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  1. Would it be possible to put: Siggy, Keane, Morgan, Delph and a few others on Furlogh?
  2. Wow is that true? What a nob if true!
  3. Really appreciate it Gwlad. It’s incredible the work they are doing at the moment. I will be sure to show her this as she needs a boost at the moment. Obviously I can’t say too much, but when your life long partner comes back from work each day in tears, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help, it’s tough to watch. I thought it was tough being an Everton supporter haha.
  4. We’ve stopped it for the time being. They are struggling to understand at the moment and keep asking when we’re playing again 🙁 Im an emotional wreck over this haha.
  5. Is this now our longest unbeaten period for a good few seasons?
  6. Missus is a nurse mate. Have to be more careful than most. But missing footy so much. She was sick to death of me moping around on the first Saturday haha.
  7. This discussion started with comments about him not being worth 90m. And like usual, many of us have turned the argument into something else haha. Now he’s not good enough. everyone doesn’t need to believe he is top class.
  8. I was watching thinking the same.
  9. We absolutely have to look for a new right back. Teams are actually targeting us there now. We also have to have either a pacy box to box midfielder, or a Gana type that can read the midfield. At the moment we are done if anyone hits us with pace, or plays a ball through the middle of the park.
  10. Don’t think we can blame the manager until he has managed to mould his own team shape and players.
  11. Hate to admit it, but my hope for him dies each time he plays. Really wanted him to become great.
  12. Think PeteO broke into Palfys account again.
  13. You’ve been starting to make sense recently... then you go and ruin it all haha.
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