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  1. That was a sore one last night, the team obviously has an issue of some kind. The last 4 or 5 seasons it’s happened too many times to be a fluke or coincidence. Goals are outcomes but scoring them is a process, you can’t blame just one player for that they just failed as a team to react to the changed threat and didn’t play to kill the game. I’m sure however, all that can be fixed by Ancelotti; the other 92 minutes of the performance suggest that he is already fixing many others aspects; players finding their right place, more organisation in defence and we actually start to look like a team AND we are again a fun team to watch. It’s easy to get caught up in the disappointment but There were far too many positives last night for a couple of brain farts to detract from it.
  2. Two games tonight. The first one lasted 94 minutes and we won 2-0, the second lasted one minute and we lost 2-0. Absolute peenoids.
  3. Joelinton Travel Tavern goes off. And we thought we had striker problems.
  4. Mina once again showing that he his complete dollop at heading the ball. Every time everton score the @Everton twitter is putting up a kid's drawing of the scorer. I'm dying for another goal because they are hilarious.
  5. Well I think this game once and for all answers where Bernard should be playing.
  6. It's going well, but I'd like to see a change here. Get Walcott off and Coleman on.
  7. A lovely bit of play but Bernard just had to have scored then. One thing about Bernard tonight that I've never seen before is that he's quite vocal; pointing at where he wants the ball to go, bossing his team mates around. I've enjoyed seeing that.
  8. He's fast with the ball at his feet too.
  9. GO ON KEAN YOU BEAST - everywhere tonight
  10. Needed half time, we were starting to flag. The highest compliments I can play in that half: Even Schneiderlin managed not to be complete and utter turd, Bernard won a header and KEAN SCORED.
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