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  1. FC Clutch

    Danny Welbeck

    Would rather have Chich tbh, but I would take Danny on loan all day. I don't rate him as the best striker in the league obviously, but I always liked him enough. That article comparing him to Sturidge is pretty good in matching them up, but on the trade off that might just be his level of play and goal production - I'd be hesitant to spend too much to buy him.
  2. FC Clutch

    David Henen

    What's the final day for this one to be said and done. Friday... Saturday? Last we heard they were saying it won't happen if not by the end of the week.
  3. FC Clutch

    Micah Richards

    Distin is going to play forever though.........
  4. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    If the whole bit about agreeing to play time is true then wouldn't that conflict with a loan to buy option?
  5. FC Clutch

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    Ideally, but I figure they'd have buyers come in and do the deal sooner which would be preferable to them. Linked with Lyon as well and his agent said he's interested. Could just be trying to stir interest, but it is an outlet for him to go back home. Would love to see us get him, but I doubt we will.
  6. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    "It's definitely off, but he's currently having a medical at FF." - Sky
  7. FC Clutch


    Tried giving the Followtonians a go around two years ago and it never hit the right notes for me. It's absolutely listenable though.
  8. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    Milner is a solid player, but I would still like to see someone with a bit more creativity. Someone who can manuever up the pitch and work in tight spaces.
  9. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    Everything I've read points to this one breaking down since we couldn't agree to Chelsea's terms. Not too bothered by that tbh. Just hope we do get a new left winger in before the season starts.
  10. FC Clutch

    Tom Cleverley

    Agreed 100%. If we have £8m even left to spend would like to see it put on another player and maybe a loan deal on those two positions.
  11. FC Clutch

    Eric Dier

    Officially gone to Spurs. http://www.sporting.pt/English/News/newsfut_eng_futdiersale_310714_130178.asp Edit: I'm a doofus. Missed the post about this yesterday.
  12. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    I always feel like the month following the second half is a critical part of the season. Claiming half a season out is an exaggeration, but you still lose a player across a number of matches. Hurts your depth and in the case does so at a position we're explicitly trying to strengthen. You're right though. Not the end of the world or anything.
  13. FC Clutch

    Micah Richards

    We don't need defenders and much less fullbacks. Too expensive to be Coleman's backup.
  14. FC Clutch

    Christian Atsu

    Don't worry. He'll be gone half the season with the African Cup.