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  1. The fact that Sidibe plays plenty of games suggests that Kenny will also see a lot of first team action if he returns next season.
  2. I actually think there is something quite impressive about how inaccurate Delph is with his passing. It's like he only has one partially sighted eye and his depth perception is fucked. I agree about Gomes though, was great to see!
  3. Where have I said that I can't see his work rate or that he isnt our most dangerous player? I can say that because he should have made more of the positions he was in, and yet again I haven't said that the others didn't piss me off with their decisions, it's just that Richie was the only one that got close to being Motm despite those poor decisions, in my view. If you are going to reply to me then please read what I have actually written. It makes this whole forum thing a bit easier 😂
  4. Today he just seemed to disintegrate in front of our eyes. I don't think I have seen a player, a talented one at that, go so downhill over the course of 90 minutes.
  5. All I can say Palfy is that if your happy with all the glory moments then that's good for you. If Lukaku had made some of the touches and lost possession in some of the places he did it would have been a different story. Also before I get more stick, I don't think he played badly overall but the positives equelled the negatives as it did for almost all starters. Bernard and Gomes were the only two in my eyes that contributed positively overall and their introduction led to us playing our best football of the game. Oh and can you find me a bigger shovel please mate 😉
  6. My post wasnt a response to the first paragraph. I have also already said he should have cleared it first time. It's the last bit that your deluded with. That's a massive exaggeration IMO. If the manager wants you to play out from the back its something that happens. It's a problem for all keepers not just Pickford.
  7. Richarlison frustrated me a lot. He lost the ball in bad areas, he made countless wrong decisions and it was only in the last 20-30 minutes when Bernard and Gomes came on that he bucked his ideas up. Without Bernard (and Gomes) dragging us up the pitch, what came from Richarlison afterwards would have been less likely to happen or at least happen less.
  8. I don't think there is any doubt he should have cleared it long first time. However as soon as he didn't he was in trouble and had no options as the press from Arsenal was good and from all angles. He wasn't in the right position to then try and clear it long. Siggy started free but he held his position instead of running to the ball, and was sold into a trap. That happened more than a few times in the game when we got caught in our half. This one was the closest to goal though. Once Pickford decided not to go long, Siggy was probably his only option. Almost every other time he played it long. It's a split decision and he got it wrong. Every other player on the pitch gets those decisions wrong without consequence but it's given his position when he gets it wrong it invariably lends to a chance.
  9. I don't think anyone stood out. I'd maybe go with Bernard if he gets added. Richarlison was good and frustrating in equal measures. He improved at the end though.
  10. What a mixed bag that was. Started well, on the front foot but once Arsenal started to play we couldn't really get close to them. We were always a threat on the counter but they had too much for us in midfield. They were clearly the better team for the next hour or so and then they dropped deeper and deeper, Gomes and Bernard came on and we started playing through them a lot better and we created plenty of chances in that period. They almost exclusively fell to DCL and ironically he probably scored the hardest chance he had and missed the easy ones. There must be a few questions on Carlo for this given the starting line-up. Delph came good in the end, but Sidibe and Iwobi had no reason to start. We play better with Bernard, he should start every game. Sidibe is a liability at the back and shouldn't be starting ahead of Coleman. The biggest positive was the return of Gomes though, looked better than I was expecting in truth and I can't wait to see how he does under Ancellotti.
  11. How good has Bernard been since he has come on btw? Really got us going.
  12. Ah Dom! Another one... 3 big chances.
  13. Pickford dealt with that throw in well. Awkward ball to him and under pressure but that won't matter 😂
  14. Exactly! Come to expect it now though.
  15. Yeh he is basically just trying to conduct everyone else into what he can't. Big tackle that from Leno. Poor for our second but great since.
  16. I can see why he has gone with Siggy over Delph but I think this will leave us very open. Siggy barely running.
  17. Ah Dom. Big chance. Lovely ball from Gomes, great run and ball from Richarlison, DCL just didn't get the touch the move deserved. We can still score a couple here.
  18. Ozil playing like this game is done.
  19. Finally some good defending by Sidibe. Looked to let him go initially but he was back in to cover.
  20. One of them should have scored that.
  21. He will earn whatever we are paying him until his contract runs out then.
  22. If you think a Championship club would pay his wages, I'll have some of whatever your smoking.
  23. I think it would need to be Kean now trying to win the game. Richarlison having to go wide. Either way he needs to be hooked.
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