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  1. trouble is you seem to be here on your own apart from me that is.
  2. It was agenuine new thread concerning a possible new manager Couldn't see a new manager thread sor Hodgson Thread. Message wasn't moved it was removed Can't be doing with this NSNO here i come
  3. General everton discussion Saying Hodgson done well maybe should be considered if Fat Sam goes
  4. my Hodgson post was removed
  5. got to be honest the censorship is overwhelming Gave it a chance but not for me cheers fellas
  6. Ok i'm offended😪 Will now be visiting NSNO and Grand old Tteam Just don't tell Grand old team
  7. not sure if i should be offended or pleased with this but i concur with it never the less
  8. Just looked it seems i've been away 7 years unless i've made a mistake As for OS what a pile of shite that was
  9. topics of discussion on a scale of 1-10 How bad is Allardyce When will Marco Silva be appointed How bad have the Board handled things this season
  10. feel its time to express my candid views on our current state
  11. been away awhile considering coming back anyone left here who i may know
  12. milky71


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