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  1. I think he's too good to not play CL football and will be off. I hope to god I'm wrong
  2. Lose lose for united. Had to give him the job because he surpassed expectations, should have just kept mourinho until the summer and found an experienced manager.
  3. The most important thing now is to beat those sides below us convincingly and bring this good form into next season.
  4. Thought he looked pretty sharp when he came on, was nice to see him back on the pitch for us.
  5. Spot on. Could have had numerous assists this season but has wrongly chose to go it alone time after time.
  6. Another important clean sheet today. 4 clean sheets and 12 points in our last 5 which include wins against Arsenal, Chelsea and United. Let's see how we do against Palace who will be high on confidence, these are the matches I'm fearing at the moment. We've proven we can mix it in with the top 6 these past few weeks, but as soon as a team denies us space in behind we struggle. Let's have a strong end to the season and carry it into the start of the next campaign.
  7. Watched the replay and went for Digne, could have easily been Siggy though. Great performance. Everyone played their part today.
  8. I fear he won't be in a blue shirt for long term, for me what I've seen from him he's one of the best LBs in world football at the minute, and how rare is a world class LB?
  9. Hate to damped it, lets just think back to what happened last week! A lot still to do, but what a result today.
  10. At work, think it's the first or second game I've missed all season (on tele or at the ground), so I'm going to have to listen to this one unfortunatly! Come on you blues, would love a win today so we can forget what happened last week.
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