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  1. I agree mostly Barryj, other than parity. Lots of these decisions have been made after the fact. The Brighton penalty being a great example. If it wasn’t for VAR, the referee didn’t stop the game, he played on not thinking anything as wrong. There have been goals that have been disallowed after the referee has had the ball on the centre circle. This is where it’s major flaw is. It should be being used for when the referee questions an incident. At the moment it’s being used to check every decision.
  2. I’m an Everton supporter Palf, you can’t get any more grounded. Brought back to earth every Saturday 😉
  3. Yes 3 mate. He also got kicked out of the Italy squad for the same thing, while with us. Im hoping he has been read the riot act by the manager and knuckles down a bit. A bit underwhelmed with so far.
  4. It’s already a regular thing isn’t it? Third time and second time dropped from squad. Sounds like me needs a bit of grounding.
  5. So what Bailey is trying to say is that out of the two attacks Southampton had, he made two fuck ups! I didn’t think he was great, but I didn’t realise he was 100% bad 😉
  6. Haha Palfy, damn you. Saw through my dastardly plan straight away haha!
  7. As I did actually say. I saw his cross and think was an excellent ball. But that’s all the highlights showed of him, so was hoping people would put me right by pointing out the better bits. Still suprised that people think he is a good game defensively despite those moments. Didn’t realise Southampton put us u see so much pressure. But then the defence deserve great credit for withstanding such intense pressure. So maybe some of you are right and he does deserve credit for a good defensive performance. I admit this is what you dont get from highlights.the highlights made it look like they only had a handful of attacks. I will reserve judgement until I see more of him. And I agree with Mina and Holgate. Both are I pressing at the minute. I wasn’t a fan of Mina, but he really looks like he’s getting to grips with the premier league now. And Holgate is benefitting from it.
  8. Btay, facts don’t count from you! And that’s obviously been photoshopped 😉
  9. No way, you negged me! I want cold hard facts now, stats for each player, video evidence, and expert testimony!
  10. I read the twitter feed. There are a lot of positive ones but also just as many people saying they think Coleman is a much better defender. That Twitter feed is a bit like our conversation, some people like him, some think his defending is awful. If Coleman gets done like that, he is past it. But I agree he is an asset going forward. I just think he’s going to face much better opposition than Southampton, and getting rinsed isn’t what we should be expecting if our full backs. Just a little question, the highlights show Sidibe getting done four times and picking up a yellow. Didn’t see the whole match, but obviously Digne got turned over more than Sidibe.... how many times did Digne get done? Approx?
  11. You don't need to explain mate. But as a matter of interest, how many times do you need to get done before it’s called a bad game! 7,8, more? And other than the obvious Morgan, who is it your rating that had a worse game? I thought most did well to be fair.
  12. I extended highlights on Sky. It may be that the majority of the highlights of him where of him getting rinsed. I didn’t get to watch the whole match so didn’t see much of him, other than his cross. But I honestly don’t think a full back getting rinsed four times during a match is what we should be calling a good defensive game.
  13. Glad I’m not alone, was thinking maybe I’m missing something. I’ll think he’s good going forward. Crosses a bit hit and miss, but generally he’s got a good touch. But he turns like an artic and is easily ran past. It could be that he needs to time to adjust to the speed of the league, not sure. The downvote is from Palf, I would be more worried if I got a green haha 😉
  14. Watching these highlights again, how many times does Sidibe get done? Players go round him so easily. Thought he was a very good signing, but fearing for us against better teams. Not sure if it’s just me looking at him too much or not.
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