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  1. Was thinking about his current form today. His injury crossed my mind and although he's had a couple of decent camios after he returned he has largely been disappointing. What scared me the most was thinking about his time at Barcelona and how it shattered his confidence. He was hated through stages of his career there and it seems to me he is very much a confidence player. I'm not expecting his performances to pull us out of a bad run of form and doubt he will ever be that player for us. Maybe if the squad as a whole improves his form will too. I think he's a bit scared and needs the players and the fans to get behind him in order to play well. He might always have this mentality.
  2. Only Davies and Beni are fit for this game in CM arent they? Even Holgate is doubtful. There is a lack of choice!
  3. No way this is a big win. Villa will be fighting for their lives and their vigour will scare our weakem midfield which will likely crumble again. Pickford Coleman Keane Branthwait Digne Walcott Beni Davies Richarlison DCL Kean Our squad just gets thinner. Expecting nothing from this game.
  4. It's all pretty bad to be honest. Better quality in midfield and attack should lead to a better defensive outfit as a whole.
  5. Can he throw in a boot? What about a pass forward?? TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!
  6. We seem to refuse to press that ball at all under Ancelotti. Standing off and allowing opposition all of the space and time they want. Didn't expect it.
  7. He's being played out of position in a role he isn't comfortable with. He hasn't been good enough but making an example of him because he isn't making enough tackles or scoring enough goals is unfair. I actually feel sorry for him.
  8. Did martinez not finish in the lowest position we'd finished in for 9 years two seasons on the bounce? Or did we forget that?
  9. The liklihood is we will finish 13-14th this season.
  10. I'd be surprised if we win another game this season.
  11. Our best attacking player outside of our two strikers started at CB this game.
  12. Why do people keep saying there is nothing to play for? Does pride not count anymore? It's a losers mentality. Also £2m a league position isn't to be laughed especially after the pandemic.
  13. It was a similar foul but I think the one united won Fernandez went into the defender, but Digne seemed to impede the attackers space so I think it was a penalty albeit a slightly soft one.
  14. I'm going to get roasted for this but we we genuinely looked better at this under Allerdyce. I understand the state of the squad at the minute but I really expected more from Carlo. Disappointing.
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