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  1. The January comment is another massive generalisation. You can find players in January and they aren't always for more money that they are worth. You won't find as many as you can in the summer but it is not the case that you cannot buy good players for reasonable money in January. The gap in his legacy is working with average players. His reputation as a manager of big teams is sorted but there is a question mark over him with teams away from the very top. Napoli were challenging for the league under Sarri but finished 16 worse off the following season. His Napoli said were then a long way off the pace the following season when he was sacked, albeit with mitigating circumstances. I don't know for sure, but I imagine Carlo has mostly worked under a DoF throughout his career and therefore its not necessarily the case that he will bring in his own players here either. There is no guarantee that he will have any choice but to work with the players he has and improve them and then add to them gradually over time. I would be bitterly disappointed if we have signed one of the most decorated managers in the world to work with our tinpot squad if can only work with big names. It would be the most typical Everton anti-climax ever.
  2. Plus Southampton should have still won the second half as well, just not by as many as the first.
  3. Absolutely agree with you both. Neville has an article on the SSN app saying a very similar thing. The reason UEFA will keep trying with FFP is because it will attempt to maintain the elite.
  4. I can't speak for the USA but its a fairly common principle of UK law that matters are statute barred once a deadline has been passed. It might be a technicality but its a big technical point of most jurisdictions and further more its UEFA's own ruling! If anything it shows UEFA couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery however it doesn't mean that its the end of FFP, just that changes will need to be made. This particular ruling didnt find that City's funding method was fine, just that the evidence against them wasn't sufficient. It would be interesting to know what would have happened had certain evidence not been time barred.
  5. Beni could only get 1 game for Wigan last season so assuming he wasn't injured for the whole loan, I fear he might be!
  6. You did name Gomes though and he was a loan to buy. I don't see why it makes a difference. Well I have news for you Haf, we did get Ancelotti in to manage "Silva level" players. I get the point, but the reality is that its exactly what is happening. We had a chance to buy in January but didn't. We aren't going to ship out the whole starting 11 in this window. I am sure we would all like to see Ancelotti players but when the wheels fell off we would be on here saying the same things we are now. Overpaid, don't give a shit, mercenaries etc etc. As for FFP, I don't think it will go away, they will just do what they can to change the rules again to protect the elite. The only thing is this time they might make more enforceable rules. Palfy has already commented on the teams we played but I will also add that we had a bare bones of a squad playing at least 3 of those matches in 1 week. The biggest disappointment was the Arsenal game where Iwobi went off within 10 or so minutes and Richarlison had to play wide instead of up front. In the Utd match, even Digne got injured early in the first half. I'm certainly not saying everything was rosy under him but there was a big difference under him compared to what came before and what is coming now.
  7. No not exactly... Delph barely played centrally so there wouldnt have been a lot of tape on him but he was doing OK at LB on the whole. Its not like he would get anywhere near competing with the Man City midfield. A lot of people hailed him as the new Barry when he came. Walcott was about goals. He plays, he scores... well he did for Arsenal. Martina was purely for cover as he had played twice under Koeman. Niasse was up and coming at the time. A rough diamond. It turns out he was more a bit of a rough pebble but you take the risk. Not to mention he was signed under Martinez and he wasn't around long. He made big improvements in Lukaku and I can only presume that was also the plan with Niasse. I think that would be optimistic to say the least but I suspect it was the plan. He had a 1 in 3 goal scoring record too, which based on minutes, he also does here. The difference between all of them and the situation you are describing is that who will buy Pickford at the price we want? The teams that will pay the money don't need another keeper. The teams around us probably aren't going to look at Pickford and think there is enough difference to fork out £30+ million in exactly the same way they aren't going to pay the same money for Pope.
  8. I feel like you are falling into the trap of clichés. That might not quite be the right word but you make it sound black and white when its anything but. The other players you listed all had a point to prove. They had been bench warmers and need to prove themselves as starters. You quote Walcott or Iwobi but just look at Ox. For every example of one group of players there is another. Siggy wasn't a cast off. Pienaar, Saha, Neville, Howard were cast offs. Pickford was on the way up as well and we all know how you feel about him. Carlo has won plenty of trophies managing the best players with plenty of money and not scratching with a group of average joes. I fear these lot need an old school army sergeant more than a manager at the moment. I agree that means they arent the right player for the club but in the same breath a manager still has to inspire and improve the players. It is very much early days though and like I said, you cant really judge a manager with this midfield.
  9. Holgate would be the closest and by far but he is only a young lad plying his trade. He needs someone mentoring him for longer. Whether that is Coleman given his age remains to be seen. Richarlison might be one of the next ones on the list, but that would be a flip of the coin in that it could bring out the best in him or he will implode. I definitely wouldn't say Davies. Generally in football you see very few players that want to do the dirty work. From 5 a side on a Tuesday night to Sunday league and up to the elite leagues. Those are the guys you want leading the side because when everyone else is day dreaming they are the ones bringing the group back down to earth. When we talk about Holgate, I think back to the Newcastle game when all he had to do was head the ball clear and instead he tried blocking his man under the ball. That's why he in particular needs time.
  10. Good game that. Both sides look in good form. Clearly no-one told the Southampton players that they have nothing to play for and its only about trying out players and tactics. It looked as if they were trying to score, close down and make these ghastly things called tackles. Disgraceful.
  11. I know you haven't seen a lot of the games in the restart (luckily for you!) but somehow Keane has been our standout centre back. I would say there was a fairly sizeable gap too. In respect of your second post above, I would bloody hope there is a big bounce back against Villa. If you don't respond to your manager and captains comments like that, there is no hope!
  12. I had mused whether that is what would happen when Ancelotti arrived, and let's just say I muse no more!
  13. I think you are getting a bit carried away. Richarlison signed because of Silva and he is probably the hardest worker on the pitch with the most quality. Its not like Ancelotti is the only decent manager in the league either. The ambitious players you want, who want to play under a decent manager can still go to Spurs, City and Liverpool. The players that want to go to the bigger clubs or to play in Europe will have their choices of the rest. The next thing is which players for any club are like your 2nd paragraph. Most players these days need to be inspired by their manager or they have to fit in with the DNA of the club. Klopp, Pep, Rodgers are all very passionate managers. Arteta looks in that mould too but time will tell. Ole is building a side that play the Utd way. Wilder and Santo both have players that have spent 3 or 4 seasons with them and they each have their complete trust. These lot certainly aren't inspired by Ancelotti and my biggest worry at the time and even now is that the way he plays football isn't Everton. Its all great being a master tactician, especially when you have some of the best players in the world at your disposal, but this is Everton. We want graft, we want heart, we want direct football. We want teams on the back foot not through possession but through being aggressive and not giving teams an inch. I hope you are right but a few older and more cynical heads coming in. It feels like what we need. The problem with those types of players coming into this league for the first time is that they don't really fit. There aren't many real success stories that I can think of. Then you have the problem of moving them on, as they are likely to be on big wages. Would they fit the type who really want to play for Everton or the type that want one last pay day? I think people will end up very disappointed if they expect a lot from this summer, just as they were in January.
  14. Oh OK so your happy to speculate about buying players for other teams but not selling our players to other teams 😆 Given the form he is currently in you aren't going to get many suitors that will match our valuation of him. Only Chelsea need a keeper but I don't see them giving up on Kepa and I don't see Pickford going abroad.
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