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  1. Quinn31

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Terreira's tackle worse than what Jags got a red for... Just saying.
  2. Quinn31

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    1-1. Everything from Roberto's first season just seemed rosier than it was.
  3. Quinn31

    Record against top 6

    I love getting results against the big boys, and I'll point out that we can not capitulate against them like we did last year (pathetic) or be as cautious as Moyes was setting us up away from home.... But, the true key is going to be taking care of the dross home and away. Losing the past two was unacceptable (Huddy and WHU). I want to regain that ability to knock off the big boys, but I want more consistency across the board (refinding form away from home, beating weak teams)
  4. Quinn31

    Yannick Bolasie

    Championship though mate - completely different level. I would say he's one that I at least don't have to worry about fans wanting back (like Besic), but I could see him doing well and people being like "well, he's had time to get back in the flow since his injury... he deserves a shot!"
  5. We've shown a lot of energy and attacking intent despite having a lot of injuries and not being able to develop a settled back four, which is crucial for any good side! COYB
  6. Quinn31

    Cenk Tosun

    He's done a good job in linking up play and we know he can finish, he just needs to get back in form. Let's not get hyperbolic on this one, I think Cenk is plenty good for this level.
  7. Quinn31

    Marco Silva (manager)

    1 point maybe? It's hardly the worst offense and will be hard done by given that the top 6 get away with this sort of behavior constantly. You all should check out the Watford fan forum - amazing how big of a deal this is for them since they're a small club with no rivals.
  8. Disagree. Also, the whole "role model" argument is nonsense and hints at a greater problem, the lack of adequate parenting in society.
  9. Quinn31

    Nikola Vlasic

    Never rated him.
  10. Quinn31

    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Ah, an international break.... the time for all the old stories to come out so the journos have something to write about and us something to talk about it. Agree with this - we have no idea if any of its true or what exactly happened, and even if it did, I'd be happier if Dunc, Unsworth, and Morgan were all man enough to put it behind them - I'd be more concerned if they let one bustup or bit of drama ruin their working relationships...
  11. Quinn31

    Jordan Pickford

    We should've sang "We've got a diamond in Denis Straquarlursi" back when he was around, though it would've been completely false 😂 Funny how we still talk about Straq but never say Saha or Bilyaletdinov or some of the others who here mildly longer. I guess it's better to be unforgetably average!
  12. Quinn31

    Jordan Pickford

    Does he sing "Can't buy me Stones" in the shower?
  13. Quinn31

    New song for the terrace

    Can we please confirm that this died with a whimper?
  14. Rashford sent off rightfully given the Richarlison incident. Would've been infuriated if he was only given a yellow.
  15. Quinn31

    Oumar Niasse

    Fair play and it would appear my suggestion has been voted down and that he's a much better footballer than Straq or Oumar (And Hibbo*). *Indicates acknowledgement as to Hibbo's defensive prowess but complete ineptitude in the attacking half.