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  1. Bailey


    I needed a good laugh, thanks Pete0.
  2. Bailey

    Oumar Niasse

    I think its a great signing for them.
  3. Bailey


    Just to add an extra cherry on top of the fucked up British political system cake, despite rightly bitching and moaning about not being involved when May does finally offer the chance of negotiating both Corbyn and Cable put down a pre-condition to any dialogue. May can now just say that she tried, speak to the smaller party leaders and probably come back with more or less the same deal on Monday. They are all a bunch of time wasters.
  4. Bailey

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Half and half. For me its not so much up the field, its when he pulls wide to double team. Pressing forward when the team are in shape is fine but pressing wide and trying to double team a player means there is someone free and its usually through the middle. You just have to weigh up whether winning the ball back is a greater risk than leaving someone else free. Im not sure Gana does weigh that decision up but I think managers do.
  5. Bailey

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    I've not seen anything of them under the new manager. Does anyone know if they are any good now? Results are so so.
  6. Bailey

    Jordan Pickford

    If that is aimed at me, I couldn't give a shit about what he does for England!
  7. Bailey

    Jordan Pickford

    I don't know who fucked up, I cant remember. Either way I expect they both probably held each other responsible.
  8. Bailey

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Yeh I agree he was a bit petulant but none of the challenges were actually that bad. He was booked for nothing, and there wasnt much in the grab but on another day it could have been a penalty and a sending off so I understand your point. I thought he was massive for us at the weekend. He was the one that eventually got hold of the game after that half hour and set us forward. Anyone else and we would have probably lost the game. I dont disagree with the reasoning behind the last bit .
  9. Bailey

    Jordan Pickford

    Well I doubt it was a dispute over what to have for dinner...
  10. Bailey

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Why would you drop Gomes? He was class at the weekend. Personally I would start the same 11 with the only possible change being Coleman/Kenny.
  11. Bailey

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    We already need a player for his role so if he goes we need 2!
  12. Bailey

    Jordan Pickford

    I would be more concerned if they weren't shouting at each other when one of them fucked up. This isn'tt the U11's.
  13. Bailey

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Southampton 1 - 1 Everton Richarlison
  14. No idea how Spurs didnt win that comfortably. So many chances but really poor finishing.