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  1. lets hope would be good to get another one over the line
  2. hope we have a plan B like we did with Tierney...
  3. Mitchy im unsure of, Loftus would be a good addition but isn'tt he another number 10?
  4. he isn'tt saying it will cost lost just better value for money ie Tierney not worth 25 mill but Malcom is worth 35 mill.
  5. more like Bolasie, Miralles etc
  6. man bet that is a bit of a bummer for you
  7. as stated So, Joe Bryan, we’re not signing him are we?
  8. think is Klaassen goes he will come net net square.
  9. i don't think this is as bad as people are making out, he is an upgrade on our defense - left sided centre back and a more typical style defender is what we need - think is an upgrade on our aging defence - hopefully with a point to prove and on loan so if it doenst work like some of our expensive flops we are rid come summer. lets give him a chance and see how we go.
  10. Bryan looks to be a decent prospect and probably someone that could come in now and do a job for us, I do think we need to get rid of some of the dead wood and use this window to ship out some of the big hitters that the gamble didn't pay off on. I also agree with the Sam view I would make that cut now and bring in someone like Silva who was our first choice and give him the 6 months to work with what he has and hit the ground running in the new season. We can all see and we all know Sam was a stop gap and wont see next season lets stop kidding everyone and start the overhaul now.
  11. agree he is getting a good run now cant see it either but would be a good addition and would mean the end of Baines though.
  12. I still think he will come and will help alter our style of play and at least be more creative! I like him he scored 20 goals last season so will certainly come in and add something aslong as he stays fit.
  13. id go with Aidan's team too Pickford Kenny Holgate Williams Martina Morgan McCarthy Bolasi Rooney Lennon DCL
  14. he has shafted us, could have left in the summer said no we continued to pay him his wage and treat him, he is now fit and is off for 20 million less than we got offered in the summer - people where annoyed when Rooney left and we where in a worse state as a club then on and off the field and we got decent money for him - he must know what reaction he will get.
  15. more chance of Schurrle off Dortmund he isnt getting a look in there would love to see him here
  16. Walcott looks to be available would take him in a heart beat - good wide man and option up top too.
  17. would be an upgrade throw in Garbutt as part of any deal given he doesnt look like he has a career with us.
  18. no brainer this one with Williams and Jags not getting any younger this is a growing area of concern.
  19. i would take him - we could probably offload a fringe player or 2 the other way aswell.
  20. i agree we are overloaded with midfielders and do not have any natural wide options that will actually run at you (Bolasie lets see how he returns, Lennon yes - functional but limited, Mirallas needs to go, Vlasic/lookman need to go on loan) and shift out some of the central fringe players to make room Besic etc. I would like to keep Klaasen as i think long term he can do what Rooney is doing for us.
  21. lets hope and move on to our next target!
  22. scouse


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