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  1. Heh heh, they've got hundreds of players. 2 years ago I had to host the u_18 team squad at work, a sort of exchange thing. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow. One of their star-players Curtis Jones (who scored the winning penalty in the EPL CUp tie), was hated by the all the other players and not just because he was on 15 grand a week at the age of 16, but mainly because he was an arrogant, rude little turd. On that visit, when the squad had left one of the departments they were visiting, an engineering area with dangerous equipment, we noticed during a safety check that an important safety device had been switched off, one that could have endangered lives had it not been caught. This caused an investigation, the finding; that someone had maliciously done it. A little more investigating revealed the culprit, guess who it was? Grassed up by his team mates who were all ashamed of him. My boss went mad and wanted to put in a formal complaint against the club, but it was quickly swept under the carpet when LFC offered to host all the executives for a match. 2 years on and LFC have still not kept up their end of the bargain. I'd like to be invited to go, if it ever happens, because I'd have great joy of telling them to stick it up their arse.
  2. Out of the blue a mate has sent me a close up picture of the Gomes injury taken from a treatment room. I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t help it. It doesn’t look like a break as such but like his entire foot is dislocated and completely out of joint. I guess that means all the ligaments are gone. If that’s the case can they all be fixed? Has there been any news from the club today as to the extent of the injury? Totally devastated for him. Got a Portuguese mate who is going to translate a letter of best wishes that I’ve written for him.
  3. Who gives about football. Gutted for Gomes; he’s been pure class today n and off the pitch since he's been at Goodison. I never do this, but I’m going to write him a letter of best wishes, fuck knows if it will make a difference to him, but got to be worth it.
  4. Delph has been so anonymous, even Silva hasn't noticed he is still on the pitch.
  5. That's true, but were are also hampered by the fact that we are complete shite
  6. Hard to find a single player in a blue shirt that looks like they give a shit out there.
  7. Get Davies on at least he will mix it up a bit and charge about. Might make something happen.
  8. dull, dismal shite. At least have a fucking go.
  9. benitez. hurts like fuck to say it but...
  10. Out of patience with Marco now. Get rid, fuck Mourinho he’s a busted flush, clearly had a breakdown some time ago. I say bring in *sigh* Benitez... there I said it.
  11. Nice goal, but surely going to get booked too for getting his chebs out no?
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