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  1. Don't forget Chelsea have Hudson-Odoi to come back in and Giroud was scoring around the 20 a season mark for Arsenal. Pulisic could do be good or bad. Willian and Pedro will chip in but I doubt it will be double figures. The bottom line is that I would expect al 3 of their strikers to score more than our 3 strikers. Abraham has scored goals at this level for a relegation side, and then good numbers in the Championship, Giroud has it in the locker and Batshuayi will get into enough good positions to score goals and its whether he converts. They have a quality midfield too and Id imagine Loftus-Cheek will bag a few if he plays enough games. DCL is a worse goal scorer than Abraham. Tosun wont get more than 5 unless he plays 20 plus games and if Niasse plays we wont be able to keep hold of the ball enough to score the goals in the team even though he may score 5-10 himself. The real question is the Lampard factor, and whether he can bring the best out of those players, rather than the qualities of the individuals themselves.
  2. The chances missed stats dont tell you the whole story though. Im not sure what they quantify as a big either. For me a free shot on the edge of the box in the PL is a huge chance but I suspect that wont count whereas a shot in the 6 yard box with the defender inches away and easily getting the block in does. I think its hard to argue that anyone but Siggy, Richarlison and Digne pulled their weight in the goals / assists categories. Bernard was terrible when it came to the final ball or shot but he was instrumental in a lot of our build up, in a similar way that DCL was. I dont disagree that DCL holds his own against some strikers in the league, but he doesnt hold a candle to the quality of strikers that finished above us and thats the gap we need to close. Bernard gets the benefit of the doubt for another season given how he came into the side last year but DCL knows what this league is all about now and he has to score and create more.
  3. Holgate made mistakes though (as did others) and was only played at RB in the Championship. Its things like the goal in the African game that he does too regularly. Simple stupid errors. I do like him but I wouldnt want to trust him as a 3rd choice CB. If Mina or Keane got injured for a period of time then it would leave us very short. I would accept Holgate could be used as the 2nd choice RB and 4th choice CB but thats it.
  4. He has commented about the important of a 6 in the past and only Schneiderlin gets close to that IMO. The biggest obstacle though is Siggy. If he plays he will play as a 10 and he will play so I doubt we will see much change.
  5. He did win the Masters this year... I wish I was that washed up!
  6. I think Newcastle will be the obvious choice of last years teams to stay up, Brighton maybe depending on their new manager but I think the rest have enough about them to get over the line. As for the promoted sides, Id say Sheffield are probably the most likely to stay up because I think they are more solid. Norwich seemed to score and concede for fun and history tells us that scoring is much harder when you come up a division so if they keep shipping goals at the rate they were then they will struggle and confidence will go and then they will stop scoring loads too. I expect they will start the season well though. I didnt think much to Villa but they have also lost Abraham and the CB from City(?) And they wont be easy to replace. If anything happens to Grealish they are done as well. He controls the tempo of the game and if he plays well Villa play well so I think they have a lot of possible problems to overcome.
  7. So this is pre-leg break (which I understand). Wasnt sure if something happened afterwards that I didnt see.
  8. Solid as no better or worse than the other central midfielders that played on Sunday. Im sure they all want first team football too. Schneiderlin was 3rd/4th choice at one point too. I dont know what you mean by the 2nd paragraph if its in relation to his leg break. I fully accept that his time here is likely to be at an end, but Seamus has said he is back to his best, and any side that signs him and keeps him fit will have a good footballer in their ranks.
  9. I wish him a long and successful Everton career!
  10. Zinchenko came on leaps and bounds last season, especially when you consider he was a young winger. He seemed to be the back up early part of the season, playing in the cups but then as you say in the 2nd half of the season when they went on the long winning run he played most of the games. The consolation is that I am sure Delph hasnt been identified to play as a left back.
  11. I thought McCarthy looked pretty solid at the weekend. Better than I expected given we havent see him since the injury. I wouldnt rule him out completely yet.
  12. We defend more akin to a 442 in my opinion as both DCL and Siggy would start high up the pitch but as StevO said somewhere its all largely irrelevant. You have both mentioned players and their responsibilities but all I see is the natural differences in the players. If we look at Gana, Gomes and Morgan in those positions, Gana is the one more likely to naturally press, Gomes is more situational and Morgan is naturally suited to sitting a little more. In the same situation they are all expected to do the same thing, whether it be the left channel, right channel or straight down the middle. You cant have say Gana rushing out of position if Gomes is stuck upfield with no cover in midfield. Likewise you cant have Schneiderlin sitting if the rest of the side is pressing and his man is left in acres of space to play through the press.
  13. Just for some more shits and giggles whilst I am bored at lunch. Delph played 234 minutes in midfield last season in all comps. He had13 starts in all comps losing 5 of them, plus the FA Cup game against Swansea where he was subbed off at 2 nil down. The only top 6 game he started in the Premier League last season was against Chelsea where they lost. He did play a fair amount the season before to be fair to him including the big games. He has had a lot of injuries over the last 3 years and despite relatively few games he has been sent off in the last 2 seasons.
  14. Good solid run out. Dominated from start to finish but didnt really fashion many chances. I think Silva will be pretty happy with that.
  15. Some more quality this half from Bernard and Siggy but Hornby looks quite limited on this outing. Broadhead running out of steam too. Gibson, McCarthy and Adeniran have all done well.
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