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  1. Bailey

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    1. Gana was average. 2. Kante was also average.
  2. I am really disappointed in both Everton and Liverpool paying this money, well any club in truth. I get that he has made these chairmen a lot of money but that was his job and I can imagine he was paid very handsomely for it and I also imagine it had more than a few perks.
  3. You probably didn't watch it but there was a late video decision in the last two England rugby union games and I would argue one was wrong and the other was debatable but what it did do was taint the conclusion of the games especially as the two decisions were marginal to say the least. Based on what we saw in the WC I have no faith in the referees reviewing the game and coming to the right decision.
  4. Bailey


    The other bit of this I dont get, is why the Govt (May) has pursued this middle ground stance for so long. Middle ground fails to deliver Brexit (and the perceived benefits) but does more harm than remaining. The EU position on the CU, hard border and ECJ will have all been known from the outset. As soon as that position was known, you know your not able to execute an actual break from the EU. Then you should be looking at staying and sacking it all off or getting out completely, preparing for no deal, and not just sitting and seeing. Its all madness.
  5. Bailey


    Who cares about embarassment at this stage. I would have thought that regardless of what is contained in A50 the EU member states would be asked whether or not they would allow it to be rescinded and I suspect they would. If it isnt rescindable then it just shows how stupid the decision was to enact it without a hell of a lot more work being done before hand.
  6. Bailey


    I cant help but think that a second referendum is now completely necessary. I never thought I would say that!
  7. Bailey


    Well this is all a bit of a shambles. It feels a little bit like a religious war. All sides claim they are doing it for the country (or their God) and all the while nothing is being achieved. Some MPs even plan on voting for the deal as they think its better than no deal even though they know its a terrible deal. With enough weight behind it A50 can be rescinded. These MPs could end up getting it through Parliament out of fear.
  8. The bit in bold is one of the main arguments you used against Lukaku when he was here and now you want to use it to prove a point. You are so blinded by this Lukaku argument that you don't even realise it. I haven't said that Martial played badly, I just said that you don't notice him unless he scores. His runs are easy to pick up, this isn'tt someone constantly on the move like Hazard, feinting one way and then going another. He make less sprints than similar players of his ilk. I don't believe I have ever said he is a bad player. I have said he shares similar qualities to Lukaku when comparing them to similar players in their position. A brilliant finisher, who doesn't have the all round game to be an elite player. For what its worth, yes I did watch the game. If City didnt take their foot off the pedal, then they could have put another couple past them. 20 goals a season mean they are capable of scoring 20 goals a season. It shows how blind you are to Lukaku that you only picked him out of the list despite him doing once in the PL only and then doing it for 4 seasons in a row in all comps yet you ignore that I said it for Martial (who has never done it in all comps let alone the PL), nor Sanchez who has done it once in the PL and 3 times in all comps. Its even more hilarious that you quibble over 3 or 4 goals with Lukaku and don't mention anything I said about any of the others.
  9. I see it going 2 ways. 1. Nothing really changes because as Romey says he isnt a particularly great manager and they go down. 2. He could tighten up their defence being a defensive coach when he was at Leicester plus his Italian roots and make them hard to beat. If he did that they they have plenty of attacking talent to win them some games against the odds. I dont know how the other sides he managed have played but if he could stop them leaking goals left right and centre then given how bad some of the other teams around them are, he could get them out of it.
  10. Bailey

    Gylfi SigurĂ°sson

    Yeh exactly that. Siggy plays really high up the pitch, I think it was the Utd game where he was the most advanced player in the team and that means he is up against CBs fighting for balls and then in this league, more than others, even if he is the deeper man he is up against 1 or 2 DMs that are generally more well known for their attitude than skill (certainly against Cardiff). Bernie has the ability but he has to get to grips with the English game and on the assumption that Silva would want to play a similar way, I fear he would just get manhandled out of the game. I expect him to get used to it though and deal with it better than he has so far and in games where he will get more space, I would expect him to do well.
  11. Bailey

    January Plans

    The way I see it is that Schneiderlin isnt quick and he isnt strong and nor is he that good at reading the game or good enough on the ball to be a realistic CL chasing midfielder. As much as I love McCarthy he has to prove he still has it and given how much football he has missed over the last 3 or so years I would be surprised. I hope he does though. Benni is way too early to be pinning any hopes on. He looked more like another Gana than another Gomes whereas I think we should be looking for a hybrid of them two plus a bit of McCarthy for good measure. Thats not a knock on either player btw. Finding that player isnt easy but its worth looking! đŸ˜€
  12. Bailey

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Lol. Even more reason to do the job properly then! Put it this way, if that was Coleman or Walcott he would get hammered for it.
  13. Bailey

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    I thought he did OK at the weekend but he still let Hazard run behind him to get to the byline inside the area because he was ball watching and then in another example he again got caught out by good movement with a little bit of ball watching and instead of moving across to Hazard he shifted himself the other way to try and intercept a ball that was never played (mainly as there was no-one there) allowing Hazard even more space to carry the ball forward and unleash a shot which Pickford had to save. In fairness to him he almost got back into position. He also got very lucky on the edge of the box when he tried to turn and got tackled turning the ball over however the ref blew for a foul which wasnt. He has been fantastic in recent weeks but these are where he lets himself down. They didnt result in goals this time but they do over the course of the season. He has improved loads in his positioning under Silva though, similar to Keane. It just shows how good of a manager he is IMO.
  14. Huge fallacy yet you then go on to prove that its happened before and can why it can happen in the future?! If Martial isnt papering over the cracks then does that mean you think Utd are playing well and have deserved to win the majority of their recent games? Once again if Martial doesnt score he doesnt contribute. He even scored from the spot at the weekend but didnt contribute. He is doind a very good job of putting the ball in the back of the net but he isnt adding much else to the performance of the team which is xactly the same thing you have a pop at Rom for. It would be hilarious if it hadnt got so boring now. They have been "resilient" either, have you even watched them? Bournemouth should have destroyed them first half, Juve should have put 4 or 5 past them and City barely came out of 2nd gear to knock 3 past them. Rom is still the same striker he was with us. Same plus points and same negatives. Well done for claiming the honeymoon period, whilst the rest of us still see the same player that played in blue doing the same things he always did but this time in red.