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  1. Yes it could indeed be changed to this, however this would eliminate the line: Hibbert 'The Pass' which for me is the integral part of the comedy element for the song as it highlights the fact that Tony H does in fact have the touch of a complete rapist!
  2. Nicked and re-mastered from Kipper: To the tune of Follow Follow Follow woooOwoooOwoooO, We got the best defence in the world, we got Bainsy and Nuno, Jaggers and J Lo, Hibbert 'The Pass' and Yobo ooooooooo
  3. djlduffy

    Sum Up The Season In 5 Words

    Neil Pointon ...........Neil Pointon whooooooooooooo!!
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    Thanks Ian, its been too long! Just got my internet connected again. I love you ToffeeTalk !
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    Dunno about man of the match but definitly played well!! Hopefully after a run of matches he can prove a useful addition to the team
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    Probably the man of the match for me in the World Cup Final. And to think he once wore the blue and white.
  7. djlduffy

    Brian Labone

    RIP Brian
  8. djlduffy

    Why Oh Why

    Hope he doesn't have to have a 'blinder'
  9. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/index.php?page_id=8856
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    Bye Bye Marcus..

    Hope its not Trundle. Too fat and definitly not up to Premiership quality. His show-boating is class but he wouldn't get away with it in the PL. Gimme Jimmy Flloyd Hasslebank please.
  12. Don't mean to sound funny but a clear out? Our squad is so threadbare at the moment we can't afford to let anyone else go! I just hope Moyes has something up his sleave cos any more injurys to us between now and May could prove disastrous!!
  13. Yeah 2.5 mil for bent and 3.5 for Koldrup to Shulke should add to the kitty, just hope we fooking sign someone before the window shuts!!
  14. http://www.sportnetwork.net/main/s481/st88819.htm And http://www.evertonfc.com/news/index.php?page_id=8809
  15. djlduffy

    Ive Just Noticed Something

    Well i just heard we got 2.5 big ones for Bent, how could i possibly be negative after hearing this!