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  1. I don't deny he went with his wrong foot, I just think its an irrelevant point for the reasons I mentioned.
  2. This is why it made me laugh in the world cup when it was used. They said something like 99% of all decisions are correct and yet in almost every game there was a big decision that wasn't, or at the very least, it was very dubious. The whole point of VAR is that is clears up the obvious but it doesn't. I even think the offside calls are dubious when the offside player is millimeters "offside" and its not absolutely clear when the ball leaves the foot. A 2-3 minute delay to get a wrong decision is shocking.
  3. Of all the people I was expecting to bite, I didn't think it would be you Would it interest you that statistically not only was he more likely to have contributed to a goal, but that he also had one key pass compared to Davies. Schneiderlin also completed 50% of his long balls compared to 25% for Davies. What if Davies was dispossessed more and took more bad touches than Schneiderlin? I'm only on the wind up, but in truth I don't think there was a lot between them on the day apart from that one scored. I didn't noticeably see that Davies played better forward balls than Schneiderlin and in fact the only pass of the two that I can think of was the ball from Schneiderlin into Cenk who played the one-two with Walcott which led to a chance. In the same breath I think the Frenchman was largely culpable for the goal. I only mentioned it because quite a few people have commented on him being positive and forward looking and I thought it was interesting because I think there can be quite a lot of unconscious bias with certain players in both positive and negative ways and sometimes its good to take a second view. I don't have to name a certain couple of threads to pretty much prove my point! (Disclaimer: I'm not necessarily saying that is the case with the people who have posted by the way.)
  4. No it isnt. Schneiderlin was absolutley piss scared of Boufal. Sidibe had his eye on the guy on the edge of the box who would have been free had Boufal cut it back. Sidibe was trying to cover Schneiderlin as well as cover his own man. You just watch Schneiderlin screaming for Sidibe to back him up, he is defeated before the guy even gets close to him. Schneiderlin just needs to stop Boufal at source and then they dont cross or score. 😂
  5. Aside from the run he had when he first broke into the team under Koeman he has always been very inconsistent. That has been a feature for quite a few players in that time period as well. These last few games aside you have had to take the rough with the smooth with him. He has generally been poor when he had been played deeper but better when he has been allowed to go and get involved in attacks. I would have never have trusted him in a two man midfield prior to the last few games. His ball retention has been better and his positioning has been much better. He looks responsible and he has never looked like that before. It looks to me as though he is learning a lot from Gomes in respect of how to try and control and influence games. I don't know enough about what they have done together to credit Silva for it but he has definitely improved in the games I have seen of him recently. It remains to be seen as to how long that continues because that has been his weakness in the past.
  6. He didn't have a big club mentality at Newcastle.
  7. What if I was to say that Schneiderlin played more forward passes and a higher percentage of forward passes than Davies.
  8. I would agree, I actually think he is worse in attack than in defence. Right then lads... The highlights show 7 clips of him defending. 1. He tries to control a highball and boots it out of play (I would personally consider that a skill, but I shall compare him to other premier league quality right backs). 2. Good defending against the attacker showing good strength HALF TIME 3. Wins a header, again decent strength to hold off his man. 4. Silly challenge on Djenpro, he must have hacked him about 5 times in the small time he was tracking him. 5. Completely misses his first touch and the ball goes under his foot meaning he is out of position in the counter attack. He gets back well enough though. 6. This is the foul he gives away which I think is great defending, getting his body between man and ball but each to their own. 7. Good defending in the left back channel sticking with Boufal and stopping the ball in. He shows that he can only tackle with his right foot though, its actually quite awkward to watch. What wasn't on the highlights is that he is very quick into the press. The opposition doesn't have time to take a touch and turn, he is straight into them. He also seems to cover pretty well, he made a great challenge in the first half when we looked in a bit of trouble and he does get up and down the wing. He isn't someone who is going to watch the attacker run past him and give it up. In my opinion the two worst bits of play were the two fuck ups when in possession, in the miscontrol and the first touch clearance. In comparison with Coleman, I think Sidibe has more energy to get up and down and their crossing is of a similar quality. Defensively though I think Sidibe is stronger, quicker and probably fitter too. I don't think there is a lot of difference in their positioning or ability to read the game. There isn't a lot of difference between them but I would be sticking with Sidibe for now and see if he will continue to improve for more exposure to the Premier League.
  9. isn't that a bit OTT. He scored a goal that was already over the line and another where the keeper was out of position and went down the middle of the goal. Other than those, he has scored 1 league goal. In fact DCL averages a premier league goal every 322 minutes whereas Cenk is every 241 and he has played less minutes in the league. My view is that neither player is the answer to our problems but DCL plays better as the isolated striker whereas Cenk is the more effective player in and around other players.
  10. No problem Palfy, any suggestions? I think he was aiming for the front post 😉
  11. I don't think our great form has gone out of the window it's just a case of there are teams that our way of playing suits and there are teams that it doesn't. Even in our great run we were picked apart by Fulham. I think there has been an element of misfortune this season, more than last anyway, but I think that this is us under Silva at the moment. The games against the crap teams have been more or less based on who scores first and inevitably we have missed ours and they have scored from one of very few shots. As others have said, if the right manager is there then great go and get him but if he isn't then what is the point of changing. At least give this group some time to gel and then the new manager has a better chance of succeeding.
  12. Cheers, Ill have a look. I thought Gylfi was a little unlucky, in my opinion they werent easy passes at all. He was pretty instrumental in us playing well first half. I agree about Richarlison. He was shite all game despite scoring the goal.
  13. I disagree. DCL's athleticism is better and therefore when he is more isolated he will help the team more in bringing his teammates into play but when we are in possession Tosun makes smarter runs and links play better in my opinion. I also think its very difficult to say that DCL is a bigger goal threat. I also dont really think that Tosun has much of an impact from the bench. He scored against Spurs but DCL has a bigger impact. All I would say is that for the next run of games, possibly including Norwich, DCL should start.
  14. Everton 3 - 1 Norwich Walcott (or Richarlison if Walcott doesn't start).
  15. Which highlights did you watch out of interest? I thought he did well defensively, very sharp into the tackle. I remember he did get done once, but I don't remember anything else. There was the one that led to the foul but I thought that was a good challenge. I would be interested to watch it back and re-evaluate.
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