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  1. Philinsuffolk


  2. Philinsuffolk

    Deadline Day Stories..

    I would be reasonably satisfied if we get to end of tonight with exisitng squad all still in place. Any additional players in would simply be a bonus. Ensuring that Baines and Fellaini are still with us remains the key.
  3. Philinsuffolk

    Semi Final

    Nuneaton Bluenose - just make a quick call to the pubs concerned and make sure they are showing it. There is some strange bye-law that limits some of the pubs in the area from showing the game. The Bear on Wembley High Street is apparently showing it and the guy who runs it is a season ticket blue. If we win I will be hanging around afterwards in one or other pub and am sure many others will.
  4. Philinsuffolk

    Liverpool at Wembley

    I just hope the team hold their nerve, don't pick up early yellow cards. We all know the stats about how many red cards there have been in these fixtures in recent history. If we go a man down, we're stuffed. If they keep their discipline and perform like thye have for most of 2012 we have a cracking chance. I will be in the Wetherspoons (JJ Moon) from 11 and Block 123, Row 17. COYB - this time Blues, this time....
  5. Philinsuffolk

    Liverpool at Wembley

  6. Philinsuffolk

    Sunderland service station robbed

    That's a relief - have never had cause to disagree with anything Mike has said. I can relax again and got off my soapbox!
  7. Philinsuffolk

    Sunderland service station robbed

    If (and I stress IF) Everton fans were involved with this, then they bring embarressment to our club and the city. Sorry, but also have to disagree with the notion that its not a big deal - it is theft. Granted, it may not be the biggest crime of all time buts it is theft. And IF (that word again) our fans can afford the ticket cost then they can afford the cost of a bag of crisps or whatever bits were taken. A couple of quid difference to making a little damage to our reputation.
  8. I know loads of Reds that are desperate to win it and most are honest enough to admit that, the song about our cup final is a good bait especially when we are losing the 'final'. I just think the time may have come for us to hide the importance of it from them a bit. I don't ask if we can beat those sides, I state that we are capable of it and I do believe we can get to the Final and maybe even win it....and that is precisely why I back the DM decision this week.
  9. Guys, I take and see your points completely. I do of course stick with what I say. If we go out of the cup to Sunderland then his gamble would have failed. But I just think the reward was worth the risk. Whoever is right/wrong (nobody - just opinions) I just hope that tomorrow lunchtime is fervant support. Win together and lose together.
  10. I acknowledge that I am in a minority here, but personally I think there has been an over-reaction to what was ultimately a horrible night for us all (regardless of whether we thought it right or wrong we all suffered the humiliation). My thinking.. 1) In the run up to this week I knew in my mind that if we had to have 1 win, 1 defeat then I would 100% have taken the win as being in the cup game. In fact I remember thinking to myself it may be a first time ever that I would take a Derby defeat in return for another win. I accept the argument that losing the Derby increases the pressure for the cup game and that this may make it harder to win the cup tie, but ultimately in the current fast paced game I am inclined to believe that the fitness/recovery of players is more important than this psychology of a winning run. 2) Even if we had played our best (?) 11, who knows what the outcome would have been. In general play there wasn't 3 goals between the sides, the real difference was how much more ruthless Liverpool were in their attacks. Gerrard, Suarez and Henderson gave us trouble all night. I thought Baines had a poor game by his standards, though he wasn't helped by moving Pienaar from LM. 3) We need to win something, we really do. Sure, winning the cup is going to be really difficult. IF we win the QF then the chances are we will have to beat 2 out of Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool to lift the cup but we are capable. What's more if we want European football, getting to the Final may be enough. 4) In the 2nd half we brought on Drenthe, Osman and Jelavic and frankly we were worse. In the first half between say 10th anh minute we were ok, or at least we were worse in the 2nd half. The 2nd half performance was dire. 5) Finally (and don't shoot me) - the Liverpool fans are right, we treat the Derby as our cup final. I'm as guilty of this as anybody, I feel sick to the stomach every Derby Day. Those all too rare Derby wins are fantastic. But, bottom line it is still 3 points. If we really are going to move on then lets move on by winning things, qualifying for Europe (yes, I know a win would have got us to 7th place etc). Very rarely do I keep away from press, websites, etc but I did this week as I knew things would be hysterical. Things will be worse if we lose against Sunderland. But maybe its not the manager that had a lack of ambition this week, maybe its us. Just a thought. I may well be wrong about this but I will say this - I am absolutely certain that Moyes and the players will put things right on Saturday. COYB.
  11. Philinsuffolk

    David Moyes. Ten Years

    I am really very grateful for the loyalty that Moyes has shown. I am sure there are times when he could have walked away and if he had done so a new manager may not have been able to save us from relegation given the limited resources. Outside of the 5-6 clubs with the most money no club is safe from the threat of relegation but if DM left soon then the next boss has a better foundation to work from. The DM article in today's Sunday Times was brilliant. Some laugh out loud lines and a paragraph about Duncan as captain for that first game against Fulham which makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In terms of the immediate future, this week is one of the biggest weeks in the whole of David's tenure with us. A Derby win that takes us 7th (and with a fighting chance of european football) and a place in the FA Cup semi final would be huge. Let's hope for a special week. And thank you David. Thank you for getting us.
  12. Philinsuffolk

    Nikica Jelavic

    Good idea this - if we knew that someone like Baxter or McAleny were going to get first team action for Rangers. Probably can't afford to let Victor, Vellios or Gueye go out on loan though.
  13. Philinsuffolk

    Junior Hoillet

    No chance of us getting him. If he is this close to being a free agent he will have a choice of clubs in the summer and some of those clubs will offer him more chance of success than us. He's going to be a really good player.
  14. Philinsuffolk

    What's wrong with us, the fans?

    I agree with Blue Monday - that IF we were to finish top 8 then the manager and squad would deserve credit for that. That isn't to say that we would necessarily be happy with that, we wouldn't, but realistically it would be a good effort. Who knows, maybe a decent cup run to go with that too! The problem is we have some tough games coming up, form is dire and any more injuries and its a problem. The one thing that I don't think we have had yet this season, is a moment in the season that changes things - whether it be a lucky goal, a great fightback or just a crunching tackle like Neville on Ronaldo. We so need that moment and very soon. In the meantime we just have to hope that the squad is working very hard and that there is a good team spirit not a divided camp.
  15. Sorry if posting in wrong place but thought people may want to know.. TV Channel ESPN Classic today showed a 2-part programme - Best FA Cup moments for Everton. I missed it but they are repeating it at 4am and 5am on Tuesday morning. Got to be worth taping if you have this channel. It is 2 parts remember. In a couple of years they will update it to show our 2012 Cup Final win! :-)