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  1. Best of luck man. I got given the “wrong” antibiotics which turned my already chronic insomnia up to 11. Lost 8kg in 10 days, more than 10% of my body mass. Only just getting the weight back 10 weeks later.
  2. That is completely horrific
  3. Of course we will suffer from it, it’s been blatant and it’s scared the crap out of me since the FF deal.
  4. Then the report system better be as good as we hope! Otherwise we’ll have to go on seniority and I’m not a fan of that option...
  5. I can’t see that so would love read the source material.
  6. Are the mods allowed to put people on ignore like the rest? I think we should all be given 3 personally and let the report system do it’s work
  7. The arguments are annoying but it’s part of “debate”. If we see them getting personal again, the posts will start being deleted again and bans will start coming out.
  8. We don’t attract them, it’s quite the contrary.
  9. Fantastic news! Congratulations
  10. Exactly this. Plus, I’m not worried about a season competing in Europe as well as the domestics. Previously we’ve suffered because of inexperienced managers, now we have someone who’s done this for decades and the impact of that cannot be underestimated
  11. I’d drape myself with him.
  12. Antihistamines, anti anxiety pills, sleeping pills combined might mean I come up with more bollocks than usual
  13. I’ll have a go... At least here, we have no predisposition in belief that since a player is English, he’s better. No doubt that there’s a premium on transfers between English teams, because the media benefits as do many.
  14. Don’t think he means that and still don’t know how to respond properly!
  15. The pendulum is swinging. I was hoping it was slowing down but it’s magnetic poles countering each other at the moment, and the people being focused on an extreme / a team, rather than reason and actual debate
  16. I know what you mean, it’s not bias. Not sure what the word is
  17. Fucking context and basic understanding of language required here
  18. But you do have a bias against the English players. He has arrogance, but unless it works out it’s a negative. He’s still one of the top 10 in the world
  19. And that’s the reason why he’ll win again. Kinetic energy.
  20. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/everton-starlet-moise-kean-on-real-madrid-striker-shortlist
  21. To be honest, it’s a pointless discussion. Somehow he’ll get a second term. He’s just blown up a graveyard, he’s been acquitted because witnesses and testimonies were actively refused. He is above the law and laughs at it. Sanders is the best worst choice for a candidate because he’s a swing in the opposite direction, and good on him. But people have already shown how they react to swings in opinion and approaches; Sanders would just make a CW2 more likely.
  22. Unless you have a bug to bear about their behaviour
  23. The idea would be to bypass their midfield completely, or at least gave them so far sat back that they’re just nonexistent
  24. I’d like to see us go full on pace; Coleman Keane Mina Digne Sidibe Holgate Bernard Kean DCL Richarlison
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