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  1. I read he's going to CSKA and not Sparta, but either way he's gone.
  2. Let him support who he wants, as long as it's Everton.
  3. I hope he's nothing like Lukaku. I can't take another Lukaku/Gana thread.
  4. No doubt that Gana let him slip by too easily, but it's not just on him for letting the goal happen. Martina was beaten far too easily and Williams, the second to last line of defense, did not do anything either. I just find it ridiculous to solely blame Gana.
  5. I always thought Lukaku was good for us, and still do, but you're spot on about Gana not coming out and speaking about a move.
  6. Drove from Mississippi to Seattle. That took roughly 36 hours over 4 days and 2700 miles(the highways/bypasses made it very easy to speed). I remember almost running out of gas in Montana as we were in the middle of nowhere. Add to that it was pitch black, so I was sweating bullets. Luckily, we found a gas station with about 15 miles left in the tank. It was some of the most beautiful scenery though. On the way back we took the Pacific route and went through Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado. Those were some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The return trip took six days and was closer to 3000 miles. Definitely recommend driving across the US if you have time for it.
  7. If Martina and Gana's positions were switched you'd still put all the blame on Gana.
  8. http://sportwitness.co.uk/weve-received-many-offers-everton-players-agent-confirms-la-liga-proposals/
  9. Scored another goal for Brazil. Good Weekend for him as he got two goals in two games. https://streamable.com/beiwp https://streamable.com/jqte6
  10. He's officially gone to Schalke on loan.
  11. I agree. He had a really good first game but since then he's been dire. I'll be more interested to see him when he has better players around him in Pulisic, Adams, & Weah.
  12. He had a pretty terrible game last night against Jamaica. He definitely needs to go back out on loan. To be fair to him though, the whole team was garbage last night(what else is new?).
  13. It's not. It's a typo.
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