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  1. Blueherts

    Watford (Away) Saturday February 9th

    Not terrible. Keane is still useless but we can't have everything.
  2. Blueherts

    Watford (Away) Saturday February 9th

    We look much better playing 433. Difficult to see where siggy has a place in this.
  3. Blueherts

    Manchester City (Home) Wednesday February 6th

    Everton in not accommodating sigurdsson and not playing too bad shocker. Streamless fans should maybe search for neolive.
  4. Blueherts

    Huddersfield (Away) Tuesday 29th January

    Couldn't agree more. Right now i'd play...... Pickford (only through lack of options) Coleman Jagielka Zouma Digne Lookman Beni Bernard Richarlison DCL Tosun If that Didn't work i'd take off either striker and play baines in midfield with Beni.
  5. Blueherts

    Man of the Match at Brighton

    Watched the whole thing. Nobody gets a vote. Terrible performance.
  6. Blueherts

    Man of the Match v Crystal Palace

    Tricky, all round average display but pickford saved the penalty.
  7. Blueherts

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Man's gotta have a dream. Even if that dream is an impossible dream. 😁
  8. Blueherts

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    What i'd like to see would be.... Pickford Coleman Mina Zouma Digne McCarthy Gomes Walcott Sigi Bernard Richarlison Obviously that won't happen and we'll get served up Pickford Kenny Holgate Zouma Digne Gana Shneid Walcott Sigi DCL Tosun And we'll get battered. Again.
  9. Blueherts

    Man of the Match v Huddersfield

    Zouma. Playing DCL out wide was a catastrophic mistake by the manager when lookman was available. Time after time he broke down the attack with misplaced passes.
  10. Blueherts

    Cenk Tosun

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if all three front players hit 20 this season. The way they are interchanging suggests they will all get plenty of opportunities.
  11. Blueherts

    Lucas Digne

    Bollocks. I had to wait until i was nearly seven before i saw any glory. 😜
  12. Blueherts

    Lucas Digne

    Same. (literally, in every detail!)
  13. Blueherts

    Ademola Lookman

    scumbag media in being scumbags shocker.
  14. Blueherts

    Ademola Lookman

    there's still a photo of him in an everton shirt at goodison on there though.... bit of an oversight no, if he was trying to say something? Sounds like a load of classic skybet shit stirring to me.
  15. Blueherts

    Ademola Lookman

    Is anyone actually sure his bio said everton in the first place and it's not just sky talking bollocks?