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  1. I'm confident of a win, but it'll be tough away from home. We need to stamp our authority on the table and show our intentions. Hopefully we go out there to hurt them.
  2. might make a poll seeing if there is too many polls.
  3. Kean hasn't scored for us either this season though ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™‚๏ธ
  4. I wish I didn't mention him! Its besides my point, I just don't want to rush Kean in that's all.
  5. Excited for this one. The most played top flight fixture and I'm happy to see Villa back in the prem, always had a soft spot for them.
  6. No 'both' option allowed! Rules are you HAVE to pick one ๐Ÿ˜œ
  7. We had a striker who did score in Lukaku and people were still not happy.
  8. I'm making the point of let's stick with Dom until Kean is bedded into the team. So many people calling for his head after 2 games because we've signed a new exciting striker. It's not football manager, we have to be patient with Kean he is 19 years old and isnt used to the premier league and likely doesn't speak much English. DCL has given his all these past couple of years, but he isn't going to be the striker we want him to be. That doesn't mean we should hang him out to dry at the first opportunity. Dom has been doing his job and we have been getting results. Should he score more? Absolutely. Are we one of the most in form teams in the league since the end of last season? Absolutely. Why change a system that is working because we've signed a new player? Patience
  9. By logic you would compare Moies Kean to Ronaldo.
  10. Look at our form over the last 10 games, there is no viable reason to drop him.
  11. A bit of aggression is what we need sometimes. If defenders don't like him he is doing his job. Been class these opening 2 games, well done yerry
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