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  1. We were back though. Mina didn't look good imo.
  2. There's inacurate 'accurate' passes as well though: even a pass that is 'accurate' can be a shit pass if it's a bit too short and forces a player to wait for the ball or if it forces a player too wide, et cetera. And Davies so far has been lacking quality as a passer as far as I can tell watching the games.
  3. Zouma as well. Schneiderlin was good as well, Digne, DCL and Sigurdsson had their moments.
  4. It would be nice if we could get someone in to take over for Coleman after a performance like today's one as well. January hopefully.
  5. Gylfi. Pickford second, Walcott third, Tosun fourth. Would like to see Digne introduced for Baines next game.
  6. ffs, we're still incredibly vulnerable defensively.
  7. It might be man of the match as well after that save.
  8. Not necessarily a man of the match performance so far, but a clear 'I'm by far the most talented player in this stadium today' performance by Pickford by the way.
  9. Tosun having a good last couple of minutes though.
  10. Think I'd put DCL on for Tosun soon, has a bit more pace but can still hold it up a bit as well. Or maybe Bernard on for Tosun and Walcott up front?
  11. Whatever the fuck Smith said and did, still doesn't excuse Richarlison being so very very dumb.
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