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  1. Heitinga's hoofing for one is more accurate! Not that i am a fan of hoofball. Jagielka seems in cruise mode to me. Eff him off to the bench for a few games and let our Holland international have a crack for a few games.. can it be any worse?
  2. Has taken the No.10 shirt. The deal has been declared as a loan but on the Real Madrid OS it says they have released his registering rights to Everton FC. He is free to leave Madrid at the end of this season anyway? And i have read in different places that Real have released him. Anything heard?
  3. Maybe a little mongrel is what we need? Maybe ohh maybe!
  4. Good to see Saha getting another goal although in a pedestrian paced testimonial.. Decent goal. Louis just don't use up all your scoring vouchers yet!
  5. Would be brilliant.. but the funds just aren't there!
  6. If Downing leaves Villa.. then they're gonna be cashed up and short of players. They already have the Young money. We need to get Yobo sorted and off and then get some form off deal done asap after Yobo departs. I think it'll take a little while for us too sort it whereas if Villa come in and offer over the odds then were not getting him. I don't think we will end up with him anyway!
  7. Clichy will be off to Man City and then Arsene will dust off his purse and come calling for Baines. Won't happen though!
  8. Exciting because it will most likely free up some funds that we can use on transfers. Ahhh don't be daft who are we kidding!
  9. This will be brilliant. A winger with pace, trickery and a cross and to think he will be played on the left with our World Class LB.. i must be setting myself up for disappointment haha!
  10. It's rumored that Yakubu isn't willing to sign for a championship team and has been offered a contract extension with us. 1 year added on apparently
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