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  1. They were both excellent strikes, which should’ve been blocked by the defence.
  2. he’s been doing very well in a tough new league and has played every minute (if I remember correctly). Pretty sure he didn’t have a preseason so it’s just a matter of time until he gets up to fitness, as with James too
  3. DCL. Everyone bar Mina had a really good game.
  4. Well that was a glorious piece of football for number 4
  5. If that is his thinking, he’s a moron. Down to 10 men and now haven’t got their manager on the touch line (potentially for a couple of games)
  6. I don’t mean that bit, he took 2 players out of the game with one turn before laying it off
  7. There was always something fishy about the deal. I don’t think we’ll make a loss selling him on if we do though
  8. What could’ve been a banana skin in the past was comfortably sorted by the reserves. Let’s just be happy with that
  9. Gordon’s pace and feet say CF/AMC to me. The Fodin comparison is accurate for me; young, still growing and will get a bit of bulk over the next 3 years or so. Still early days but you can understand the hype.
  10. I think he needs to go on loan. Really wanted him to succeed but his attitude seems a bit weird. He can’t play the hold up striker as has been mentioned before, and usually I’d say we should play to his strengths to get the best out of him, but blanking Gordon is just unacceptable
  11. Prize money? We would have a trophy that attracts better players, especially with European football. Which should help us improve, and finish higher up the following season. im shocked by your shortsightedness regarding this competition
  12. Going through several tests myself at the moment, so it’s all fresh in my head, but he doesn’t fit ADHD. I think he’s bipolar
  13. For the love of all that is holy, evil, anything. Move the fuck on
  14. It’s not a question of smart. I genuinely think he has a mental disorder of some form, but has made it so far on raw ability (height aside)
  15. It was his confidence and the fear he inspired that I liked most. I thought he’d get a kicking and back down, but he didn’t. He’s not 100% match fit but he didn’t need to be with Doucoure, Allan and especially Coleman covering for him. Apart from fitness, you’d never know he’d been a sideline player for a long period. all that said, I do remember saying and thinking the same about Gomes (that’s not a dig at the player). Difference is that this time, James has an actual team around him
  16. I saw how we played and how they played the opening game. If Richie gets his heads up and shooting boots on, they could be destroyed (although I expect they’ll be very defensive which could prove an issue)
  17. Iwobi and Bolasie + some cash/Walcott so their wages aren’t too intimidating. Save on wages, get a winger who I don’t rate but we all have to compromise
  18. If it comes to goal difference, pretty sure it comes down to who scored the most. Could be wrong though.
  19. Our team from last season should walk all over then. But this is a cup. Kean starting, Walcott and Bernard with Siggy. Back 4 the same except back FB starting. The rest of the starters should be on the bench
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