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  1. Quinn31

    Paulo Fonseca

    I certainly don't see him getting a big six job in this country coming from Shaktar - maybe Chelsea if that job becomes less attractive. Probably in position to manage one of the big French or Italian clubs, maybe Atletico/Valencia
  2. Quinn31

    Oumar Niasse

    Nothing but the Best (Effort) is Good Enough
  3. Quinn31

    Oumar Niasse

    Yeah - I can't comment either way because I don't watch Senegal or the French League at all, so I can't compare Niasse vs players playing in France.
  4. Quinn31

    Oumar Niasse

    Not in Senegal's WC squad. For context, they are taking Sadio Mane, Mame Biram Diouf (Stoke), two lads from Rennes and one from Amiens in Ligue 1, and M'Baye Niang as forwards.
  5. Fair point - agreed. I feel like we have 7 or 8 players that need to be moved or on who need to be replaced by 4 or 5 real difference makers when it comes to the playing staff. As I said, a top drawer centerback, a clear successor to Baines, a striker with more pace than Tosun but also who has goals in them, and it would be nice to see someone in central midfield with ball playing ability who is also a pacey and physical presence (Doucoure?). Again, I'm not attacking this forum - this forum relative to other Everton forums has top drawer posts and people who are genuinely interested in learning/teaching as much about the game as possible , to which I've been a huge beneficiary. I just think there's a "Burn it all down" segment out there (check twitter) that can be quite vocal and could harm the club they love Just some food for thought - it's easy to judge players and the manager. We all know football some and can sufficiently judge the performance of those positions. It's much harder to judge executive roles, whether it be DoF or the more commercially oriented positions. While Walsh certainly hasn't played his cards super well given how woefully unbalanced the squad was at the beginning of the year lacking 1) pace 2) clear cover at fullback 3) two capable centerbacks to serve as a pair 4) a replacement goalscorer for Lukaku - I also see the clear lack of clarity on who was a Walsh signing vs Koeman and what their responsibilities were... Martina and Klaassen scream Koeman signings while Rooney screams as a board level signing - Walsh can clearly be accountable for 1) not being able to sign a #9 in the window (though we just needed Giroud to have a better spouse) 2) Needing to sign the RIGHT centerback and then signing Keane, who on his best days has been mediocre and appears physically incapable of being a defender in an expansive team and 3) paying an insane fee for Sigurdsson, though you could argue we got our man and a quality player, just not at the right price (Just as you could argue Sandro was worth a punt at $5m). I don't know if Walsh is grossly incompetent as a DoF and meant to stay a scout, or if he just didn't get it right this time and work well with Koeman - unlike managers, who need to maintain the confidence of the players, scouts and DoF's ability to recruit talent/have an eye for a player should remain more stagnant where as a manager's relevance more or less come and goes, and is dependent on their relationship with their players as well as the modernity of their training methods and tactics. That's why I'm not 100% Walsh out - he didn't get it right this time, but I'm not entirely sure that he's a waste of space and wouldn't be capable of doing a better job going forward. I understand having high standards (NSNO), but we should all be cognizant of the deck being stacked against us financially relative to the "Big 6" (Spurs, City, and Chelsea dwarf us financially, what a fucking joke) - I just don't want us to be getting in another vicious cycle of getting super excited by heads rolling/changing of the guard/new faces and then being disappointed because results aren't immediately as good as they were in the 80's. I'm cautiously optimistic regarding the stadium and all the new changes, and I'm anxiously awaiting the managerial appointment. I think more faces need to leave than need to come in this summer with the squad, we're bloated in terms of numbers, so let's build back up slowly but correctly rather than bringing in loads of players without a clear plan for them. As for Mr. Moshiri, Koeman and Walsh were good appointments on paper, they just lacked a plan/structure/didn't end up as good as advertised - Moshiri has put his money where his mouth is repeatedly and now has acted swiftly and decisively to try and improve his project. You can criticize the outcome, but the will and effort has been there. While we are miles off the top 4, I think with the right manager and the right signings this summer, and with some luck with injuries, we could very well be back around the 60 point mark (Maybe a bit above it) and take it to the big 6 in some matches in that Cavalier manner we love our blues for. Remember, Koeman signed Ashley Williams, Gueye, Bolasie, Stek, and Schneiderlin (in January), as well as young players DCL and Lookman (January), but was able to take a squad that finished on 47 points and in 11th the prior two seasons up to 61 points and 7th place - the complete lack of individual and team defending that killed us for a few years was rectified, as I believe a few good signings and the right man could restore some footballing identity to us now. We're never as good as we think we are, and it's never as bad as we think. This restoration of status would refill me with the pride that I have from being an Evertonian, and make me recognize the club I know - from there, we build. Onwards and Upwards.
  6. Sam Allardyce - over the moon he's gone Contract extensions - no, I must've missed the news article where that's a rumor. Do you want that or something? Lee and Shakespeare of course go with Allardyce Walsh - not sure Elstone - think he's served us well and a change might be welcome, not sure about Barrett-Baxendale. Not so much displeased with the Board and Executive changes, but rather confused as to why everyone is getting excited about them. Keith Harris - Been around the commercial side of the game for awhile, definite business acumen but was involved in some shitty sales I believe - M&A guys/investment bankers are almost always out for themselves above all else. New CFO - don't know enough about him The club has drifted badly on the pitch in the last 12 months, but I think quite a lot has gone in the right direction off the pitch in relation to the stadium project and other commercial agreements. See my earlier comments about things sometimes needing a tweaking rather than a complete facelift.
  7. Nice choice - I like him too. I feel like we should be able to get pretty flexible terms on his contract too since we are clearly the best job he could get. A payoff to Watford does not make me happy though - Their fan forums leave them looking quite a petty bunch.
  8. Quinn31

    Ramiro Funes Mori

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  9. Quinn31

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    A first team centerback and leftback are the absolute top two priorities. Someone who can immediately replace Baines or at least become his successor while serving as competent cover now is needed. We were shambolic at centerback this year, though we never really had a consistent pairing until the end with Keane and Jags - a confident and athletic centerback is needed and hopefully one of the existing centerbacks can serve as his partner. Williams needs to move on.
  10. Sometimes a house needs new furniture, a new paint job, plumbing work done, etc. There's a certain segment of fans that want to demolish the house every time it has a leaky faucet - social media just amplifies angry voices. Not too indifferent from Trump, Brexit (No offense to the Leave voters here)
  11. Because Relegation Roberto's third season matched his second - 47 points, 11th place.
  12. Quinn31

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    He chose to manage Watford, which cycles through managers near annually and doesn't give them personnel decision making ability.
  13. One disappointing season doesn't mean you need to completely clean house - not in American sports like football, hockey, baseball - also in the business world... We gave Martinez a third season after his second season was worse than this one (11th place, 47 points).
  14. Good shout. I'm a snarky ass and you'd be better off without me! 😆 Remember I'm from the backwards side of the Atlantic, so I don't get that reference! Oh, Allardyce needed to go. I just think there is a group of people who wanted as many heads to roll as possible, regardless of their capabilities in their role and their contributions or lack thereof to this past season. I think this same group will start bitching about not signing enough players this window and then go ballistic at our first run of bad form.