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  1. sibdane

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Bournemouth 1 - 2 Everton Tosun
  2. sibdane

    Henry Onyekuru

    I get the weirdest feeling that he'll never actually play for us. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. sibdane

    Wayne Rooney

    Glad he's doing well. I thought he'd struggle, but he's been putting excellent shifts in for a team that really needed a leader.
  4. Relegation/Promotion is great and it works in Europe, but that model wouldn't work in the USA... yet. The league is set-up in a way to where it can't fold like it did before. It's the same way with the salary cap. MLS teams don't get a huge injection of TV money like PL clubs do. If the MLS didn't have a salary cap then the richer teams would just keep on getting better with no limits on spending. At least in the PL the less financially fortunate teams have TV money to fall back on. The real problem for the MLS (and American players in general) is a lack of a strong grassroots footballing culture, including a poor youth set-up that costs a ton of money if you really won't your child to progess. The better your kid then the more you have to pay it seems. It should be the other way around! As far as the draft goes... I'm not really sure what you would do for those players coming out of college. It's obviously not the same as in Europe because teams here don't generally have a youth academy and players are coming from all over the USA... it's not as localized like it is across the pond. You could allow them to sign for any team, but then again the teams with the most money are going to get the best players year in, year out. I just don't think it's as easy as saying "Okay, that works over there. Let's do the exact same thing then." The blueprints for one league aren't necessarily applicable for another league. There does need to be a lot of change though, and I believe it will come over time. The quality of players keep getting better and better and financial restrictions are getting looser as well. My main gripe at them moment is how much control that MLS, the entity, has on transfers. If a player gets an offer from somewhere else then it has to be negotiated with the team AND MLS. That really bothers me since it raises the price on young American players and keeps them from moving abroad. If Pulisic was in MLS instead of the Bundesliga he'd probably be priced out of a move.
  5. As much as I can't stand Lalas, he is spot on right here. Pay-to-play is huge hurdle in youth soccer here, and as kids get older it only becomes more expensive which a lot of parents can't afford.
  6. I just became more knowledgable about Greek football than my friends. Thanks!
  7. sibdane

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 2 - 0 Southampton Tosun
  8. sibdane

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    I actually thought he had a decent game.
  9. sibdane

    Man of the match @ Wolves

    Richarlison. I was also happy with Keane, although there were players who played a little better than him. Really disappointed in Jag. I thought the red was harsh, but that touch and lack of awareness beforehand was pretty bad.
  10. sibdane

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

  11. sibdane

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Of course.
  12. sibdane

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    I think a yellow would be fair... red seems harsh.
  13. sibdane

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Get in!
  14. sibdane

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    You can add Zouma to the LOAN IN section now -- confirmed on the OS.
  15. sibdane

    Kurt Zouma

    Another great addition in a great window. Very pleased with the work that we've done.