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  1. Passed the 30k global deaths apparently, 670k reported cases, gods know how many actual cases there are. Could be millions. I don’t see our lockdown ending at the end of April even though Switzerland has reacted well. Can’t see this not being top of the news for the next 4 months to be honest.
  2. I have experienced both sides. My last job enforced no WFH which created nothing but stress for me, but I loved that job largely because of the people, so i completely understand that part. Commute aside which was a bitch. The job before that allowed for 2 days at home per week and was a 5min drive, but the company/department was so poorly managed that regardless of whether I was in the office or not, I ended up hating the job (although the team were great). There’s many examples of specific scenarios, but overall WFH is way more beneficial for a company from my experience
  3. I meant more mechanical automation, AI isn’t something I know a lot about or pretend to understand. But the principle is the same; expertise won’t necessarily be with the people doing the current work, but it will create more possibilities than it takes away. It’s been true of most technological advances over the long term. I guess I over-generalized a bit, but back to remote working; from my experience and knowledge it is a positive thing. It all depends on how the local governments develop the growth. Considering the UK has gone for a “me first” approach, I don’t see them letting companies outsource as much out of the country and will encourage companies to keep the jobs in-house (so to speak). Business will save massively on things like rent, taxes, some benefits (I know companies who help with public transport for example), travel expenses... there’s more money to be made and saved than making very expensive and potentially risky outsourcing transitions It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the government didnt do any of this to encourage businesses to do this though. Sorry for rambling, got a 5 year old climbing all over me asking to play...
  4. I didn’t say it created for those it put out of work. I said it creates new jobs for others.
  5. Outsourcing has been on the rise for years, decades even, and businesses have been balancing that out between abroad (e.g. banks outsourcing call centers to India, then bringing them back) and keeping things in the local economy. This won’t change things for the worse, it will make things better, although the roles might change which will make things better for some whilst others might suffer. Automation is another good example of moving jobs from one job type to creating others.
  6. If that’s true, I can see China getting a lot of bills from the rest of the world looking for compensation
  7. At least there’s a clear definition behind “virus means virus”! I guess “strong and stable” would’ve just become more inappropriate and ironic...
  8. She might’ve said she’d put it first, but would’ve dilly-dallied just as long whilst surrounding herself with incompetents rather than exceptionalists. The message that we can do it better than anyone was sent out years ago with the referendum. I think Boris was using the “keep calm and carry on” approach to buy time because it was the only tool he had available. He fucked up just as pretty much any politician would’ve considering the mess the Tory’s have created over a decade.
  9. Ardbeg is amazing stuff. Lagavulin still my favourite though
  10. I don’t think she, or anyone else would, for reasons I’ve mentioned earlier. Curious why you think she would though?
  11. I fear it’s the same for me and I’m only turning 37 this year!
  12. Shows how much damage politicians (locally and globally) and Brexit has done to the population when there’s still such a divide in a time where the country and world needs to come together. Very sad.
  13. Depending on which month it was for most of them, they’ve been all over the spectrum...
  14. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52063916 A bit of good news to share.
  15. See above. And no, I don’t trust him in the slightest
  16. I usually agree with you, but half of not most of them have been part of the problem over the past decade. Boris tried the old “tea and biscuits got us through the war” approach which was fucking stupid, but with what he had to work with, I’m not sure what else he was supposed to do (apart from learn from others but how many of the politicians actually do that?)
  17. Trouble is we’ve not had anyone capable in a decade, anywhere across the parties. I mostly agree, except so say that even someone competent couldn't do much of a better job simply due to the shitstorm of the last 10 years
  18. I’d have Yak every time but otherwise I’d agree with that. Or Drop Distin for Saha
  19. My bad, misread. You just have to wait it out then?
  20. Glad you got an answer, although it’s weird to be thankful for bronchitis!
  21. EasyJet have cancelled our Easter flights, the first time in 10 years I won’t be home for the holiday.
  22. How has the flooding effected you? Another scare in our household but turns out my daughter “only” has strep throat yet again. So she’s on antibiotics for the 3rd time in 4 months. Not slowed her down or affected her in anyway mind you
  23. Aaaaah, this explains the prediction. Sneaky bastard!
  24. Pretty sure the BBC announced he had been cleared. I, after a few scary days, simply have a stinking cold. Still not pleasant like!
  25. Yeah, and i like him, but he’s done it for one season. This is the last position we need to look at for a starter.
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