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  1. Bailey

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I think the fact that we are struggling to offload some of the fringe players suggests how badly we have recruited in the last 2 years. High fees, high wages abd players who havent performed. Hopefully as teams get more desperate and the reality for some players set in (that they will spend the season on the bench at best), they will be able to be moved on.
  2. Bailey

    Luke Shaw

    My memory of him at Soton was that he wasnt the best defender. It was a while ago though and he just doesnt seem the same player again. @barryj personally I would rather play football on a decent wage still with a decent sign on fee than sit on the bench (if he is lucky) for another year, probably end up on lower wages but with a bigger sign on fee. There is something wrong with a professional footballer that doesnt want to play football.
  3. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    Or Courtois?
  4. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    Wow wtf was that from Lloris? Incredible mistake in a WC bit luckily for him it wont effect the result.
  5. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    Either Subasic is still injured or he has been given the same brown envelope the ref has.
  6. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    And now a penalty kick has been given using VAR for a handball when it was clearly ball to hand. Fucking farce of a game.
  7. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    Dive leads to a free kick goal for France. VAR anyone?
  8. Bailey

    General Election

    Lets not act like its just Tories. Plenty of twats across all spectrums of politicians and people generally. Jared O'Mara and Ken Livingstone spring to mind immediately!
  9. Bailey

    Luke Shaw

    I think Barkley loves playing football. I imagine him being the kid that was down the park passing the ball back off a fence or trying to hit the post all on his own. Baines has said before that he isnt really a big fan but it shows you can still be very professional unlike Shaw.
  10. Bailey

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    We will sign players but I think it just increases the likelihood that it wont be many, or as many as we may have hoped.
  11. Bailey

    Michael Keane

    I have read half a dozen articles and I havent seen comments about fitness only sessions. Hard and high intensity training sessions yes (confirmed by Davies), but not pure fitness work. Lambert mentioned doing horse shoes before starting the real training (and also claimed it broke him) and Walker has said the training would break older players but I haven't read anything about fitness only work during the season (yet). I have seen one article from Poch around X-mas saying that it was down to the fitness and conditioning coaches to maintain their levels from thereon in but again there was no description of what it was. Either way that is one coach, who at last count hasnt won anything recently, and one whose teams have faded at the business end of the season. Its widely regarded as not being the norm given the amount of articles on it. I said it sounded like madness and it would seem that his players and at least 1 actual fitness coach agrees.
  12. Bailey


    I expect them to make changes like you say, a no deal to be threated, the EU to say go on then and for the Govt to either decide to stay in or ask for more time to negotiate.
  13. Bailey

    2018 World Cup

    Southgate has shown that they are all his go to guys when one of the starters isnt fit enough. I think the last two have been used quite a lot under Southgate throughout qualifying? If Kane wasnt fit then I dont see why Southgate would start him if he didnt want to win the game? It doesnt make any sense to me.
  14. Bailey

    Michael Keane

    First result 😃 https://metro.co.uk/2016/09/21/tottenham-boss-mauricio-pochettino-is-to-blame-for-harry-kanes-ankle-injury-says-raymond-verheijen-6142320/