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  1. sibdane

    Edin Dzeko

    I wouldn't be against this pick-up. Dzeko's game has never been about pace, so the usual body/age issue doesn't really matter as much.
  2. sibdane

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    This makes no sense. If Silva would be happy to see him go, then why does he play him week in, week out?
  3. sibdane

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Then you haven't had a Southern American breakfast then. 😎 Any home cooked meal beats fast food! Back me up, @markjazzbassist
  4. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    It's not aimed at you. It's an observation.
  5. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    I like a vocal keeper too, but I don't like dickheads. For some reason, Pickford is absolved of any criticism because he had a decent World Cup.
  6. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    No doubt. So you're saying Zouma fucked up?
  7. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    Did one of them fuck up in the moment where he told Zouma to fuck off?
  8. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    There's no doubting his ability as a keeper, but he does have an air of arrogance about him. It can be a good or bad thing. I think that moment with Zouma showed when it can be a bad thing. I'm all for keepers commanding their defense, but to me that just showed a lack of respect to a fellow teammate.
  9. sibdane

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Southampton 1-2 Everton Lookman
  10. sibdane

    Favourite player

    Coleman. I'll never forget that game against Arsenal where he ran down the line playing keepy-up and then megged Corzola later.
  11. sibdane

    Jordan Pickford

    Noticed that, and it really annoyed me as well.
  12. sibdane

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    Most creative maybe, but not the most effective.
  13. sibdane

    Nikola Vlasic

    Ossie was great, but it annoyed me how many shots he took outside of the box... but I guess it worked out a few times.
  14. sibdane

    Nikola Vlasic

    Let's be honest. At 21, we all said things we regretted.
  15. sibdane

    2018-19 FA Cup

    You son of a bitc...