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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/hbo-boss-on-game-of-thrones-finale-backlash-coffee-cup-gate-prequels-status-and-why-spinoffs-arent-in-the-cards/ar-AABIyC8?ocid=ientp
  2. Interesting that he mentions having 4 wingers with a right foot -- does that mean he wants a lefty? I'd like to see Theo moved on and have Onyekuru try and stake and chance if not.
  3. I'm probably in the minority here, but I was a fan of the Lost ending.
  4. I think the thought here is that he will be living "free." Why he still had to leave? Makes no sense. If this is the ending GRRM intended (which apparently he told the show's writers it is) then I have no desire to read it when it comes out. I also read somewhere that the next spin-off will be a prequel, which I would be interested in. I find the backstory to the events before the Game of Thrones fascinating with all the lore and battles.
  5. When Drogon flew off with Dani I let out an audible "fuck" knowing that the spoiler above was going to be right.
  6. Underwhelmed by that ending is putting it lightly!
  7. Those last two points make me feel that can't be how it ends, specifically Bran becoming king. I hope that's not how it ends at least.
  8. I would be surprised if he didn't. He's a club legend and still a great player when fit.
  9. I had a feeling she would end up becoming a mold of her father. Agree that she's signed her death warrant.
  10. Blasphemy! All bow to the Gravy Guzzler.
  11. I trust Brands and co, but the thought of both of them leaving has me really worried about next season.
  12. I'm not getting my hopes up for top 6 just yet. We need serious strength in depth. I'll have a better feel for where we will finish after this summer transfer window closes. I will say that 7th should be the minimum but not necessarily the expectation.
  13. If we don't keep Zouma I'd take Kompany in a heartbeat.
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