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  1. I've seen that too. Definitely want to watch it.
  2. I'm one of the few that thought the ending was great. There was only one season that didn't really make sense or contribute to the story, but the other seasons completely made up for it. And even though that one season didn't make much sense, it was still entertaining. I love the characters in that show.
  3. Sibdane

    Jokes thread

    This man right here officer.
  4. I'm prepared for the hate, but my all-time favorite show ahead of BB is LOST. BB is a close second though.
  5. I can't stand Raiola, but I'm at least happy that he has a good relationship with Kenwright and Brands. He represents some of the best players, and having him on our side can only be a good thing. I think...
  6. I was wondering where you went. That profile picture is hard to forget!
  7. He seems decent on the ball, but his decision-making in preseason was awful. We had a couple of 3-on-1s when he had possession, and he failed to make the easy pass or just ran straight into the defender. I know he's young, but the lack of awareness was shocking to me. Maybe I'm being too harsh.
  8. But... but... this can't be true? Silva has no idea what he's doing?!
  9. And they're really good at sneaking into your roof and destroying cables.
  10. To be fair, squirrels can be aggressive when they're scared or hungry. I remember going to the Grand Canyon once, and they would come up to you when they thought you were eating, expecting food (you're not supposed to feed them), and they would follow you around and circle your feet and fight each other in order to get food.
  11. Hey now Pal, if anything we made it better.
  12. Missed this one. Is the "er" in British English pronounced with the "a" sound? @MikeO
  13. He also pronounces huge as "yuge." You might want to find a better source mate!
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