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  1. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    From what I saw it wasn' pretty but a win is a win.
  2. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    Watched the last 10 mins. Cuco has looked confident, Siggy and Schneiderlin buzzing around and after some great play Rooney capitalises on a mistake from the keeper.
  3. Paco Alcacer

    That deserves a negative!
  4. Swansea City (Home) Monday December 18th

    He is a bit like that lad in the u12 side that only ever really got 20-30 minutes because he was crap in order to make him feel better about himself. When he had to play because the team were short of numbers everyone had to try and put their arm around him to make sure he came back next week otherwise the manager would need someone else to put up the nets.
  5. He is a logical man, that' for sure. He has his priorities right.
  6. Ashley Williams

    Not really though Bill. You can play well but someone can play better, just use the Liverpool game as an example.
  7. Ashley Williams

    Not the bloody vote argument again!
  8. Cuco Martina

    I'd argue that when Martina gets the ball, the gap between him and Williams is too big so Gana should drop in a little. It' difficult because if Salah cuts the ball back and that person smashes one in from 30 yards everyone will moan at Gana for being too deep. At that moment though the biggest threat is Salah and I'd want to be in a position to move him away from goal rather than towards it.
  9. January Transfer Window

    Changed for you
  10. Ashley Williams

    At least that's one that I am not going mad about!
  11. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    I'd forgotten about McCarthy but I'm not sure he is fit either. I dont know whether Feeney could play full back? I think the moral of the story is that we have terrible cover at full back!
  12. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    Jagielka can't play LB. It would have to be Besic (or Lennon with Kenny switching) I think... I cant think of anyone else?
  13. Oumar Niasse

    Yeh it was a surprise to me as well. I guess Allardyce thought the CBs were the least dangerous players to have the ball so we let them have it. I think they are both a liability with the ball so I would have liked to have seen us be more aggressive but we got an unlikely point and reduced them to only a couple of decent attempts so I guess that' why me and you write on a forum and he is Everton manager 😄
  14. Ashley Williams

    He came on as a sub?! Didn't he... or am I going mad?