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  1. Dom doesn't look good enough for CL football, but he improves all the time. Im hoping he really kicks on this year and builds on last season.
  2. Stealing that and adding it to my screen saver album!
  3. Am i right in thinking if we get past WHU/Hull we go into the semi final?
  4. Moyes given the chance will build a decent team, i just dont think he's the right fit at the minute with WHU. I dont think anyone is the right fit under their current ownership and can smell trouble for them this season.
  5. Seen the other day apparently real paid him his last year of contract and we reimbursed it and that was what the fee was.
  6. Fuck that give us the big boys!
  7. Keep him. Digne should be expected to play the amount of games we have this season and if worst comes to worst Nkounkou, Delph and Kenny can cover at LB. Not ideal, but if this lad turns out good we dont need to buy cover for next season. Unless a loan could be sorted for the right player, of course.
  8. Wanted to go for Keane for a mature performance leading the team through the victory, also played some nice passes. Had to go with Nkounkou. He showed what he's about tonight and was dangerous throughout. Had a couple of dodgy moments towards the end but seems to be a really exciting player. Blistering pace too. Shout out for Gordon who never stopped trying and had some really good moments throughout the game. He cuts inside really well and has a good shot on him. On another night could have had a couple of goals. Did well for the assist and (i think) winning the penalty. Gyl
  9. Its making me wet how balanced this team is. Cant wait to seenit inevitably play on Saturday.
  10. Positives: Nkounkou looks very good going forward. Lightning pace and quick tricky feet. Gordon had a really good game and was very unlucky not to have a goal. You could see how much he wants to score. Seems to be progressing well albeit a good performance against a lower league team. Bernard looked good in glimpses although still cant seem to do the simple things. Negatives: The squad clearly lacks quality in depth. For 20 minutes or we allowed Salford to get into the game and if they showed more attacking intent they could have turned it on its head. Moise Ke
  11. Need to work on their finishing some of these lads.
  12. Is that Kean or did we keep Niasse on the books?
  13. Hes got the feet and pace for it so it seems.
  14. Heart goes out to Jarran hope its not too nasty.
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