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  1. Was there myself. VAR is going to ruin the game, because in addition to the delays in play, you can probably find an elbow where a ref could give a red if he wanted in most matches when there truly wasn''t much in it. I prefer getting mad at refs because they blew a call in real time rather than giving them another opportunity to make themselves the center of the match.
  2. Antonee Robinson

    I'd be happy if he makes himself a useful squad player.
  3. Bond 26

    No. The character is not specific to an ethnicity, but it is clearly a man, per Fleming's creation. There can be plenty of women spy characters, but James Bond is not one of them.
  4. Bond 26

    Never Say Never Again doesn't count!!! Though, I think Roger Moore did A View To a Kill in his late 50's, right? Watching "the Wire" as we speak - in the middle of season three. Idris Elba is incredible. That being said, I really don't think making a misogynistic, womanizing, killing machine black is some monumental step in race relations. Not saying Bond can't or shouldn't be a minority, but I really don't think that it is much of a landmark for society nor is it some sort of advancement for the character. That being said, if Idris Elba is the best man for the job, of course I'm all in.
  5. Antonee Robinson

    Called up to the USMNT. Somehow it slipped through that he's a Yank! COME ON ANTONEE!
  6. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Actually, the tv money drastically increased at the beginning of 2016/2017 from prior levels, making the PL hands down the richest league in the world. Moshiri bought his stake in March 2016, for reference.
  7. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

  8. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Everyone is spending money because of the tv money - We have nowhere near the finance of Spurs even.
  9. Darron Gibson

    How? Again, just how? Everyone makes mistakes, but to do this twice (caught twice, he's probably done it a lot more often) is just damning. This sort of repeat misbehavior under the influence makes me fear for the lad - think he may have alcohol-related issues given his track record of getting completely pissed and then making very poor decisions.
  10. Really sad about this. I visited this bar when I was doing a summer internship in New York City in the summer of 2016. Funny, I planned to be in New York City following university graduation, but landed a job (that I'm very happy with) home in Atlanta (I believe I've mentioned my geographic location before, Cornish Steve, so don't act surprised that we share a city!). Given my admiration and love for NYC, there's a decent chance I eventually move there for work - this saddens me because my vision of NY life always involved Saturday mornings in my favorite part of town (West Village. For those who visit NYC, please take a peek at this part of town. Very cool, calm part of town despite being on the insane island of Manhattan) watching my favorite team play. Everton are very much a part of my life, and should I ever leave Atlanta, I'm sure joining the local supporter's club will be one of my quickest ways of making friends wherever I go, so I feel bad for those who are losing there home to watch the club play and also a part of my future dream (*Queue Oasis' "Half the World Away"*), but I'm sure another Everton bar will pop up and that group of people will find a different home to watch the game together (I believe there is an Everton bar that recently popped up in Brooklyn). Having a supporters club to watch the game with other Blues over here in the States makes the fan experience so much closer to the real thing (Going to Goodison), and it sure kicks the shit out of watching the matches in my bedroom as a high schooler on a shitty stream off the internet like I was doing when I started watching the Blues in 2010. In a way, I guess the NYC Evertonians will have to do what all Evertonians do when the club move from Goodison to Bramley Moore - cherish the memories of the old joint, while making new memories and creating new traditions at the new place. I'll be raising a glass for Mr. Dennehys on Saturday morning. Sorry for the tangent - I usually stick to sarcasm and snide remarks aimed at players, the club, and some of the more fanatical supporters, but this struck a chord with me as an American Evertonian.
  11. Muhamed Besic

    If he's doing this well, I'd like to see a new manager come in and evaluate him. Maybe regular playing time will knock some dust off that's developed due to injuries/not playing much. Still don't think he'll feature here again, but we will see.
  12. Who do you NOT want

    Mauricio Pellegrino - he's available, but I just don't think he's very good
  13. Sandro Ramirez

    I think I've said this on this forum before, but Guillem Balague, the notable Spanish football journalist, said that Sandro "Needed to feel special" when we signed him/made him sound like a diva. Clearly a guy cut out to play in the warm weather of Spain in an attacking oriented, non physical league.
  14. Cenk Tosun

    I don't want to hail Sam as a genius or this move as genius or correct, but yes. Not every player we sign needs to play right away for their sake of getting acclimated, even if the team desperately needed/needs a #9. Agreed. This is mitigated somewhat when playing next to pacey players like Walcott and Bolasie (Would be nice to have someone more clinical than Yannick though) as well as fullbacks with mobility such as Baines and Coleman who can attack down the flank. I just wish one of our number 10's had some pace to give opponents something different/to make runs coming from behind Tosun. None of Rooney, Siggy, and Klaassen really have legs.
  15. Yes. He just needs to adapt to the pace, of which I think he will. If he gets service, he should score. Excellent finisher with two good feet and decent in the air.