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  1. Yea its a good site that mate...ow long it take ya 2 do it like????
  2. they made us good on it anyway...im in the champs league semi final on mine an kilbanes me best midfielder lol
  3. yup i dnt think much of davies either...yet another transfer f*ck up. Thort we wer unlucky there today tho. BT was unluky at the end. Cracker by leon like ya say i think he's one of our better players...wen he plays well the whole team does.
  4. definatly agree with the Director of football idea there licker....who could do it tho???? cnt c that bein true to be honest (bit of wishful thinkin there i think)...dnt dispute that wer shit in the transfer market tho...sissoko was another deal they managed 2 fuck up
  5. theres nuffin wrong with it mate....jst full of the older generation!!!!!( if thats the way 2 put it)
  6. hahaha r u lot mad? callin me a hacker is a mighty big compliment ere lads...hardly no how 2 work this fookin thing!!!!
  7. i feel as if the lads that play for us aren't as well looked after as the liverpool lads i no 2 lads that play 4 us an 1 dats plays 4 the shite an the 1 thats plays 4 them is well better than the other 2. it seems 2 me as if its alot harder 2 get into the liverpool academy
  8. simple as lads we've bin robbed by the so called best ref in the world....if he'd ave let that go we'd ave bin favorites 2 go on 2 win from there...gutted
  9. 2-1 to the mighty blues...arteta free kick an big timmy
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