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  1. Fair enough. I’ve always been advised by doctors and friends who are doctors who’ve told me to do it for the greater good. Maybe it’s a culture thing, especially considering the health and pharma systems in the US
  2. But by getting the jab, you’re limiting the spread of the current strain. All viruses mutate. I’d bet good money that vaccinations are adjusted over time it’s just that the flu is very adaptive vs say measles. I don’t get it either for the record but I see why people do. whilst I don’t like big pharma, I don’t believe the conspiracy exists in general.
  3. Online gaming is a cesspool of racism. I played World of Tanks a lot and the ingame chat got so bad, the company stopped cross team chat to reduce the abuse, although all that meant was that the angry players would through around the insults to their own teammates. Its not just a matter of intelligence, the online world gives an anonymity and thus freedom from accountability which just sets the stage for any form of abuse. Reporting players, in WoT at least is pointless, as the automated function does sod all, and even video evidence submitted by a manual ticket to complain usually gets a copy paste reply from the “customer service” support line.
  4. Herd immunity? It’s not about protecting you, it’s about protecting others that might not have a strong enough immune system
  5. By recent logic, I really can. Just wish it’d be the two
  6. I want to green that but I cannot. The “United” personified by no one; irony complete
  7. I want to rant about many things, but to keep it “light” (you’ll understand the quotation marks if you watch this), the abuse and ignorance of language is a huge source of anger and frustration. For me, this is only the tip of the iceburg https://youtu.be/o25I2fzFGoY
  8. Everton 1-1 Sheffield United Richarlison
  9. I do mate. It’s just something that always gets me annoyed.
  10. Comparisons are not always help, especially in the case of a developing young player. Can we not just let him be himself without pitting him against some of the best of the last 30 years?
  11. Can’t find the ladies thread so putting it here. First is quite good, second is sublime https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/49707874
  12. He should’ve been given a chance at half time today
  13. Fuck me, he’s not ready because a couple of sub appearances when we’re losing or playing shit and he’s thrown into the frying pan?!
  14. Sometimes wingers have to track back. He had absolutely no reason to take the lad out. He could’ve just kept chasing into the corner. Without that tackle, they don’t get a free kick, Delph doesn’t fuck up a defending 101 clearance And what attacking? Bar that great shot I didn’t really notice him. honestly, apart from Pickford and Iwobi, I can’t think of another player who was better than poor.
  15. Maybe Iwobi? Not sure anyone deserves a vote to be honest.
  16. Gave away a stupid free kick which they scored from. Miscontroled the ball which allowed them to pass straight forward and score. Not single handedly responsible but his mistakes started their chances. 1 great shot and a poor header doesn’t really constitute a good game for me.
  17. I think he has and was lucky not to get a red. Not been as bad as Richarlison though. Bar one good strike he’s been responsible for 2 of their goals. The lad needs taking out of the spotlight for a bit
  18. Closing down because the rest of the team went missing?
  19. Clearly not an argument. I explained why I think he’s been bad. The fact that Schneiderlin has been the basis of our defence in the midfield speaks volumes. Even if you don’t agree with that, you must surely see he’s messed up massively for their second?
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