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  1. Yes, but are we any more stable? He's been by far our best defender and could easily get a transfer to another Prem club. I hope we will sign him, but there will be others in for him.
  2. For £7million Gana has on balance a great signing for us and embarrased much more expensive signings over the last 2 and a bit years. Are we really surprised that he might be disappointed that the thing PSG didn't work out being a French speaker and them being one of the biggest clubs in Europe? He has his faults sure, but sulking and shirking aren't among them. He will carry on as he has done since he's been here, wouldn't be surprised if he plays even better, and he might get his move at the end of the season. Personally, for the money PSG were offering for a 29 year old player, I'd have bitten their hand off.
  3. I totally agree, I'd love for him to stay here, buckle down and become awesome. But we all know that's not what Richarlison is all about. He'll be angling of his next upwards move if not at the end of this season, then after that. He'll never stay if a CL club comes in for him. Bit of a faustian bargain. We have to get what we can out of him while he's here, and do the same when he inevitably moves on. In fact, a good tactic with him would be to say; look play well here and in two seasons you'll get your move. That's your motivation, but you'll need to prove yourself and put the effort in. Cynical I know but that is the space the modern game is in.
  4. As long as we get £100 million for him fair enough. He is never going to hang around long, just until a bigger club comes in for him, just a question of sooner than later, we knew that when he came here. As much as I like the player, it's not like he's set the world on fire (yet) and though he hasn't reached his potential we could replace what he brings to the team with the money we get.
  5. Yep. When you think about it he's either done well in a weak league, and has never held a job long enough in a strong league to have been able to get through any rough patches. He has never experienced what he is going through now and has no idea how to get through it. It looks like he doesn't have either the experience nor the talent to fall back on.
  6. Summarises about 50% of the matches since Lukaku left.
  7. I don't think we were that bad today, nowhere near as bad as we have been, and we created enough chances for at least a point. Nonetheless I evaluate our performance somewhere between TOSS and JANK.
  8. Bernard you pussy, JUST KEEP ON RUNNING.
  9. Not random, we may as well get him in instead of Marco the way I feel right now.
  10. Well done Zouma to Rhino out the chance there. DCL, get the header on target FFS.
  11. What the hell was Walcott up to then? It looked like he sort of wanted to head the ball but then just fell onto the ball. Or am I being too harsh?
  12. I wonder what Wolf from Gladiators is up to? We could sure use some Wolf power.
  13. In appearance, Silva has always reminded me of one of those lower level mafioso characters in The Sopranos. You know the ones that appear and are quite captivating for a few episodes and then get wiped out.
  14. Bernard never sees enough of the ball and when he does he's too lightweight and ineffective, every now and then he'll do something sublime but there are too many 60 minutes periods in between. I love the idea of Bernard, but the reality is rather disappointing. I just don't think he's cut out for the frantic pace of the Premier League.
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