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  1. Quinn31

    Nikola Vlasic

    Agreed. Think he'd really help Unsworth's team.
  2. Quinn31

    Wayne Rooney

    "When England is sending us their people, they're not sending us there best and brightest! They're sending us rapists and murderers and football forum commenters! These people have serious mental problems, like supporting Everton!" - Donald Trump on the 2016 campaign trail
  3. Quinn31

    Wayne Rooney

    Nice one... ass😂 You've officially stung we butthurt Yanks on here
  4. Quinn31

    Roberto Martinez

    I think he could do well with top players... if he can win over the dressing room and not have them treat him like a clown. Real Madrid's dressing room has to be the biggest bunch of egomaniacs in football...
  5. Quinn31

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Seems like the players really respect him both for his ability and his character. Refreshing, as it seems like Koeman alienated most of the dressing room and I can only imagine what listening to an Allardyce team talk must be like
  6. 😂 Cool it Matt! I like you!
  7. They exaggerate a bit - They are Texas' team, which, thankfully, is not a representation of the rest of our nation
  8. Quinn31

    Kevin Mirallas

    Wish he'd keep his mouth shut while he's still on contract to us. I believe he's a diva, but it's just kinda who he is. He's just going to fuss if he isn'tt playing. Better than someone like Shaun Wright-Phillips or Scott Sinclair who'd rather collect a huge paycheck and not play.
  9. Quinn31

    James McCarthy

    Amazing that man is allowed anywhere near a senior international team.... Or an amateur team... or a Sunday League team.
  10. @Bailey Would do a proper job I reckon. If not him, I think we should go for Messi.
  11. Quinn31


    I thought it was a tad uncalled for for @hafnia to call you a lump of shite😂
  12. Quinn31


    I can think of a guy with those two qualities who might be available soon.
  13. Quinn31

    Michael Keane

    I can't make a decision either but he has not been near the nuisance he was last year. My gut says he's improved but he's also playing in a better team and clearly benefits and should only be played with a pacey centerback next to him.
  14. Quinn31

    Cenk Tosun

    I think he will kick on - would be ludicrous to sell him in January when DCL and Niasse are the alternative number 9s and Cenk has shown something here, if not consistently. Klaassen wasn't even getting into matchday squads..
  15. Quinn31

    Marco Silva (manager)

    1. Fans 2. My primary point as to why he's not serving his purpose