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  1. On 15/03/2020 at 10:22, Hafnia said:

    It's a load of hypocritic bullshit.  For years we had the likes of Peter Reid, Dave Watson, Duncan Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, Don Hutchison, John Ebbrell playing through the pain barrier to their own cost but they were brave if they did it for a blue shirt.

    Clubs take guidance from the medical staff.... they do MRI scans on hamstring injuries and if they are torn then they don't play.  When recovered the Players are told to look for tightening etc, McCarthy is not going to play if he felt like his hammys were going to go... the fact is Martinez played him against Donachies advice - McCarthy felt ok, Donachie advised against him playing and Martinez played him and he broke down- not one but twice in succession. 

    Look at a Michael Owen, Giggs, Torres, dembele....  all suffered repeated hamstring injuries.  Is it their fault too?  

    At amateur level I had a pelvic injury which I recovered from, then in a matter of one year I tore my hamstring and groin sever times because of an imbalance. Each time I played before doing it I felt great.... no tightness or anything.

    People just find it convenient to blame McCarthy because of the whole Everton vs Ireland nonsense.  He's not a medic and by nature is a footballer who if feeling fit will play. 


    Why is it hypocritical? You will know as well as I do, when you have been out all you want to do is get back on the pitch. Even when you know you are not right, you get back out there because that is what you want to do. 

    The example you have given is more or less proof. You think those players you mentioned didn't have the medical green light to train and then play? The rhetoric is that McCarthy was playing knowing he is injured. If he was then, that's on him, not anyone else. The Irish medics would have passed him fit just as ours did yet there is this conspiracy theory that it was all down to Martinez.

  2. On 17/03/2020 at 00:34, Matt said:

    I see him causing problems for the RB particularly, but also the keeper and others around him. I am biased because I just don’t trust him though. Still the question remains; we buy a starter CB, what happens?

    I see the RB causing lots of problems for himself! 

  3. 10 hours ago, markjazzbassist said:

    And a proper DM in front and I think Mina will look a lot different.  He’s trying to cover for a lot of shite players right now.

    I see this quite a lot actually. You see him both covering his man and anticipating the error of others too. Sometimes that puts him in a difficult positions which he is sometimes very much on the edge but that's what good defenders do, play for the team.

  4. If we are taking the 2 players for each spot we have:

    GK - Pickford / Lossl / Virginia  (always need)

    LB - Digne / Baines

    RB - Coleman / Kenny (risky)

    CB - New / Mina / Keane / Holgate 

    DM - Schneiderlin / Gbamin

    CM - New / Gomes (plus another new player if playing 3 men in midfield 

    LW - Bernard / Iwobi

    RW - NEW / Walcott

    ST - Richarlison / DCL / Kean / New

  5. I think he has done alright when he has come in since Ancellotti joined. In fact in each game he has probably been the better centre back. The problem is that as soon as he starts playing regularly, the mistakes start creeping in too regularly.

    Personally I am not sure I trust any of our CB's to play week in week out. I like Mina the most but he is a bit of a nut case.

  6. On 11/03/2020 at 07:55, Hafnia said:

    Exactly. McCarthy and Barry in that first year or so together were the best we've had as a partnership in ages. 

    His injuries stemmed from Martinez rushing him back. Great attitude on the pitch. 


    On 11/03/2020 at 11:19, Bill said:

    His injuries stemmed from that prick O'Neill rushing him back for international duties.

    Or he kept getting himself injured because he kept trying to play when he wasn't right. 

    Your sports scientists can only tell you so much. If the fitness figures are right and he is saying he feels good then why wouldn't the club or international manager play him.

  7. On 11/03/2020 at 09:51, Matt said:

    I wouldn’t be angry if we kept him hit as RW backup and let Kenny have a go at making RB his own. 

    I would be absolutely furious if we kept him to be RW back up. 

    He might be a low fee but I bet his wages aren't cheap. He is just a waste. It was a good idea but it hasn't worked. 

  8. On 10/03/2020 at 17:34, markjazzbassist said:

    i don't think he's a DM first of all, he's more similar to Gomes.  I like him more advanced not sat so far back.  I think on his day he transitions the ball well into attack and offers something in the final third.  i think defensively on his day he can really stick his foot in and make some tackles and add some grit.  he's slow, but so was barry, he just needs to improve his vision and understanding of the game which will come with time.  i think he also has passion, he gives a fuck which is something we need.  he's not going to back down to anyone.  we need that fire and steel.


    i would put him where Gomes is during Cup matches or for rotation.  i would not have him be the DM like he has been.  

    I don't disagree with some of that. Certainly as StevO says below, that breaking forward and playing the ball forward is one of his better attributes but at the same time, it's not hard to coach into players. I think he should be the guy that breaks forward and into the box or edge of it but then again when he gets there he is hardly a good finisher and of it breaks down is doesn't have the legs to get back. That is why he is difficult to place because a complete profile for any one position.

    On 10/03/2020 at 20:06, StevO said:

    He’s not been DM. He’s just been playing the same role as Gomes, they just have different skill sets. The rest, I neither agree nor disagree, because I’m not sure what Toms best attributes are yet to be honest. When he first came on the scene he could break forward from deep, I don’t see that anymore and it’s disappointing. He played with no fear, but I think he has fear now. 

    Definitely agree with the last bit. Part of that is because you can't do that in a 2 man midfield now, but also as one of the two sitting players in a 3 man midfield, you still have the same problems. I'd play him as the 3rd man floating around in midfield, dropping in when the team needs it and then having the freedom to break forward and make clever supporting runs when we have the ball.

    17 hours ago, Btay said:

    I’ve said from the moment we signed Gomes that Davis needs to shadow him. He lacks mobility but he is strong on the ball and can dribble. Either Davies and Gomes need to be paired with someone with real energy and puts a foot in but actually wins the ball. We had some one pretty similar to that last season. Hopes for Gbamin still. 

    Davies probably needs to be in a midfield 3 to start off as well as he can’t control a midfield like Gomes yet...

    I think he is weak as piss. When we did have Gana, the two of them didn't play that well together because neither of them had the positional play. 

    He can dribble and he can turn on the ball but he doesn't really get away from players because strong players can hold onto him and slow him down before getting back in and quick players will catch him up. 

    He is a bit of a conundrum.

  9. 1 hour ago, markjazzbassist said:

    we were missing morgan badly.  he and gomes would have been fine.  gylfi and davies were ghosts. 

    It wouldn't have made much difference in my opinion. He is an upgrade on Davies but it was far from the difference of being tonked or not. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Hafnia said:

    Very sad to see.  He almost looks like he's aged into a 32 year old midfielder.

    Sell him and hopefully a championship team of decent enough quality will give him a good home.

    His intentions as a player are good, he just isn't mobile enough or strong enough.  The odd game gives you hope but you seen a 19 year old float around the pitch yesterday, snapping into tackles and making himself availed for passes and moving it forward. 

    It's a bit like the schoolyard, back alley, free spirited footballer has been coached out of him. Not that it would make a difference to him!

  11. Just thinking about the "no midfield" comments we have made, don't forget we beat them 3-1 with just Schneiderlin and Siggy in the middle.

    We might not have the midfield to play the way Ancellotti wants us to play but we do have the players to be effective, we just chose not to play that way.

  12. 17 minutes ago, Shukes said:

    He actually made a very good goal saving tackle today. 
    It’s just having him on the pitch means teams start 1-0 up.

    When you hear the commentators say ‘He battles, tries, and is always willing, it’s just when he’s on the ball it lets him down’ ... then you know there’s an issue. 

    If that had been Willian or Pedro he wouldn't have had the chance to make the tackle. The young lad took an age. 

    At least he did contribute something positive to the game though!

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