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  1. I agree with the last bit in that Parliament will be more diverse (from a party perspective) than it has done for a long while. Whether that is a good or bad thing at a time like this I don't know. I hadn't realised until last night that all of the main parties had campaigned for an EU referendum in the years preceeding the vote. I thought it was a Tory only thing, especially judged on the way some of the other parties have behaved in pointing the finger at Cameron. These politicians are a funny breed.
  2. Sheff Utd do this weird overlapping CB thing and they end up with strange overloading situations down the flanks. I dont quite know how it works and how to play against it best but something is telling me that it could be the type of thing we hate. A bit like Bournemouth going two up top and flooding the CBs we could end up in a similar position with the FB and CB if one of the wingers or centre mids is caught up field. They tend to target one side so I presume that would be between Keane and Coleman. I think 442 would allow them too many easy overlapping situations once they had gone through the initial press. I would play a true 433 and probably drop Siggy for Davies and slot him in the midfield alongside Delph with Schneiderlin behind so that he can focus on covering these strange attacking CBs.
  3. I dont completely disagree but I would feel a bit hard done by if I was Mina. Between making the initial header and getting his bearings it is 2 seconds before the ball is going back over his head. Delph is actually the closest man to Wilson after the header and if you watch the replay from the side camera you can see Coleman, Mina, Delph and Digne all forming a pretty good defensive line only to have Keane (8:48) on the footage below. As a centre half you just cant be that far behind the play as it is asking for all sorts of trouble. Its all split second stuff but at around the (8:22) mark where Keane is either level with or just ahead of his man and if he steps up in that moment, then its very unlikely that we concede that goal in my opinion. I just think its telling that 4 players are on the same wavelength and 1 isn't. In fairness I would probably say its a combination of the lot, including Delph and Digne who could have also positioned themselves so that they could have done more, but I again have sympathy with them as Keane should never have been that far behind play.
  4. What are people's thoughts on the Lib Dem stance to renege on Brexit if they won a general election? It's a bit of a contradictory stance but I think it is a smart one. Labour floundering, Tories will be full tilt Brexit so I expect them to sweep up a lot of the remain votes.
  5. I am generally not a fan of two up top but for all intents and purposes we play that way now with Siggy playing how he does most of the time but I expect that those two would contribute more together.
  6. I definitely agree that he is safe, that is him all over. Sometimes I would say afraid! From a completely statistical point of view* he played two less "forward" passes than Siggy did in all directions. He played 3 more "final third" passes than Delph. *pinch of salt required.
  7. Everton 2 - 0 Sheffield Utd Richarlison
  8. How many came through midfield? To save you time the answer is none, 2 set pieces and a ball over the top.
  9. Play them in career mode and see who improves the most and save us all some time arguing 😉
  10. He isn't a bad player but I don't think he is a good one either. I do think he has too many deficiencies to be a top centre half. He is a bit of a plodder, he isn't very strong, he isn't aggressive enough, he isn't very agile and he gets caught ball watching too often. I actually think Silva has done a bloody good job to get him into the form he did last season.
  11. Genuine question, why is it that your looking at his attacking play and marking him down for that when he contributed a lot defensively. I am probably bias the other way because I love defensive graft but for me he did his job well. They got very little joy through the middle and he was the main reason for that. When he did have the ball at his feet his was relatively safe but when the ball was on he played it and his passing to his teammates was crisp and accurate. Why can't he contribute to them not scoring? He made one huge block in the Bournemouth game in particular as well as helping us turnover the ball on several occasions. I agree that he probably wouldn't but then again he wouldn't get into our team if everyone was fit. If those teams sold their best defensive midfielder, and then got 2 injuries in that position do you think they would play Schneiderlin then? I think they would. To be fair I think he is a bit of a pussy and whilst I think he is a capable player he isn't someone I would want in my side but I can still recognise and acknowledge when he has played well. For others he is a target, and also in fairness we all have those biases with certain players to differing amounts. I do agree though in that he is playing well and as Romey says afterward there are other players who played a hell of a lot worse.
  12. How about we give the manager time to try and change that problem? It's not an easy thing to do, just look at Poch at Spurs. They still choke.
  13. I'm not sure if you are blaming the first two on Silva or not but a lot of managers, successful ones do the things you are pinning on Silva. From what I have seen of Silva he doesn't play that way so I don't know why you would expect that. This isn't Pep, Emery or Klopp. Bar the odd game Spurs don't do that either, Mourinho never did, Benitez didn't either. It's anything but simple and that's part of the problem with these type of or arguments. Did Klopps methods help Karius? Did Pep's help Stones? The list goes on. The Delph goal is a complete one off and when that goes in it changes the game and then the 3rd is another error as regardless of you think is to blame one of the two CBs just doesn't read the bigger picture. That isn't someone with a lack of confidence or having not been coached well enough it's a split second decision in the heat of the moment. Players will get them wrong. In terms of improvement I disagree. It has been noted in a lot of places as to how much more aggressive we are. We have had another pre-season of changes and we still weaknesses upfront and at the back. Look at how much Liverpool and City had to spend to get the players needed to make them the teams they are now and they both started from a much higher bar than Silva has with us. You also talk of breaking the top 6 as if it is easy. 4 of the top 6 have elite managers, the other 2 have club legends at the begining of their careers with elite squads and then you have a serial winner in Brandin Rodgers at Leicester, Pellegrini at West Ham and mixture of other up and comers and old hands that know how to pick up points. I think the biggest problem for a lot of our fans is that they expect us to finish in the top 6. It's should defintely be an ambition, our first step along with a cup, but any team can beat anyone in this league and if you don't believe that just ask City fans.
  14. If you look he was in line with the other 2 defenders playing the 2 bournemouth players offside. Keane had himself pinned by Solanke(?) and didn't push up with the other 3. To me that looks like 3 players on the same wavelength and one that isn't.
  15. I thought Morgan played well at the weekend. I feel as though he is a bit of a whipping boy because he just goes about his business quietly and efficiently.
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