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  1. Quinn31

    Ademola Lookman

    The other one... lol I like it. Lookman must be told to give it a chance and he must be given a chance. If he doesn't want to be here on one year or if Silva doesn't want him, then let both parties move on then, but he must be convinced and encouraged to stay.
  2. Depends on what time of agreement mate, could very well be binding, could very well be binding with termination fees. Question: What's your favorite railroad in the UK? I was thinking of taking the Caledonian Sleeper to Scotland if I ever visit.
  3. Quinn31

    Emil Forsberg

    Not sure he's who I'd want but I'd rather be after guys who disappointed this World Cup because ones who impressed fetch insane fees.
  4. Quinn31

    Kieran Tierney

    Really hopeful on this one - looks an excellent young player, and obviously with the pricetag, not "one for the future" but one for the present AND future.
  5. It would be massive commercial revenues rather than matchday revenues that would really allow us to catch up.
  6. Quinn31

    2018 World Cup

    That was my angle on the matter.
  7. Quinn31

    2018 World Cup

    What I'm trying to say is that I think he might really fancy the Spain job, but will need to create a new perception of himself at Belgium to land a job like that...
  8. Quinn31

    2018 World Cup

    Bit of a golden age for them - not sure they'll be at that position in 5-10 years - Belgium definitely not in the tier of Brazil, Spain, Germany, France in terms of the status and perception of the job.
  9. Quinn31


    ....And we all like Vindaloo!
  10. Quinn31

    2018 World Cup

    Oh dear. Please no. Please, save it for the Lukaku thread. Please God. Japan did really well - played to their style, lucky to not concede earlier but didn't capitulate when it went to 2-2 but rather slowly grew back into the game... Extra time would've been interesting. Martinez needs a semifinal or final run here.... If he had gone out at the round of 16 with a performance like that against Japan, he would've really given the pundits ammo who say he's not cut for the top level. A surprise run for Belgium maybe, just maybe, could get his name tossed around some big national jobs or European qualified club jobs.
  11. Quinn31

    Luke Garbutt

    I'd rather him take a step down below his likely level and show what a talent he is rather than risk being Browning or Galloway, who hardly played on loan last year at all and wasted a year of development. Think he will ultimately be a Championship player.
  12. Think it will be Keane and another defender we sign who can slot in.
  13. Quinn31

    2018 World Cup

    Gana scores for Senegal. Mark, I presume you are not one of Ohio's many Americans with Polish ancestry?
  14. Quinn31

    Captain next season?

    So much this. The captaincy is another distraction and English media obsession that underscores the overall cohesiveness of a dressing room where the players have a high level of respect for each other and the coaches, and where individuals are held accountable to an accepted standard.
  15. Quinn31

    Marco Silva (manager)

    This. The marketing professionals at the club know what the fans want to hear and they give it to them... Let me guess, Silva is singing "Can' buy me Stones" in the shower?