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  1. It’s impressive to see how he takes a ball in though. Seems to believe in himself. Looking forward to seeing more of him.
  2. Some of the more seniors for me, along with a few young ones. Pickford. Stinks attitude wise. Iwobi. Scared of his own shadow, runs around pretending. Sidibe. Plods along for me. Gomes. Love the guy, but jogging back after opponents is not good enough. Delph. He’s a better player than is on show. Not trying hard enough. Sigurdson. A shadow of his worst self. DCL. Feels like he is believing his own hype at the moment.
  3. “We can’t keep hiding behind managers, we’ve hidden behind them for long enough”
  4. Without a doubt we would be much better with him. He may divide opinion, but he is simply our bear option in the middle. We are possibly the weakest team in the league through the middle at the moment, I can’t think k of a team worse. Once he is back we will see results change. We may be able to challenge with the bottom teams... play out a 0-0 maybe.
  5. I don't mean to be so negative.
  6. Mate its emotion today. Truly, I don’t think there’s anyone that hurts as much as I do. I love this club... so deeply it’s disturbing. I say these things to express how disillusioned I am. Trust me when I say, my life is shit at the moment..... but I spend so much time hoping... praying... begging floor my team to give me a little hope..... it’s flooring me mate.
  7. I’ll admit I’m one mate. Ashamed for it. But I almost wanted us to get hammered 6-0 today, just to let those freeloaders know how it feels to be ashamed. But honestly, I still don’t think they would feel it, they don’t care enough. I’m ashamed today.
  8. He’s not an idiot mate, he’s knows that just because there are no supporters, doesn’t mean a million eyes aren’t on him. If he doesn’t realise that, then he is an absolute naive dickhead haha. Seriously you don’t think I he knows tv camera is are in him?. Its all about character for me. I knew at his age working on a factory for a run around line leader, that my attitude meant more than my actual practical ability... for about £8 an hour. If you think these guys aren’t at that level, yet get paid £60k a week.... then there’s your problem. Stop making excuses for dickheads. Really, why do we think these guys deserve more than us? why are these people so special, that they get get a let off while we don’t? I have always been taught to treat everyone with respect, and modify it by their actions, not their wage packet. esit: do I have this completely wrong? I’m confused?
  9. You don’t come here much, but get it right when you do. Where you been? I have to argue with Palfy now haha.
  10. Fans are making a mockery of the holy trinity. Did anyone ever watch Allan Ball?
  11. Honestly I try to be optimistic, but there’s nothing... absolutely nothing at the moment. We say there is nothing to play for, as an excuse... but there was a European place for us to play for. I don’t get why we are so bad? Other teams don’t seem to be suffering like this.
  12. Everton 0-3 Opponents Couldn’t score in a brothel!
  13. Not sure where you are getting your optimism mate.
  14. Should have have him another year.
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