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  1. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/english-soccer/james-mccarthy-s-injury-problems-have-prompted-everton-s-medical-revamp-1.2059659 He definitely sounds like a man who wants to rush him back.
  2. Why is it hypocritical? You will know as well as I do, when you have been out all you want to do is get back on the pitch. Even when you know you are not right, you get back out there because that is what you want to do. The example you have given is more or less proof. You think those players you mentioned didn't have the medical green light to train and then play? The rhetoric is that McCarthy was playing knowing he is injured. If he was then, that's on him, not anyone else. The Irish medics would have passed him fit just as ours did yet there is this conspiracy theory that it was all down to Martinez.
  3. I see the RB causing lots of problems for himself!
  4. Not if he plays anything like last week!
  5. I see this quite a lot actually. You see him both covering his man and anticipating the error of others too. Sometimes that puts him in a difficult positions which he is sometimes very much on the edge but that's what good defenders do, play for the team.
  6. If we are taking the 2 players for each spot we have: GK - Pickford / Lossl / Virginia (always need) LB - Digne / Baines RB - Coleman / Kenny (risky) CB - New / Mina / Keane / Holgate DM - Schneiderlin / Gbamin CM - New / Gomes (plus another new player if playing 3 men in midfield LW - Bernard / Iwobi RW - NEW / Walcott ST - Richarlison / DCL / Kean / New
  7. I think he has done alright when he has come in since Ancellotti joined. In fact in each game he has probably been the better centre back. The problem is that as soon as he starts playing regularly, the mistakes start creeping in too regularly. Personally I am not sure I trust any of our CB's to play week in week out. I like Mina the most but he is a bit of a nut case.
  8. Or he kept getting himself injured because he kept trying to play when he wasn't right. Your sports scientists can only tell you so much. If the fitness figures are right and he is saying he feels good then why wouldn't the club or international manager play him.
  9. Are you saying Liverpool's kids are better than Chelsea's midfield?
  10. I would be absolutely furious if we kept him to be RW back up. He might be a low fee but I bet his wages aren't cheap. He is just a waste. It was a good idea but it hasn't worked.
  11. I don't disagree with some of that. Certainly as StevO says below, that breaking forward and playing the ball forward is one of his better attributes but at the same time, it's not hard to coach into players. I think he should be the guy that breaks forward and into the box or edge of it but then again when he gets there he is hardly a good finisher and of it breaks down is doesn't have the legs to get back. That is why he is difficult to place because a complete profile for any one position. Definitely agree with the last bit. Part of that is because you can't do that in a 2 man midfield now, but also as one of the two sitting players in a 3 man midfield, you still have the same problems. I'd play him as the 3rd man floating around in midfield, dropping in when the team needs it and then having the freedom to break forward and make clever supporting runs when we have the ball. I think he is weak as piss. When we did have Gana, the two of them didn't play that well together because neither of them had the positional play. He can dribble and he can turn on the ball but he doesn't really get away from players because strong players can hold onto him and slow him down before getting back in and quick players will catch him up. He is a bit of a conundrum.
  12. Bailey


    😂 Brilliant! Has to be keep, Shukes would be heart broken otherwise!
  13. It was still "peak morgan" that played against Liverpool and everyone hated him and we suffered the same problems.
  14. What do you like about him out of interest?
  15. I still don't really understand it either. A midfielder with a brain and a bit of bottle.
  16. It wouldn't have made much difference in my opinion. He is an upgrade on Davies but it was far from the difference of being tonked or not.
  17. It's a bit like the schoolyard, back alley, free spirited footballer has been coached out of him. Not that it would make a difference to him!
  18. With the way we are trying to play out, all they need to do is press us really aggressively and we will fall apart. The horrible thing is that depending on how City do against Arsenal, they could win the league against us.
  19. Just thinking about the "no midfield" comments we have made, don't forget we beat them 3-1 with just Schneiderlin and Siggy in the middle. We might not have the midfield to play the way Ancellotti wants us to play but we do have the players to be effective, we just chose not to play that way.
  20. Easily Pickford and Richarlison is the only other player to be positive about.
  21. If that had been Willian or Pedro he wouldn't have had the chance to make the tackle. The young lad took an age. At least he did contribute something positive to the game though!
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