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  1. Tim Cahill

    Could be returning to Millwall, believe it or not.
  2. Excellent post. We could have as big or larger of a problem in terms of personnel working together than plain incompetence. We could have good people who just don't know how to work together. Confusion between Walsh and the manager on who signs the players and is in charge of recruitment - it used to be all Moyes or Martinez - even Bill seems to get involved here Bill and Moshiri now share the decisionmaking where as it used to be all Bill - now Bill is chairman and knows the club better but Moshiri has the real say because he's the money The teams that seem to work well with the DoF model seem to have a set football philosophy, and a Director and Scouting team that knows what they need and can plug and play to whoever is the manager, someone always familiar with the philosophy that the club have.
  3. Needs for 2018/19

    A Must A new manager. Give Schneiderlin a literal kick up the bum - maybe force him to divorce his new wife or whatever has his head elsewhere Needs 1. Move on Funes Mori and Williams and bring in a 23-26 year old centerback who is in the prime of his career. 2. A new leftback (Ryan Sessegnon, Kieran Tierney, Luke Shaw if deemed surplus - I'm sure you can find fullbacks good enough in Germany, France, Spain as well) 3. Move on Aaron Lennon if the numbers work - make a decision on whether Vlasic and Lookman are good enough or if they should be loaned out - Interesting to see if Walcott comes in or not. 4. Move on a central player or two: Pick who is excess of Klaassen, Besic, McCarthy Luxuries 1. Allow Joel to leave if he wants first team football - he should... Sign a veteran keeper on the cheap - ideally one who could help Pickford with the mental aspects of the game 2. Another forward, especially if we move Sandro and/or Niasse on. Make sure he offers something different from the existing lot 3. A big, strong, pacey central mid (Doucoure?)
  4. As much as I think fans should have a voice, I hope our fans don't start behaving like Newcastle fans and fluctuate only between extreme anger and extreme elation.
  5. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    My word you are bearish.
  6. I'm familiar because the club were skint. If one thinks a few banners are going to force out investors who have hundreds of millions of pounds tied into the club, they're naive.
  7. Luke Garbutt

    Yes, and we released Toto Nsiala at age 20 who has gone on to play for Southport, Hartlepool, Accrington Stanley, and Shrewsbury Town - some people are simply not good enough.
  8. Martin Terrier

    His brother Bedlington is even better I hear!
  9. How do you know this? Think it's all a bit silly since I can remember when signing Straq and Drenthe on loan was the extent of our summer business, or when we signed Beckford from League One as well as Magaye Gueye and Joao Silva. Think this summer will be crucial for us on appointing the right manager if we don't keep Sam as well as finding the right back four - Baines needs replacing and we probably need to move on at least a few of Funes Mori, Williams, Jags. Two huge tasks and that's assuming that Tosun kicks on and becomes the number 9 we need.
  10. Tom Davies

    Can you get a taxi driver to corroborate your story please?
  11. Luke Garbutt

    Not good enough. He's 24 and not made an impression, so I don't think that will change going forward. He's not a youngster anymore.
  12. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    This is a huge match any way you cut it - we lose this and we are really pulling ourselves back into the scrap. We win and we're on 30 points with the continued opportunity to get top half/top 8.
  13. Mason Holgate

    If for some reason, Holgate gets banned and nothing happens for Firmino, I think the club should either 1) forfeit the upcoming derby both derbies next year and refuse to play them or 2) our players need to put in some absolute crunchers on their players until we are reduced to zero men or we've broken every last Liverpudlian leg. I'm usually not one for emotion and anger, but that's honestly what we should do.
  14. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Spurs 2 Everton 1 Rooney
  15. This is how it's done over here in the land of backwards.