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  1. Good!!! About time it all changed, we havnt won anything for years for a reason. I dont want the club to lose its soul (so to speak) but we have needed a ruthless manager for years. This was always a year to set the foundation, 7th maybe 6th up for grabs and really push on next year. so if things are going to change it needs to be this year. better players attract better players and bring the best out of other players on the pitch and in training. this is all positive.
  2. We tried to sign him in the summer on deadline day. wouldn't be surprised to see him here.
  3. AC Milan agreed a deal with Watford for £13.5m. Quite a step down if true.
  4. Apprantly PSG have had a 25m bid (euros) plus bonuses turned down.
  5. I cant see this happening at all, even on a free. Koeman seems to be trusted the youngsters more and Ivanovic is no better cover than Jags.
  6. Agree, hopefully we can but a bit of breathing space doesnt hurt. I think it could help tbh, refocus and recharge. Give Schneiderlin time to get fit too. Hopefully Koeman can keep the momentum going.
  7. Even a loan deal to get him off the wage bill would probably be a bonus. Great player for us, will be missed but time to move on.
  8. So am i but if 7th is what gets us Europe and makes people take us serious agian then a gap between us and the teams below us would be nice.
  9. I think so but it was for AC Milan so cant really hold it against him.
  10. A win would put us 11 points ahead of Stoke, WBA go to Middlesborough and West Ham play City so a win could potentially put some good distance between us and the teams below.
  11. It was Real Sociedad, which made his decision to go even more strange for me. Anyway im sure a Jags/Moyes reunion would suit both parties at this point.
  12. I think we will have one more in this week, then a last min dash on TDD. I wouldnt be surprised for movement once Geri's transfer fully goes through. 3 off the wage bill this week.
  13. Different times now though, he has peanuts to spend in todays market. I think he should have jumped at the Celtic job when it was available, few easy years in the Scottish league, win some trophies etc and play in the Champs League. His worst move was going to Spain after UTD. I hope he keeps them up and i think Jagielka may offer some stability to Sunderlands defence, no longer good enough for us but he may be the difference between a loss and a point for them.
  14. Be interesting to see how he does. Been benched for pretty much 2 seasons. Good buy for Bournemouth, i think he's missed his opp for a top club.
  15. Surprised Osman turned it down, ha yeh he probably is. Feel sorry for him a little bit, i dont think he's in the Job that was sold to him tbh.
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