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    Alexander Ryazantsev

    You sure it isnt this fella? click

    Man Of The Match V Chelsea

    Johnny H by a fair margin I reckon (tho i only saw the 2nd half).

    Top Ten Signings

    1. Arteta 2. Saha 3. Jagielka 4. Pienaar 5. Cahill 6. Howard & Martyn (cheating a bit i know, couldnt squeeze him in anywhere but deserves a mention). 7. Lescott 8. Neville 9. Baines 10 Yobo

    Lets Rank Our Best Players

    In terms of importance to the team and nowt to do with potential or current form, (injured in brackets): 1. (Arteta) 2. Pienaar 3. (Jags) 4. Louis/Yak (couldnt split them) 5. Cahill 6. Howard 7. Rodwell 8. Baines 9. Distin/Yobo (couldnt split) 10. Bily (reckon in 12 months he'll be top5) 11. Heitinga/Fellaini/Jo/Gosling/Osman/Hibbert/Vaughan (undecided on all of them) 12. Vik etc etc

    Anyone Been Impressed With Saha?

    I honestly believe we have a better player than in his fulham days (when injury free...obviously). He's got everything and if we can play him & Yak together, i cant think of many defences who'd be too comfortable. Long live :king: Louis!

    Kieren Westwood

    Never seen him, my choice for the future is joe hart but he could cost a bit.

    The Worst Everton Player

    ...cant believe youve just done that to me - he was my choice and i thought he was all mine! Cant believe he actually played in an fa cup final for us! He was shocking!

    Greedy Fookin Bastard

    ...I would suggest both just to make sure! If this delay is caused by JL forcing the issue of a loyalty bonus, the fact is that he handed in a transfer request which although it was turned down, led to him being sold - we wouldnt have sold him for this amount (22/24) had he not handed in a request i believe................. ....eat shit J-lo or whatever your name is!

    Diniyar " Billy " Bilyaletdinov

    Good info Eeyore thanks. My question is... will you now be supporting efc? and my 2nd question is, do you have a spare right back (part-exchange will be very much considered/encouraged)!
  10. BLUE-TAC

    If I Was A Top Everton Player .....

    If I was a top Everton player......... I'd be a woman - they seem to be half decent anyway! Seriously i'd have my leg broke to play for them - they could stick me on the right wing while im on crutches and i reckon we'd see an improvement.
  11. BLUE-TAC

    If I Was A Top Everton Player .....

    If I Was A Top Everton Player ..... I'd probably be injured like the rest of them!
  12. BLUE-TAC

    Steven Taylor

    The ever reliable wiki has him as ours as of today! Do transfers actually happen on sundays? <_< Think he'd be a decent signing at an ok price. Always thought he was a geordie. wiki
  13. BLUE-TAC

    Isaac Vorsah

    Vorsah played for Asante Kotoko (sp) in Ghana for a bit - weren't we due to play them this pre-season. Wiki already has Bystrov as en EFC player from Monday 17th!
  14. Reckon you've intersepted one of BK's latest transfer bids??!
  15. BLUE-TAC

    Haka At Everton

    Thats what i call a pile of shit! .......