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  1. I feel the same about Holgate. Unfortunately one of them has to be picked. Taking intl account their full ability from over the seasons, Keane obviously has more talent, so went for him. Hopefully he will feel less pressure with Silva gone.
  2. Yeah sometimes any change is better. Look how United reacted to Jose leaving last year. A completely changed team because a weight was lifted off them.
  3. Absolutely no idea how Dunc will set up for this game, formation or player preference. It will be interesting to see who he picks up top seeing as he works closely with the strikers and there not being much between each of them. My only hope is that Siggy is dropped. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Iwobi Davies Morgan Richy DCL Kean
  4. I can understand that, but he's one of only a few people at that club that bleed blue and that will do for me until we get a new manager in.
  5. Don't understand why people are so dead set against Dunc. I'm not wanting him as our next permanent manager, however there is a tribal mentality that he's a bad coach, which people seem to have based that opinion on absolutely no evidence.
  6. As much as it pains me to say it look at what fat Sam did to the team. The players are better than where the club find themselves in the table. We need a manger who knows what he's doing. Silva got it wrong today and had to change his system in the first half. He gets it wrong quite often in fact.
  7. When mosh came in we found ourselves on the brink of being a top 6 team with the vision of breaking into that. Now we find ourselves needing to regroup and set our sites on becoming a stable mid table team and having to build on that when we achieve it. In other words we've gone backwards and the whole mentality of the board needs to change and stop living in a fantasy.
  8. Realistically, would people rather see silva continue or have Unsworth in for the rest of the season? I mean, if those were the only two options.
  9. This is my thinking. No manager in their right mind would come to this shambles of a club. Unless we employ someone out of their depth, Moyes is the only one I can see coming in.
  10. I'm telling you, I can feel it in my fingers and my toes.
  11. If he's gone tomorrow out next manger will be unsy won't it?
  12. Not that a loss wasn't expected but we're now sitting the the relegation zone in December. Silva still in charge. Couldn't give a fuck about the fixture list what an awfully run club this is.
  13. Never turned off a game. I'm not able to watch this. Best of luck to those riding it out until the end.
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