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  1. Kovac or Gallardo would be the dream appointments for me, but our board are incapable of thinking big, so may as well just open the door for old bisto tits and be done with it.
  2. It's tom we need on. Davies is a metronome player, a pace setter, nothing spectacular just one touch tick tock tick tock, just like barry used to.
  3. Oh the Irony that rooney is a better forward than any of them.
  4. Dire. delph slows us to snails pace, and we have nobody out wide. Could be marcos last match by the looks of things.
  5. He's Terrible. He's always been terrible.
  6. Not sure I care that much anymore. Managers come and go,. We'll still be shit while keane, mina, schnide, siggy and dcl play every week.
  7. Not saying we haven't had a good window. Buying wise, and loans for the youngsters have been first rate. But not a single buyer for any of the shite, our only outgoing transfers have been commodities. If we aren't going to sell, may as well let them leave on a free and be done with it.
  8. Bit depressing that we've not sold a single one of the deadwood in the squad this summer. The only sales are players that wanted to leave.
  9. When has anybody ever regretted anyone going to west ham? 🤣
  10. Gana is definitely going then. Next season will we delph/gomes & davies/schneiderlin, so no better or worse than last year.
  11. Not terrible. Keane is still useless but we can't have everything.
  12. We look much better playing 433. Difficult to see where siggy has a place in this.
  13. Everton in not accommodating sigurdsson and not playing too bad shocker. Streamless fans should maybe search for neolive.
  14. Couldn't agree more. Right now i'd play...... Pickford (only through lack of options) Coleman Jagielka Zouma Digne Lookman Beni Bernard Richarlison DCL Tosun If that Didn't work i'd take off either striker and play baines in midfield with Beni.
  15. Watched the whole thing. Nobody gets a vote. Terrible performance.
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