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  1. Him and Schneiderlin did really well, Delph just struggled to play many passes to where they should have gone. Some of them made it but ended in a tackle straight away and his long balls couldn't have been far from a 50% completion rate. The way the two of them dovetailed, got stuck in and covered the ground was as good as I have seen under Ancellotti. Shame Delph did what he did at the end!
  2. Probably true! πŸ˜‚ More points than Benitez had at this stage last season as well. Who would have thought!
  3. I didn't think either of him or Mina played well. They had so little to do and they both could have cost us. They both played passes that put us under pressure. Holgate was rolled easily that would have led to a good chance if it weren't for Sidibe, he was caught too far ahead of the near post for the Joelinton header (same with Haller header last week) and Lord only knows why he didn't challenge for that header at the end of the game to win it for us. That was far from good enough in my opinion. He is better than that (which he showed in the mid point of the game).
  4. He bailed out Holgate twice and Mina once in that first half. We would have had at least two clear cut chances against us without him and that's why I thought he was important first half. Second half he was crap so I'd agree with you on that.
  5. I agree with your points to an extent but the free kick was 50 yards out and in the middle of the pitch. It's an abomination to not be able to see out that free kick and for a centre half to not even try and win the header is just mind blowing for me. I can't forgive that irrespective of how they ended up in that position.
  6. Don't know what your talking about Dunc... he came from Man City, great character, played about 4 games in 2 years, he’s a winner, and that's what winners do!
  7. Could have been either one of Bernard or Kean. Sidibe deal well first half too. Schneiderlin solid throughout as well.
  8. I don't necessarily agree with the type of subs made. I have moaned about very similar subs before (Sidibe right mid, Davies left) but to some extent I can understand the two players going off. Kean had run his arse off and Bernard looked as if his effect was wearing off. The sports scientists know when these guys are reaching the end of their teathers. The problem is that we sat back and invited pressure, however in saying that, they still weren't troubling us but we weren't having any joy in keeping the ball and relieving the pressure to see the game out rather than defending to see the game out. It should have been Gordon on as either first or second sub. It should have then probably been Tosun rather than letting him leave and bringing Niasse on. Walcott was doing well up top and he would have been able to conserve more energy there, so he might not have needed to come off so soon. It looked a matter of time until we got the 3rd at that point. When he went off we offered no threat so I don't know why we had to change the way we were playing. Having said all of that, the goals were two set pieces and Zoo is right that it was some absolute naivety and unfortunately it was mainly Holgate's naivety. His reaction for the clearance into the stands was that of a man who thought the job was done. The header comment is probably harsh but the it's the free kick that gets me the most. He is more interested in bumping his man than he is in winning the header and winning the game. It's massive complacency. He had made a few naive error early but he grew into the game but to do that at the end is just ridiculous. Davies doesn't help either because he just doesn't more or react to do the same, win the game, but the actions of Holgate are to fuck around rather than doing what he is on the pitch to do. Turns out Bruce is a genius!
  9. Davies and Holgate fast asleep at the back post. What the hell are they doing!?
  10. All alone in the middle... shame to concede after the performance. Great finish though!
  11. We actually do. Shouldn't get carried away given the opposition but everyone has played their part tonight. Given how much stick the central midfielders have been given, this is probably the midfield performance of the season.
  12. Some odd subs from Bruce. Anyone would think they were the team winning.
  13. He has been, one of his best for a long time. Great play from DCL there, very unlucky.
  14. Great game from Kean, nice to see the players reaction to him as well. I guess that means Walcott forward.
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