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  1. tonkaroost

    Milky71 the return

  2. tonkaroost

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    What part of the USA are you thinking? It's a great place to live, despite all of our flaws.
  3. tonkaroost

    Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Huddersfield 1-2 Everton Walcott
  4. tonkaroost

    Man of the Match v Newcastle

    Going with Morgan. He got injured early second half, but he was very tidy when he was on.
  5. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Yeah, he hasn't looked great. I'm hoping this is his sophomore slump (even though he's technically played 3 seasons in the senior team).
  6. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Keane is having a decent game.
  7. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    He's still been miles better than Bolasie.
  8. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    You can't fault Bolasie for trying, but he just doesn't produce enough for a "creative" winger.
  9. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Schneiderlin has been showing some real quality. If he can keep performing like this then we need to keep him.
  10. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    I was just thinking that. Bolasie should be the first to come off, but who comes in for him? I guess it has to be DCL.
  11. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Gana and Morgan are actually playing well together. Bolasie has been trash. I'm worried Walcott is going to run himself ragged before the second half starts.
  12. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Commentators are pissing me off talking about the survey re: Sam... "I've never heard that happening before -- it's a bit disrespectful." REALLY?! Because it has happened before. Why is it disrespectful to ask the fans -- who pay the manager's wages -- about the current manager? It's becoming more apparent everyday that fans' opinions matter less and less.
  13. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    I'm so sick of seeing Bolasie starting. Also... How can none of the managers see that the Gana-Schneiderlin duo DOES NOT WORK.
  14. tonkaroost

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Not surprised in the least. We have to be the easiest team in the league to plan against.
  15. tonkaroost

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    I'm hoping it does too. I feel like it's 95% certain.