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  1. Media explaining facts as they want them communicated. The BBC is anything but neutral and increasingly a blog site rather than an actual source of reliable information. Unfortunately, despite searching, I’ve not really found a better alternative
  2. Well, they initially named 2 key signings; Gomes and Zouma. Gomes signed, Chelsea changed the management structure which looks like it killed the Zouma deal. One was sorted out quickly and cheaply, the other was taken out of our hands. So far as I remember, no one else was identified by name. There’s still weeks to go until the window closes and the season begins. I really struggle to understand your stress
  3. I’m in the middle of 1984, so my immediate reaction is this is nothing more than a platform trying to polarise people. Comment sections are cesspits of humanity.
  4. I refuse to look mate, sorry. Comments sections on the web are so depressing...
  5. Hudson Odoi on the verge of a £180k contract. Seems they rate him a little...
  6. Dumb and Dumber becomes reality. I knew I should’ve put a bet on that when the racist Wotsit took charge...
  7. SSN disagrees though: 12:08 CITY IN £16M TALKS FOR 'NEW MESSI' Sky Sports News understands Manchester City are in talks with Velez Sarsfield about Thiago Almada, the 18 year-old Argentinian already being dubbed ‘the new Messi.’ City have identified the midfielder as an emerging talent and he is understood to have a release clause of around £16m.
  8. To be fair I’ve not seen much of Jesus, but when I have he was a handful. But it also proves my point that the striker definition requires to improve on DCL is just so difficult to find in this league so we’d have to gamble.
  9. Matt

    Been a fan....

    Welcome to the forum
  10. I didn’t see any thing either, although the site is one of the worst I’ve ever seen it so might’ve just missed it
  11. We need to get you to learn how to post links
  12. Happy for him. He’s not been given a chance, and whilst I think he’s overrated by some and played in the wrong position, I’ll happily let him go. Disappointed with with how we’ve handled the whole thing to be honest.
  13. Thought of one id go for, and thatd be G Jesus from City. Otherwise...
  14. My basic approach to the striker conundrum is this; if there’s an improvement on DCL, who’s gonna bag goals, hustle defenders, create space and get assists, whilst being less than £50m (sickens me to talk about that money, but it’s the market we live in), then great. Not just for the team but also for the lad to learn from. Trouble is, even assuming money is no issue, who is there proven in the league who can do that who would come to us? Basically, no one. Not one - that description is for the likes of Aguero. So then we have to gamble on a player from another league; here, I’m out of touch. They will be very expensive (probably, although I’m not really worried about money as much as I was 5 years ago), if they flop the team suffers (plus financial losses, but see previous point in brackets) and there’s no guarantee that the player we bring in will be good for the team overall. Basically it’s a gamble vs investment. This is the time to invest, but faith investment. Rashford didn’t look any good to start with, Kane... I’d take both of them despite never initially rating them. Yet they’re so important to their teams. Anyone thinking that this next season is anything but a continued effort to build, securing the foundations laid after the clusterfuck of the previous 3-4 years is deluded; last season was plugging holes in a battered ship to survive. Now that we have done that, it’s time to steady things (more outs than in), and then we can build/expect for better. Change takes time and when you have the damage caused by Koeman and the precious debacle, it takes a lot of time. Much more than a season and 3 windows, after what we’ve suffered through.
  15. He’d have been on (relative) buttons, and has done very well by all accounts. You do confuse me with your your... flexible approach to things
  16. Because it wasn’t just him alone, which is why I get Romeys point even if I very much disagree
  17. Thought that one was cancelled?
  18. The reason for asking is because of this reoccurring age and sell on value nonsense. Plus, you never know. He might be happy with the fortune he’s made and fancy being the star player somewhere.
  19. Completely out of the blue, and largely unrealistic, but would anyone go for Bale since he’s being forced out of Real? Just curious
  20. I’m so jealous that you get to experience that show without knowing what’s in store.
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