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  1. This. Though he’s basically been only a bit more than solid and cut out most the errors that were blighting his game, for me he’s been the most improved player since last season. That’s not much praise I suppose, but if he can make another step forward next season, and my feeling is that he can, then he’ll really start to bring something to the team AND avoid the need to spend more dough on another starting CB (provided we do sign Zouma). The main thing is that I no longer get the feeling of impending doom any time he is required to make an intervention in the game. He also looks like the drummer from New Order, which is a plus.
  2. Walcott, for all his technical and physical talents, has a football brain the size of a pea and decision making to match. He probably didn’t even think about squaring it (he is a striker too, scoring is in his brief), plus he probably wanted the goal himself after so long without (I like a bit of selfishness in a striker). Might give him a bit of confidence. For me this is a non issue.
  3. Looks a sore yin. Hope he's okay. Bit of a ledge.
  4. I'm worrying about how we're going to play next week.
  5. Just got in after 6 hour drive and missed 4 goals, after watching all of the dreck from last week.
  6. This keeper looks bollocks too, we haven't test him anywhere near enough.
  7. True - happens very often once a relegation is confirmed. Also, if you lose 9 games in a row, statistically, you have to win one eventually. Shouldn't detract from the fact we have been bollocks though.
  8. Can’t believe I missed this game, sounded tense but like we played well.
  9. It doesn't help having Leonard Cohen as their manager. I love his records, but have never felt that he has what it takes to manage at the highest level. League One tops.
  10. The hammers are in real trouble. Totally sold the sold the soul of the club with this bollocks new stadium and it really shows on the fans and the players. It feels like a Premier League version of MK Dons.
  11. But his ability to retain and recycle the ball, when he's on form is incredible. Better even that Fellaini's.
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