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  1. Bit of an exaggeration. Two mistakes in three games. And the answer to the first question is probably more than you think given the mud you sling at Pickford.
  2. Siggy hits the post and Richarlison can't get enough on the rebound.
  3. Baines has got better as the game has gone on.
  4. I don't know what he brings to the team.
  5. Davies gives the ball away and the allows Fernandes to cut inside and get a shot off.👏
  6. 😂😂 To be fair, De Gea's error is unforgivable whereas Pickford's will happen. It just shouldn't happen regularly.
  7. I'd love to know who Keane thinks is a good goal keeper because the list isn't going to be a long one! The last two weekends I have seen big mistakes from Schmeichel, Ryan, De Gea, Ederson, Dubravka, and Leno. That doesn't leave many.
  8. For me that's been a crap half masked by a slice of luck for our goal. Its catch 22 but we have to go to 3 men in midfield to match up with them better. It's too easy for them. Take Siggy off to sit Delph behind Davies and Gomes and then consider Richarlison right and bring Bernard on for Walcott. If we don't change formation then we have to stop this playing out from the back rubbish and start trying to knock it around in their half once we have won the second balls. How many times do we have to get it wrong and how many times do we have to see us cause problems to the opposition by going direct.
  9. He is down though Haf. He misjudged the flight in my opinion, squirting underneath him.
  10. It's definitely Carlo otherwise we wouldn't be set up to receive the short ball out.
  11. It's a similar problem to the Liverpool cup game. They can press on us when we play it out from the back. They have numbers on us and we are too deep with players like Davies, Gomes and Siggy who can't get forward and back quick enough. We are slowly and surely getting camped well in our own half. We have to start playing forward longer and quicker and get up the pitch. None of this passing our from the back to a player standing 5 yards away.
  12. Nothing wrong with the ball out from Pickford. We were set up to do just that. Holgate was a fucking yard away from him to start with. That is how the boss wants us to play. Everything else that came after that was a fuck up.
  13. Sidibe loses the ball. Pickford definitely should stop it. We are being comfortably outplayed.
  14. Fucks sake. Not sure who gave the ball away but looks like Pickford should have stopped it.
  15. Struggle to get close enough to them in midfield. That ball into Martial was too easy to play and then we weren't close enough to him to start with. Feels like a matter of time.
  16. Lovely play between DCL and Richarlison. Siggy let it down with a poor touch. Very little from the latter so far. Coleman off. Sidibe loses Martial in his first action but does get back in to make the tackle. To cap it all off Pickford comes off his line to collect a ball as well!
  17. Holgate and Baines must do better. Baines has to get closer than he was. Big chance.
  18. The way this game is being played we might need a few.
  19. Walcott in great positions but fucks it up every time.
  20. Baines done this time. Solid enough save from Pickford but right back out in front of goal. Should have pushed it wider.
  21. Keane giving Martial too much space there!
  22. Holgate done by Greenwood and Keane by Fred in less than a minute. Both also came to the aid of their partner though.
  23. Way too easy. Showing how easy it is to get through and past our midfield. Our front two are showing how easy it is for us to get 1 v 1 with them. Like a knife through butter!
  24. Could have been 2! Delicate finish but good save.
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