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  1. Shukes

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    He’s not though, that’s just carried on from when he started. Yesterday we saw him control the ball woth here players in him, hold it up and get a pass away. We then saw him control the ball in the penalty area under pressure, get his shot away which was saved, and then calmly dispatch it. He also hit the post three times. Not sure what this guy has to do to get credit. He’s not a top six striker, but he is a reliable back up for us.
  2. Shukes

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    Who is this Mirralas? H looks good. Klaassen, makes some very good runs, just a bit rusty with his final ball. Sandro is lively, he just has no composure... at all. Can’t see him making it in the premier league. Niasse again makes people look stupid. Not a bad match at all. Some good stuff out there. Good for the manager to see where he needs to spend as well. edit: Besic. Very tidy and some nice balls through the park.
  3. Shukes


    It’s probably that we enquirer and we’re told how much they wanted...... now we’re not interested.
  4. Shukes

    Luke Shaw

    Not much difference between the two, just Coco has more assists!
  5. Shukes

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Fellaini was an even later buy. I think they k ow that if they let it known who our targets are early... then Spurs usually nick em. If we wait until the last minute, it doesn’t give room for any others to steal in... or makes it more difficult.
  6. Shukes

    Kieran Dowell

    Don’t worry. Thats just standard fo any youth player for any team in the world. There’s a huge difference to playing professional football than reserve football.
  7. Shukes

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Starting to get twitchy now. Still feel they will come good, but twitchy all the same.
  8. Shukes

    Luke Shaw

    I dont think anyone is suprised to be honest. It’s what most of us expect from players like him. If you believe in your ability, you will be confident that money will come. You won’t need to rely on sign on fees.
  9. Shukes

    Sandro Ramirez

    He looked good though. We don’t have many players that take the ball and run at pace, he had a few good fast runs where he seemed to keep the ball in right at speed. Made me feel he still could offer us something.
  10. Shukes

    Luke Shaw

    Hope the offer isn’t true, or I hope that if it is, he said no. Don’t want a player of his ambition here. He is happy to sit and watch.
  11. Shukes

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    We’ve played part timers many times, just an abnormal score that’s all. It served the purpose it was supposed to. Pretty sure the manager, players and staff aren’t getting carried away, as it was meant as a run out for the players while facing competitive tackles etc. Just a gentle get together for all players.
  12. Shukes

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    I think the twentieth was the best by Vlasic. Goalkeeper just walked away thinking it was offside and left an open goal.
  13. Shukes

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    It’s just more training. I dont think anyone expected the opposition to be this bad.
  14. Utter tripe. Weve just bites a new manager and DOF. Several backroom staff. Hope these issues continue.
  15. Shukes

    Michael Keane

    Your right to an extent. there is a huge difference between being a fit professional footballer, and being at the top level in the premiership. These footballers have a training team for a reason, because it isn’t easy to get yourself to that level without a p organ and guidance. If that program isn’t the right program, then you lose 1% fitness..... which is the difference between winning and losing at the top level. This is why the coaches and experts get paid such an exuberant amount of cash.