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  1. You got any Everton players in there..?
  2. Waaaaaay to civil for me. Someone throw a punch!
  3. Watching the WBA vs Sheffield United game and didn't realise how Holgate seems to have filled out a fair amount this season! He also looks class on the ball. Maybe RB is his position, could save us a few quid on a RB next year if he keeps progressing with Kenny also pushing for it. Dowell took his header really well too.
  4. Most of us were getting excited to get the DoF who brought in the likes of Drogba, Zola, Mahrez and Kante. Moshiri invested in him, like he promised, and things didn't materialise. People slamming him saying he's not very good at running a club, but not many complained when he came in and threw money at Walsh and Koeman. He wouldn't have known if the risk would have paid off or not, much like anyone else. However, at least we have an owner who is at least trying to make the right decisions and putting his money where his mouth is. His heart is in the right place, and he will seemingly keep trying until he gets it right - which he deserves credit for.
  5. Yeah was about to say that. They have appealed though, but not sure how likely they are to overturn it. Didn't a CL team get banned afew years ago, Barcelona or someone? Thought they still made signings in that time.
  6. Not sure he would mark. They will be looking for a top quality CB and I'm not sure Zouma would be happy playing second fiddle at his age. Needs to realise his level.
  7. Doubt Chelsea will want him to be honest.
  8. Would like to see how beni gets on with his loan but pennington doesn't look good enough and it baffles me how Galloway is still at this club.
  9. I know that players want to be at the top of their game. If I played for Everton and a huge club came in for me of course I would go, as would 99% of people. But for him to come out after the window shuts and publicise his disappointment at the club not letting him go is utterly disrespectful towards the club and the fans - especially when he decided he didn't want to lose all his bonuses so he wrote a little letter to the board rather than submitting an official transfer request. If he wanted to go, submit a request. Don't moan about it when the club refuse to let you go. I didn't have him down as that sort of person to be honest.
  10. If only we had a full squad of players that wanted to leave! What a team we would have!
  11. Not very professional is it. Even barkley didn't pull this shit-housery. Lost all respect for him now, as far as I'm concerned he can fuck off and rot on PSGs bench.
  12. Its a very good return for a player thats only 21 years old in any position.
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