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  1. Read something about an 'incredible young talent' work permit. Apparently City had one with Iheanacho and we did with Funes Mori.
  2. Stockholm El Aurens, Lawrence. Thomas Lawrence
  3. Kohen


  4. Don't know why you're writing 'if only' he's one of our only players that can score a goal from very little. Sure, he's inconsistent and has had some 'hot headed' moments but I wouldn't like to see him go.
  5. Kohen


    Well, there's the first surprise of the season...
  6. Not sure what else he could put out. Got a feeling, big game from Mirallas. At least one, If not two. ??
  7. Ah, I didn't realise - very nice! Really enjoyed my time in Malaysia, brilliant country.
  8. I was in Penang a few weeks back. I watched the games at The Beach Bar. A lot of United fans there!
  9. Are we not confident for the United game? Just trying to sail past it or something?
  10. Kohen

    Hull home

    Really enjoyed our first goal, 3 young talented English players combining to create a great goal!
  11. Kohen

    Hull home

    He posted a picture on his Instagram so assume all is well
  12. hmm... " "You drink more heavily than people from Belarus, the heaviest-drinking country in the world"
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