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  1. Right, but that still doesn't prove anything (as much as it appears obvious). Like MJB said above, he's not exonerated, but that doesn't mean that anything what he's accused of can be proven. I don't think anything will come of it. I really don't. I wish something would come out, but I've lost hope at this point. It doesn't matter that "does not exonerate him" is in the memo, Trump's side has come out on top for now.
  2. Well, what people were hoping for was a definitive "yes, there is proof of collusion and obstruction." Mueller couldn't recommend taking it further and then Barr, the AG, said that there wouldn't be enough proof to hold up any accusations going forward. Still remains to be seen what is actually in the report, and I imagine the Congress will try to gain access to it for further review.
  3. I think he moved for the money. I don't believe it had anything to do with him being pushed out.
  4. Well, there were no bombshells in the Mueller report. I think there's no catching Trump now. I have a feeling he'll win again in 2020.
  5. I like DCL. I think he's a decent player and appreciate his hard work, but he definitely is lacking composure in front of goal. Okay, Kane is a good example of a striker who looked like a failure at one point and then turned in a great striker, but more often than not that's a one-off. I'd love to be wrong about DCL, because he has a great attitude.
  6. Can anyone PM a stream? Thanks in advance.
  7. He's still a good keeper, but there's no doubt his form is down this season compared to the previous. His kicking/passing has been especially below par.
  8. Thanks for the update and glad the site is back up. It was probably a good thing, as it gave me time to release some of the anger from the Newcastle match.
  9. The way we let Newcastle come back and score three unanswered goals was embarrassing. I think we'll finish in tenth. Silva has a lot of straightening out to do in the off-seasom.
  10. The first article simply stated that he was interested in the PSG move and would try harder to get it. The second article confirms that he wanted the move but is still very grateful to Everton. I don't see any one "grasping at crumbs" except for you or Pete trying to delegitimize his importance to the club.
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