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  1. Just been looking around the forum to talk about the Chelsea game at the moment and I realised that there's no specific thread for other teams matches on the weekend. Of course there is the 'Longest Thread for Sport Talk' but seeing as that is full of other sports it's not that convinient for people that want to discuss whats going on during the weekend. I've started this thread so that people watching Sky Sports can discuss what is going on with other teams around us in the league and discuss the days events - hope you enjoy. If the Mod/Admin don't like this thread then feel free to delete it.
  2. I thought we could do with a thread that just has all of the latest Everton news in it. This thread could be used when talking about Everton news that isn't 'major' but could still be discussed (and doesn't warrant its own thread). If the Admin/Mods don't like the idea then feel free to delete.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/ It has just been announced over on the Beeb that Fabio Capello has left his role of England manager and I can't help but think that this is because of the John Terry argument and I hate to say it but I am rather gutted. Fabio had a shocking World Cup 2010 but we were playing very well in preperation for the Euro's and I do feel that this is too close to the Euro's for managerial changes. It might be the heat of the moment statement but I'm also angry at the FA, whether the decision was right or wrong to remove Terry as England skipper it should come from the manager as he is running the team, if the manager does not have control over who is his captain then what does he have control over? I can understand Fabio's frustrations and I wish him the very best in the future. Obviously our good friend Harry Redknapp is all over the news sites as the replacement...
  4. The 'Jokes' section really is dead. Hopefully this thread might spice it up a bit . It's a simple one really, if you see a funny picture or video stick it in here! Here is one fresh from Kazakhstan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXeWgP9QJ2c&feature=share
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    I can't make the game tomorrow, selling 4 tickets on StubHub for anyone that fancies getting down and seeing the lads live. x3 tickets are available on Row A of the Top Balcony (Seats 1, 2 & 3). x1 ticket is available on Row B of the Top Balcony (Seat 1). Priced as recommended by the site.
  7. Really tired but in a nutshell it's job done. Rozemberok parked the bus for 170 minutes (which they are well within their rights to do) and it obviously made it hard for us to break them down. As it happened we limited them to very little chances over the two legs and got the two goals to see us through, the second coming as soon as they came out of their shells and attacked us. Had they done that from the off then we may well have had the four and five-nil's that everyone was predicting. We're into the hat for the next round now which takes place tomorrow, hopefully we get an easy tie again so that we can get into the group stage. Things are coming together nicely when you consider that this is still pre-season.
  8. DCL on ahead of Lookman and Mirallas? Hmm....
  9. Proper shite that, we look so lost going forward. To be fair Sandro, Rooney and Klaassen are playing well but there's been no key chances to write home about just yet, the best chances (yet again) have fallen for Rozemberok. Is it just me or has there been about twelve slips in that first half? Seems like this lot have had the sprinkles on since the first leg began.
  10. Pickford Williams..Keane..Jagielka Holgate.................................................Baines Gueye..Schneiderlin Lennon.........................Klaasen.........................Mirallas Sandro Vital that we bring on Lookman around the hour mark if need be to get us the speed we were crying out for on Thursday. Despite Calvert-Lewin doing his best too I wouldn't be against sticking him back on the bench to accommodate Aaron Lennon. Fingers crossed Sandro's fully fit to attack from the off, he looked our best player when he came on and with 90 minutes ahead of him could be the difference between our away goal going in and not arriving.
  11. Zoo

    F1 Chat

    In Q2 I think it was, he couldn't replicate that time in the next session.
  12. Will it not be hidden behind a red button?
  13. Zoo

    Olivier Giroud

    Usian Bolt has the pace we lack but I wouldn't want him snapped up for £30m.
  14. Zoo

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    The fact he's still left out of the Swansea side speaks volumes, hopefully he's on the move. I'm staying at the Titanic soon actually so will turn the room upside down to see if it's had an Icelandic resident!
  15. Zoo

    F1 Chat

    Hamilton will struggle starting from the dirty side of the track at a circuit that's usually a procession. Hopefully there's more type explosions down in the Ferrari garage to give the two Mercs a leg up.
  16. *Written just after the game* Sitting in the car now so I might aswell throw my two cents into the ring. I'm pleased with tonight's result in the sense that we won but would have liked to kill the tie here and now, going to Slovakia only 1-0 up is dangerous, especially considering this lot turned around a 1-0 defeat to win 2-1 against SK Brann in the previous round. I thought our defence was pretty solid, even though that was to be expected against a side like this, Williams looked the weak link in the centre but thankfully had Michael Keane alongside him to mop anything up, Cuco Martina to his right however looked total gash. A hindrance throughout the game and someone who has now had two bad games in two, Mason Holgate needs to be thrown back into the side pronto. Whilst we're talking about the defence Maarten Stekelenburg deserves credit for that world-class stop deep in the second half, an away goal would have killed us so fair play to him for that. In the midfield Gana Gueye had his usual 10/10 game with Morgan Schneiderlin alongside who looked a little rusty to me, there wasn't much creative juice in the middle of the park but hopefully that will come the nearer we get to the season, Kevin Mirallas on the wing had a decent game but seemed to float in and out of the match whilst Domenic Calvert-Lewin struggled, I'd have preferred to see Sandro up there from the start but can accept that he didn't due to a lack of fitness. Rooney was solid if uninspirational, he made the odd good ball out around the field but didn't do anything too magic to get bums off seats, I was hoping for a goal or two from the big man but it wasn't to be. Overall, a solid performance and a job half done but I was secretly hoping for a bit more, hopefully we get the job done in Slovakia and progress to the next round.
  17. I've been thinking about making this for a while. It occurred to me that we don’t have a thread that revolves around food so I thought I’d make one, I’ve started taking a greater interest in cooking since moving in with my girlfriend down in Wales and whilst when I first moved in I could only make toast I now boast the capability to be able to add cheese and melt it on top. I’ve started eating more ‘normal’ stuff since moving too. I’ve been eating a lot less take-aways than I used to, when I lived back in England I’d be munching on Subways, pizzas and Indians quite regularly and it got to a stage when I’d be eating a sub-a-day when I was studying in college. I now eat more serious stuff like chicken, steak and lamb which I feel gives me a healthier diet and makes me feel better too. I’d like to know if you have any eating routines, be that a sandwich at 11:30 or some marshmallows at midnight. Anyway, this thread isn’t meant to be serious, it’s just a place to stick any foods you love, any that you hate, any that you love but really shouldn’t (e.g. – Marmite or horse semen). You can also include drinks too – Do you have a favorite drink? Do you have an alcohol that you drink week in and week out? If so, write about it in here. And obviously, say what you’re having for tea tonight...
  18. M'Baye Niang Bio: He's only 17 and has only ever played for one club in his career - Caen. He managed to get 5 goals in 30 appearances which is pretty decent for a winger but considering he played 30 games at the age of 17 proves he must be rather tasty. Clubs such as Manchester City, Arsenal and Spurs are in for him but we look the favourites to land his signature. News Updates: http://www.guardian....t?newsfeed=true http://www.thesun.co...d-Caen-kid.html http://www.dailymail...Baye-Niang.html Clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1vL6eKcAh0&feature=related On 29th August 2012 M'Baye Niang signed for AC Milan on a 4 year contract.
  19. Zoo

    Seating in goodison

    The Main Stand is the best in the ground.
  20. Zoo

    Stoke City (Away) Wednesday February 1st

    It's a by-product of the amount of inbreeding that goes on there.
  21. Davies for me. Stood up to an ugly Stoke side and took control of the midfield throughout the whole game. Had it not been for a fantastic stop from Grant he would have scored our winner too with about five minutes to spare. The lad's going from strength to strength with us and he's someone who you can really see taking games by the scruff of the neck in a few years time. Joel as others have said put in a decent shift, a few of Stoke's attacks had my arse twitching. Funes Mori deserves a mention too, purely for getting that ball off the line to deny the insufferable twat Berahino a debut goal.
  22. Zoo

    Stoke City (Away) Wednesday February 1st

    I said before the game that I wouldn't be happy with a point considering it's Stoke but to the home sides credit they gave us a battle tonight. I think that we had the lion's share of the chances (especially in the second half) but every now and then Stoke would wriggle through our defence and lash a shot at goal, it was one of those games that could quite easily have been lost had a few things swung in their favour. Credit to Koeman for changing shape in the second half as it just wasn't working in the first 45. Holgate was being mugged left, right and centre by Arnautovic and even though Schneiderlin had a few wobbly moments in the second half did well in his new role allowing McCarthy & Davies to get further forward - the latter really unlucky not to get on the score-sheet with that fine header from close range. Lukaku was anonymous but I think a lot of that was due to Stoke putting pressure on our play-makers and marking him out of the game than him being lazy. Had we more space and time to pick him out I think he could have gave a better representation of himself. A bore result on paper but this means we're still undefeated with a nice home tie against Bournemouth at the weekend. It won't be easy for sure but it's a lot easier knowing our run is still intact than going against them on the back of a wet, Wednesday Stoke drubbing.
  23. Gana's on his way back after Senegal crash out on penalties against Cameroon. I assume that he should be fit and ready for the Stoke game this week?
  24. Zoo

    Man of the Match - Crystal Palace

    Good to be back buddy
  25. Zoo

    Jose Baxter

    Heard we're in advanced talks to re-sign Alex Nyarko too.