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  1. I'm reading rumours of Ancelloti now. Would prefer him over the rest of the dross that's been mentioned, including Moyes. Can't see it though.
  2. Not sure why they went with Duncan over Unsworth this time around. Seems like kind of a slap in the face to him, but what do I know?
  3. Being a pedant, but he's in Austria with RB Salzburg. He is doing a good job though! He would be an interesting shout.
  4. Tbf, Sunderland had no business being in the league then. They were terrible and still are, hence why they're struggling to get out of League 1. That said, I don't want Moyes.
  5. I feel like there are stories continuously coming out of Italy regarding racism. What is going on over there?
  6. If there is any truth to this rumour then I hope he didn't catch the game last night and isn't aware of where we are in the table.
  7. It made no sense. Granted, he didn't have much options in midfield, but I wouldn't be bringing on Morgan regardless. I would've just kept Gylfi on even though he was ineffective. He at least has the ability to score from nothing in a flash whereas Morgan can't. I just don't get bringing on a defensive player when we're down.
  8. He scores some great goals from time to time, but that's really all he offers at this point, and they are frequent enough to justify his place in the starting eleven. We need some pace in the center of the park. It wouldn't surprise me if we had the slowest midfield in the league.
  9. I rolled my eyes and threw my hands up in the air. That was the dagger for me.
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