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  1. We were linked with both Tielemans and Praet at one point. Now they're running the midfield for LC.
  2. I've always been impressed by Albrighton. Is it just me?
  3. Anyone have a stream they can PM me? Please and thank you.
  4. Agreed. The whole midfield needs cleaning-up, bar Gomes.
  5. This is the lineup I would've gone for also (except I'd pick Bernard but trust Carlo).
  6. Interesting to see Gordon again over Bernard. I'm starting to think Carlo doesn't rate him.
  7. It's not looking good for him. His responses to COVID-19 and the BLM/Defund Police movement hasn't been received well. It doesn't help him that the economy isn't doing as well as he claimed it would be at this time.
  8. Hard to believe we're where we're at after finishing 5th in Martinez' first season. There was so much hope back then.
  9. I was waiting on you to drop in and make a comment on ole Yannick.
  10. I don't think he is a poor player at all, but that game against Norwich was something else. Like others have said, I don't really see what his role is in the squad. He's not going to score a lot of goals; he's not going to be a defensive hound; and he's not going to be a creative player in the middle of the park. I so desperately want him to succeed, but he really has regressed since he first made his appearances.
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