for 10 years. Can’t pin that on Brexit.
  9. Trade wars don’t seem to have had much impact, what else is there? Cyber attacks? We’ve seen Russia invading Ukraine and nothing happened, there’s no difference between that and China annexing what they think is theirs. I completely get and agree with your concerns, I just don’t see anyone taking them on.
  10. Horrible injury on top of just getting back to playing. Feel for him.
  11. Then we’d be going into WW3 and it’ll all become irrelevant anyway. China is too big to attack. Won’t happen.
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