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  1. Great business minus centerback, which could prove to be scary. Completely reliant on Keane continuing good form and Mina coming good, both of which are shaky. After that, thinking about the cover behind them is just frightening.
  2. Glad he's gone if for no reason other than not having to one of our players referred to as "Pickles".
  3. This. This isn'tt his level. I'm sure he will make a good Championship defender and he should find a side sooner rather than later, and we shouldn't pin false hopes that he's the answer.
  4. The path to Champions League, or Top 6, starts with a European ban and/or transfer ban to one or more of the big 6.
  5. Hi Stev0, comments provided above.
  6. Your hyperbolic reaction and non-appreciation for my background (that gives me unique expertise here) aside, my original point that we are still miles off Spurs, the least financially strong of the "big six", stands whether you're capable of comprehending that or not.
  7. Right... Moshiri is worth ~$1.5 billion - he can't bankroll us, or wouldn't be wise to, to keep up with the likes of Spurs or City. We'd also be in violation of financial fair play, but please feel free to debate me, a finance professional, on this.
  8. 2017-2018 Turnover: City: 470m pounds Spurs: > 300m pounds Everton: ~170m pounds
  9. Good post - I work in aviation and saw this quote and was going to post it but you beat me to it! Aerospace is one of the few manufacturing industries where the UK (and the US...) still have a leading presence.
  10. We don't have anywhere near the financial clout of Spurs, much less City.
  11. Is the Den/Millwall fans still as.... rough and tumble as their reputation?
  12. My big problem in this country is that we hold our celebrities and athletes to higher standards of personal conduct than we do our leaders.... Seriously, leave Rooney alone folks.
  13. Not sure what his post retirement plans are, but could he be a good fit to work for Everton in the Community? If he's truly passionate about philanthropy, I would love to enable him to do so through our club. The work any club does in the community would be amplified if they had an ex-player involved on a day to day level, as it would probably garner more attention from fans and the media.
  14. Think it will be an iconic stadium and in a way, we're lucky to have seen others make mistakes (West Ham) so we can ensure that the new design isn'tt a total atrocity. I think a jump from 39.2k straight to 60 would've been a bit ambitious - remember, the club is taking a financial risk by doing this and we don't want to be burdened with an oversized stadium we can't fill up and need the city of Liverpool to bail us out. Also, the marginal revenue from those last 10K seats are less than the previous 10k before it and they are likely to be "worse" seats. I probably would've preferred slightly large but it's nice to know we can expand if need be. I'm now itching to see some renderings!
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