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  1. We got this one..... 2. 1 to us
  2. KillaGTiR


    Welcome to the Forum
  3. Yes its good seeing Martinez getting the job done nice and early and not leaving it to the 11.00th hour of the last day
  4. Destroid The Invasion begins They put out some great music if ur into this type of stuff.
  5. Hey guys just letting u know im back in town been away for ages!!!! Been flat out working and didnt have the internet for a while Anyway i c someone toook me off the admin team :shaking fist: Anyway i hope all are well..... SO what have we all been up to after all these years???
  6. Not alot just working away doing 26/9 I see someone has removed me from the Admin team :shaking fist:
  7. I would take him back. doesn't his contract run out soon?? end of this coming season??
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