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  1. In place of who though? Really don’t see the need
  2. “Carlo Ancelotti eased fears after the game by stating the Brazilian should be fit to face Tottenham in five days time.”
  3. Don’t rely on anything this site posts. Growing up it was something to be trusted but it’s become a Fox News for the left when I get to a computer I’ll explain why I’m scared by opportunistic
  4. Don’t know why a country being proud of emerging talent is such a big deal for you Mark, every club and country does it!
  5. Not long ago he was the second coming, now he’s average? Personally think he’s an 8/10 up until now, especially considering all the other responsibilities he’s taken on in such a short period. Got a feeling he’ll be here for 10 years+ and will only help to improve the club
  6. Maybe they’re banking on Villa going down!
  7. Didn’t realise it was possible to sponsor 2 teams in the same league
  8. It’s embarrassing I’m that people don’t clean up after themselves
  9. He’s got Ossie syndrome. He’ll be and become even more an integral squad player. But he’ll never be first choice.
  10. Not even close. No hoofing, no negative play. There’s a huge difference between parking the bus and being well structured
  11. I’ve got a feeling that the UNESCO part of the new contractors took priority so as not to risk planning permission
  12. It’s disappointing to see him say those things but I completely understand his disappointment. Clearer?
  13. Where did I say I’m fine with it? I understand his disappointment, that’s about all I’ve said
  14. I assume because he got really attached to the club as well as the project, and now he’s been dropped. I don’t blame him at all. although it’s not Everton that made the decision, still think we should’ve done something
  15. Honestly quite bored with the sport in general!
  16. Thought he was predominantly RB? Only ever seen him there. But that’s not the point, we need someone competent at LB to step in for and challenge Digne and there’s no one if Baines leaves. edit: a general warning to everyone; don’t even think about saying Delph
  17. That’s my worry too Dunc. With Garbutt (Less of an issue) and Baines potentially not signing, we have no 2nd LB
  18. Better hope that Baines does sign that 12 month extension, or a LB will become a priority this summer
  19. Neymar deal certainly contributed but so did the crazy TV deals which meant that English clubs could be fleeced
  20. Think you need to see the joke and know that controlling possession does not equal out playing (that’s negating the oppositions tactics in my books at least)
  21. Didn’t realise the game was that exciting! also, since shooting means opportunity to score and we prevented that, I’d say that’s out playing them.
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