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  1. Has to be DCL. James was immense though.
  2. His vision to pick out the right pass is incredible.
  3. So now Kean is on so Richarlison moves back out wide?
  4. I don’t get that either. Why bring on Iwobi when Kean needs as many minutes as possible to prove himself and Richarlison on the wing is working?
  5. 😎He deserves his Hattrick. Leading the league in goals now.
  6. Get out of here. He's gonna be awful next game.
  7. "I was born this way" -Lady Gaga It is pretty strange, I didn't even realize he was there. Definitely a huge fall. Hope he's doing better though.
  8. I won't calm down until the game is over.
  9. Fucking hell Kean... hard to defend you after missing that.
  10. Would you change your mind if they scored and tied the game? I obviously don't want them to, but we should be putting them away.
  11. A 1-0 lead is never comfortable. It literally only takes one moment for a team to score.
  12. It's so sad to see a "PL" midfield side struggling against a Div 2 side... at home.
  13. Davies just hasn't got it. I hate to admit it, because he gets Everton, but he just doesn't have it.
  14. Kean is trying too hard, but there's a player in there.
  15. 100%. You can tell he knows he's a good player.
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