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  1. Rumours regarding any strikers have gone a bit quiet. Hope we've got something lined up all hush hush
  2. Who would consistently start for a top 4 team? Digne, Gomes and Pickford.
  3. Ajax have signed Quincy Promes, maybe a Neres replacement?
  4. I'm just not sure how much he can achieve at a CL club, and how much he would help them progress. He's world class on YouTube, but he will go from being a big fish in a small pond. Palace rely on him and give him that total freedom. Imagine spurs controlling the game for 90 minutes and Zaha has lost the ball 26 times trying to beat his man with less space in behind than he's used to. Needs to stay at Palace I'd say.
  5. We need Zouma or a proper CB, we need a striker who can manage 15 goals plus and if Richy and Siggy continue their form next year we will have a good all round team to compete, especially if we manage to bring in a right back and right winger as well. Once you have the quality you need the mentality though, which for me will be the hardest part. However I do think Silva has it in him to convince them they are a top 6 team.
  6. You know what I mean Finn 😂
  7. Swerve. We have our drama queen with richarlison. Plus for every man he beats he fails to beat 10. Although if he could pass or finish consistently he would be world class.
  8. Starting for England U21s tonight on SS Football. Looks like our best player and well above this level, although the team aren't getting him on the ball much.
  9. Someone said on twitter they believe it was so cheap because Gomes only wanted Everton - which forced the fee down, and we offered him more money than our competitors. Plausible I suppose.
  10. There isn't a lot of money for Russian clubs to spend, so I'd imagine the £14m is an initial fee, with addons and a percentage of any future fees from his next transfer.
  11. Look at players like kieta going to Liverpool for £60m, then we snap up Gomes for £22m. The market is well and truly fucked.
  12. Its Everton - it will be last minute 😌
  13. Vital signing. Needed a player like him since Barry's prime. If Gueye decides to stay and we can reinforce the CF CB and RW positions we could be on to something.
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