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  1. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Disappointed again to not see Vlasic, but at least Sandro got some minutes
  2. Domagoj Vida

    I absolutely hate this song, and even the drum solo sucks. This makes me not want to sign this player. Sorry (not sorry) to any Iron Butterfly fans out there.
  3. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Some good speculation here, but we'll probably never know.
  4. Domagoj Vida

    Can anyone provide some insight on him. From what I can tell, he's a quick, aggressive CB that thrives next to a more stationary partner (Keane)?
  5. Oumar Niasse

    You may have a point there.
  6. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Unworth mentions Kev and Morgan in this article.
  7. Morgan Schneiderlin

  8. Oumar Niasse

    Well, he did say he is a "good manager," but he could be better. Not sure what to make of that tbh.
  9. Sandro Ramirez

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding you here... why would they sign him when he already played for them? And we don't specifically know who all showed interest. That would be between Sandro, his agent, and his parent club at the time.
  10. Sandro Ramirez

    He was cheap, because his release clause was cheap. Atletico were interested in him, and the only reason he didn't go there is because they're under a transfer ban.
  11. 2018 World Cup

    I hate to say this, but the South American fan football culture has a "dirty" feel to it. I know that every country has a terrible fan here and there, but... ...you catch my drift.
  12. Sandro Ramirez

    I also didn't think we got it right with Geri, but tbf, Geri had terrible conditioning and was selfish, though he could put in an amazing cross from time to time. But I think you're hitting on something here... It's easy to forget that Sandro is only 21 (I know people hate this argument). He needs games.
  13. January Transfer Window

    I would too. I really feel he was underrated as well and don't blame him for making the move... following the manager who brought him to the PL, and you have to consider that United were "still" the best team in the league.
  14. Sandro Ramirez

    My thoughts exactly -- he's scored some great goals which makes me think we're not doing something right with Sandro.
  15. 2018 World Cup

    You jinxed it, Mike.