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  1. Of course. I make the joke but I love this club to bits and that's all thanks to grandad Jimmy!
  2. Grandad played a few games for them in the 50s along with Wigan and Blackburn. And of course, Everton were the only team to touch his heart out of those 3 and he remained a supporter for the duration of his life (despite being from Wigan). Obviously he passed the curse onto me.
  3. Don't think they'll be too bothered really 😂
  4. My thoughts too. Either can get bullied by a stronger opponent.
  5. He's not technically good enough for this level of football - I don't think that's open for debate really.
  6. Saved us twice with last ditch tackles actually, and also had a good shot saved. Though he had an okay game and certainly wasn't dreadful.
  7. Bad player, great attitude and determination. Not good enough for Everton technically, but has the mentality most players here lack.
  8. Keep the team the same with the exception of richarlison coming in on the right for Walcott. Wouldn't surprise me to see Keane come in for Holgate with Deeney looking to bully centre halves. Watford have a congested fixture list and will be tired so we need to take advantage.
  9. But that was a big risk. He showed no sign of picking up his scoring ratio this season and I doubt he will maintain it long term. Who knows with a proper striker leading the line silva may not have been sacked. Not a criticism towards dom, just a incline. Im pleased with how he's doing recently.
  10. Just shows the level English centre halves are currently operating at I suppose
  11. How can he sympathise with the players after that loss? They need a kick up the arse and nobody is giving it to them. Edit. Not a loss, but it feels like one.
  12. Why make 2 defensive changes when you're in absolute full control of a game? Those changes define the mentality of the whole club.
  13. Was the first person to defend his signing, thought it was a great bit of business. Turns out he's better suited playing as a wide defensive player for a team that always has the ball and he has nothing to do.
  14. Why do we feel obliged to make a change ? It was working. However, I've offered an alternative if you feast your eyes on my post the answer your question is Walcott, should have been the first one off. Kean was our biggest threat on the counter and was getting us up the pitch. Bernard was our creative spark. Davies came on and didn't settle into the game what so ever, had no pace or strength to see out the game, Bernard and Kean would have been better defensive options already on the pitch with the work rate and tenacity.
  15. Maybe not take off out two best performing players? As soon as he took Kean off I raised an eyebrow, then when he took Bernard off it was just utter confusion. We shouldn't have fucked it the way we did, but those subs he made were awful and it could have been a different story if they'd have stayed on. When Kean had space he was unplayable, why take him off as soon as he's obviously going to get space? More to the point why the fuck didnt Walcott make way instead?
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