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  1. Sunderland (Away) Wed May 11

    Made a few quid betting that we'd lose 3-0. Wish I hadn't like but the only doubt I had was if it'd be 4 or 5. That's what NSNO means these days apparently ?
  2. Manchester United (FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley) Sat April 23

    Really don't know why Clev's getting slated. Missed a couple of chances but at least he gave his all. Ross on the other hand jogged around & did fuck all!
  3. Manchester United (FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley) Sat April 23

    Ross has forgotten how to play football.
  4. Liverpool (Away) Wed April 20

    Did we touch the ball second half? All I could hear was Ole from the shite!
  5. Liverpool (Away) Wed April 20

    Absolute disgrace
  6. Liverpool (Away) Wed April 20

  7. Chris Eagles

    ....Beggars cant be choosers unfortunately boys!
  8. Brentford (Away)

    Just got back from work to check how many we had won by....
  9. Man Of The Match V United

    T-How for me. Redemption.
  10. Man Utd (H)

    Fuckin unbelievable!!!! COYB's
  11. Man Utd (H)

    Distin?????????what the fuck?
  12. Man Utd (H)

    & Billy for oz
  13. Man Utd (H)

    Heitinga for Becks & drop felli in deep pls!
  14. Man Utd (H)