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  1. Received news this morning that my sister passed away overnight. I don't know what to do, or what to think right now, been through enough shit the last few months. Going to take a while for the autopsy report to determine what happened. She was in good health and no issues and with my father just happened basically out of nowhere. Feeling really fucked up at the moment. I don't understand anything sometimes. As with before, the impact hasn't hit home as of yet but after before just been through so much shit it's nothing new. Won't be participating for a good few days and too upset to even think rationally right now. Don't know what else to say. Never appreciated fucking nothing until it was too late but 'got' to continue. Life - or death - can go fuck itself.
  2. With the vehicle of course, although i wasn,t driving. Can someone do me a favor and log me out of the site, this device doesnt seem to allow it. Everytime try to logout, it wont acknowledge. Caught in a major traffic congestion some way off Southampton at the minute and trying to remain calm and phlegmatic Apologize today for poor spelling and grammar deficiencies - couldnt really be avoided. Logging out.
  3. You should have been down here today, it was mayhem. Deers , cattle, ponies, and fuck knows what else getting in harms way. Almost hit one or two. I was inclined to just ram through and send them flying, but my wife wasnt feeling so malevolent.
  4. Lost all the last response as fucking adroid doesnt feature saved posts Tried to say we went through everton some 15 minutes ago, on way out of lymington. Now on coastal route with isle of wight within touching distance. Great scenery but didnt enjoy lymington much. On our way west to highcliffe castle and risking an injury back through the forest areas and roaming cattle, ponies, deer etc Tried to enjoy today but still got irritated. Trying to relax a little. Still a busy afternoon. Near New Milton now if anyone recognizes the name. Dorset county line not far.
  5. Ok paul, thanks for clearing that. Got to add roaming cattle and nuisance ponies into this here index. Fucking things are going to cause an accident. Awful signals on androids caused irritation also -lousy area for connection.
  6. Anyone ever go to the new forest national park ? Down here in Lyndhurst, Hampshire and having a day out in the new forest. Always something unexpected such as roaming animals on the roadways causing driving hazards and now on the way to Lymington through all manner of obstacles. Could be a long afternoon. Almost hit a pony head on there.. Cant beat the area for outstanding natural beauty and hopefully time at Beaulieu motor museum. Anyone else been around here and whats your impressions. No houses, buildings or urban decay, just great rural experience. Well worth a visit if you can make it down. Not sure where we are now, limited signposts, but maybe Brockenhurst vicinity. More cattle on the roads holding us up... Damn hazards. Just get in harms way, and finally we can continue with our journey. How many of these animals get hit you cant imagine.
  7. Sorry, didnt quite understand that. May as well put android devices in this thread also, so awkward to use. Not for everyone.
  8. What does Mark win for his endeavors ? Got to be some level of prize or award surely ?
  9. Had to do a double-take when first reading, then saw the humor involvement. Stick around maybe.
  10. Some people class that as a 'JFK' moment, in that they can say exactly where they were (when Thomas becomes infamous in an international with France in 1992 (?)) Never played again for England if memory serves. Going to add Claus Thomsen, as sure Denmark must've featured him at some point, and if his Everton form was anything to go by... Maybe some more names to add for another time.
  11. Seen it read once or twice that Di Canio had no interest in playing for the Italian national side ? Only cared about helping his respective domestic club sides to "success" and wasn't fussed about being involved on the international stage. Arteta is always a surprise, and fair enough the caliber of the recent Spanish sides has been impressive, but he could've featured somewhere along the line in one of those meaningless friendlies they so often produce. Le Tissier is another name some could suggest, it's easy to forget he actually played for England, albeit a handful of appearances. Neil Young was another name that hardly featured, or in fact, don't believe ever played at international level. Very effective center forward that could've been utilized to better effect. Gold star to anyone who can produce eleven names for this here debate.
  12. Saw one or two bits of action on a bar screen but had lost any interest by the interval. Did it finish level with no score after 120 minutes ? Guess we did the right thing in leaving. Don't care much for the europa league now (when we're not involved) as it's nothing like the former UEFA Cup and great nights with Ipswich and Tottenham. Just believe it's lost some significant appeal now. The name change was ill-advised also. (as with the former european cup) - Now we have ourselves a champions competition, without the majority of teams not even champions ? Damn stupid.
  13. Is it still 1963 where you reside ? Mind you, think some northern outposts still have this as a tradition or general practice. They're not kidding with the oft-mentioned north / south divide.
  14. Guess all the goddamn Liverpool threads that I've encountered over the last few weeks I.E. 'miracles will occur, there will be a surprise at end of season, we're going to win the league, sucking East London cocks, planet alignment with all things Turkish stadia and lucky charms etc etc' can effectively be put at an end after today. It's easy - very easy - to say Fuck them, and shed no tears over losing the league championship, but realize they have done well the last nine months, even if favorable match officials, questionable decisions and two or three players making for a title challenging team were for the most part, how they got so far. A minor crisis was averted today with City getting the result they needed, and anything the shite managed, was rendered immaterial. Expect Suarez to leave close season, the usual Gerrard departure stories will run and run - still no league championship - so could be very much a flash in the pan season and key players to vacate in the summer and Liverpool to get nowhere near as close again as we've seen today. Rogers could very well be a movie of the week for his time at Anfield. Don't think they'll get anywhere close to duplicating what has occured this year next season or in the direct beyond. Liverpool 'lose' the league title - not that they ever had the fucking thing to begin with ? - City win - West Ham lose (another 'less favorable' opposition side - Everton get an end of season victory - it's good enough.
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