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  1. I'm thinking that Theo will start. I would prefer Lookman, but it would be harsh on Theo not to start him after he scored (albeit in a one-sided victory).
  2. Why are we still talking about Lukaku? He hasn't played for us for two seasons now.
  3. I think we have to win our last three in order to claim 7th. It will be hard with Spurs in the mix.
  4. Holgate -- getting more minutes at WBA than he would have here. Smart to send him on loan as we have 4 senior CBs and 2 capable (natural) right-backs. Beni -- has made one appearance for Wigan. How many times have we expected players to be the next best thing only to not make it? Vlasic -- wanted more minutes than he would've gotten here so it was the right decision to send him on loan. Davies is the only one you could possibly make an argument about, but he's not as good as Gomes, Schneiderlin, and yes, Gana (an opinion that most pundits/coaches/teammates/fans/etc. would agree with). At this point, I really think you're just trolling. You can't honestly say you know anything about football and still not see what Gana brings to the team.
  5. I used to think we were such a progressive country. Reality hurts.
  6. Rubes, there was an episode showing the origin of the Night King. You've missed something there pal!
  7. We absolutely bossed them. Great game with great goals.
  8. sibdane


    Happy late birthday!
  9. It was good, but like Rom said, they were just setting up the rest of the season.
  10. I think you're ignoring the part I put in bold when quoting Pete.
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