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  1. Looks good but why all the blue lighting on a dark blue shirt (aside from the obvious)? Just makes it harder to see the details, I’m sure it’ll be good in natural light but it’s just an odd sale strategy
  2. As much as I agree with you, his test has to be this year simply because of his contract length.
  3. A Juve fan at work pulled me aside to tell me how angry he was to see Kean go, and that we’ve got a serious player on our hands. Says the YouTube stuff won’t come close to showing how good this kid is. I told him at least they still have Ronaldo etc and he just shrugged. I got rather excited after that...
  4. Can we have an “I’m an uniformed simpleton with largely selfish ideals, and despite of overwhelming benefits provided for myself and surroundings, indeed may only survive on, provided by the “enemy” and not my government which, otherwise, would’ve killed my area” option then?
  5. The break is to absorb what happens. The reason BB is my favourite show isn’t because its a watch and enjoy title. It needs reflection to truly appreciate it
  6. Yeah, and it started well but became too obvious. Shame, it had massive potential
  7. That’s down to Everton. A supplier can only supply what it’s asked to produce.
  8. I look forward to when stats show how a player pulls 2 others out of position. I know I only got bits and pieces yesterday but he was a fucking headache for their central defence and we should’ve capitalised on it fromwhat I saw
  9. He shows the hallmarks of Jags. Made up.
  10. Not being a threat wouldn’t have been an issue if Richarlison had put his gifted chances away. I’m fine with a hard working forward not scoring goals if the people he’s creating chances for actually finish. Long run, I hope we have someone who can do both, and it won’t be DCL because he can’t finish. But for now, I’m very happy with him.
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