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  1. Hope Siggy is dropped for this one.
  2. Should be sone tired legs after tonight along with a decline in form means we have a chance to get something out of this game. In theory. I want to make it clear that by no means do I expect anything though!
  3. Whoever we sign we actually need to compete a full season. None of this bullshit 'transitional phase' that we've permanently been in but not moved forward with since Mosh came in. I'm tired of writing off seasons by November. No more excuses.
  4. Thought he got it wrong today and was naive in the way he set the team up. The players were awful, but I think he needs to take responsibility. More to the point he talks about still wanting to compete for Europe, however refuses to leave sigurdsson out of the squad when he obviously brings nothing to the team and keeps chopping and changing the CBs. Its clear our best pairing is Holgate and Mina. On top of that I feel Mina would have been a much more sensible choice to compete with giroud today.
  5. Not that I believe the team selection would have mattered much today however... Yerry Mina and Holgate seemed to be out best pairing centrally. When Coleman is forced out through injury we need the defence to be as strong as possible. There have been too many changes in defence since ancelotti came in and i would have liked to see more consistency in the selection with there being a slight possibility in reaching for a spot in the Europa League. In midfield we were over run but I don't see who could have been a better pairing. We're stuck in that position at the minute as whoever pairs with Gomes has little influence on the game given the options we have. Move to LM the obsession Ancelotti currently has with Sigurdsson is baffling. He has played there for the past 3 games off memory and has looked completely ineffective and a liability. I would love to know his justification for doing this it really is puzzling. We would look much better with Bernard or Iwobi on the left with Walcott on the right. On the whole we have looked like we are adapting to a style and working towards an identity. Today we didn't look interested and allowed Chelsea to play through us in midfield and they dominated us. Richarlison and DCL might not have bothered pressing the CBs at all because the ball into Gilmour was always on with him in acers of space. Such a surprise that Ancellotti could be so tactically naive - seeing as he is described as tactically 'adaptable'. Either that or the players completely ignored his game plan. We have to get this result out of our head before the derby.
  6. Yeah same reason I voted for him. He will the only one who was trying to drive us up the pitch even at 4-0. It's also that mentality which is why big clubs will be in for him in the summer.
  7. Moise Kean coming on for a CM so we can get our goal difference as low as possible. Its over now just don't cencede any more.
  8. What has happened? This before the derby is almost tragic.
  9. Absolutely dreadful. Players should be ashamed of themselves after that half of football. The system isn't working and not a single one of them took any initiative. Sidebe has topped his worst performance this season which is quite a feat. Davies absolutely woeful, Sigurdsson anonymous yet again and as a whole whenever we have had a chance to break the ball has ended up with our centre halves over and over again. Abysmal and by far the worst I've seen us under Ancellotti. I can't see how we are going to get back in this game.
  10. He's got to come off. Sid has got to come off. This half.
  11. There is zero midfield. They're nowhere in attack or defence. Se easy for chelsea were making them look world beaters.
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