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  1. I think I mentioned it before but keeping him is essential so I’d throw money at him with a specific clause in his contract for the January window if we fail to live up to expectations
  2. Just that it showed a nasty side (not the first time either) Dunno really, just wondered
  3. I wonder if his suspension might affect any transfers.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-47884273 yet another Tory MP lining his own pockets. I’m sure there was another story the other day of a different Tory MP only paying a £1500 fine for fiddling expense claims...
  5. If you’re in the same bracket as China and Russian for anything rights related, you know it’s bad
  6. Very jealous! Need to see when I can book a babysitter for but probably won’t be for 2 weeks
  7. Well, no because that would be life or death. That’s Pete defending his Gana stanse level of irrelevant
  8. Can y’all keep the GoT talk in the GoT thread which I’ve got on ignore please. Don’t want any spoilers!
  9. Shorter honeymoon than I expected! Only won 3 since beginning of March, losing 7 and going out of 2 competitions.
  10. You’re right, it’s not debatable because he scored. Had he not, then I’d be 100% with you. But he did.
  11. The ball hit the back of the net. It was a certain goal.
  12. Judging by the Chelsea game it might be necessary
  13. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all, but Holts “emotional outbursts” just crack me up.
  14. As individuals? Not a chance.
  15. Koeman basically came in and tried to rid the team of as many of Martinez’s contributions as possible (I still think that was an instruction from Moshiri though, to make his mark). Gerard was one of those players who was instantly ignored along with a list of others.
  16. To be updated. Sorry it’s a bit rough, trying to do it on my phone in the Welsh hills
  17. Glad I didn’t change my prediction in the end!
  18. Don’t doubt that Koeman played a small part but at the end of the day, it was predominantly Barca that took him away looking to make a profit.
  19. Wasn’t it Barca who triggered a clause in his contract that he had to respect anyway, rather than any disagreements? Pretty sure we had a weird deal that after 1 year they had a price to buy him back, after 2 another price etc, and that’s how we got him for buttons.
  20. I think he could do a job further back, maybe replace Gomes during his suspension?
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