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  1. It’s not a flawed argument at all Dunc, it’s just not yours. When trying to put across possible outcomes based on limited statistical facts... then all you have are he facts available. I also pointed out several times, that there is no way of knowing... because there isn’t. You pointed out that we got played off the park against several teams under Unsworth, but we still picked up points. We have been played off the face of the earth under Sam and picked up a heavy goals against column, but that’s ok? In all games we pick turning points where we have been lucky to get the result. We could do the same for games we have drawn or lost, but we don’t. I don’t think we are the luckiest team in the league.... nowhere near. We have had just as many deflections, slices, great goals against, and bad decisions. They just dont support our arguments very well. Many people have suggested that Sam just being announced is the reason for the West Ham game. I honestly think Unsworth deserves more respect for that. Several players said they were so happy that they could give Unsworth a result in that game, but people still suggest it wasn’t down to him. Who knows how well or bad Traore would have done, I dont. But I am knowledgable enough to know that Messi might not have as much as an impact as a fit Welbeck in our team and vice versa. Just the same as if Watford’s goalkeeper had stayed on, we don’t know that he might of brought a player down, gave away a penalty and got sent off in the very next attack. He was replaced with a competent progressional as well. I’m not going to go round in circles with you with this as you have a valid and well thought out opinion on this, and your not going to change. I respectfully disagree with it, but recognise your valid points. On Coleman I agree 100%. I think he has been a massive miss for us. People have always argued that defence isn’t his strong point, but I have never agreed with this, as he plays the sweeper role excellently for us. A player with energy and speed getting round the back to tidy up is what he have desperately missed.
  2. Jermaine defoe

    Well this is TT isn’t it!
  3. I still class injured players as our players. Well we were actually 13th not 16th after the West Ham match. We had just won 4-0 in Unsworths last match in charge.... that’s moving up not down. we can all interpret the stats to suite our own agendas. If we would have carried in gaining the points at the rate Unsworth did.... then we would have been top ten easily. Which as you suggest would make Unsworth a very good manager... as there isn’t many managers who could manage a top ten finish with this lot. All opinions though as we have no idea if he would have improved or declined. Im one of the fools that thinks the squad is good enough to finish in the top ten. I don’t think I’m the only one either. What I do agree with, is that the squad is t good enough. We need new players. I think we need changes at the top just as much, if not more. Question: how pathetically bad we’re our defence last year? Pretty much the same players. Baines is injured yes... but generally it’s the same defence. Or should we be bringing Stek back in?
  4. I class Rooney as a decent player. I class Sigurdson as a decent player. I class Williams as a competent player. I still class Baines as a good player. I class Morgan as a good player, although his form is shit. Bolasie, easily good enough for top ten. Lookman, Vlasic and DCL, along with Davies and Benni are very good prospects that would get game time in the top ten. These players ARE good enough for a top ten side. They are! The most average boring manager should be able to get this lot I to the top ten and stay there. It’s not a feat, it’s minimum expectation. If we can’t get a shot on target, while Stoke, West Bromwich, Huddersfield, Watford and others can.... then there is seriously something wrong with the set up of our club and team.
  5. No one needs to prove their fee. If he fits the team and does well, that’s good enough for me. Doesn’t matter if we paid 200m or £20 for him. So far I think I would rather have Siggy in the team than not. He is slowly getting better and settling down.
  6. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    I would love to see that team. I would be surprised as hell, but pleasantly surprised.
  7. Guys it’s just talking facts that’s all. Doesnt mean Unsworth would have done any better... and at the same time, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have. We simply will never know! One thing I can say.... I enjoyed watching us a damn site more under him than I do now. I pray this ridiculous football gets better and we can start being positive again.
  8. Theo Walcott

    We could buy him back. Barca don’t want him.
  9. If we want to progress then we need to look at the players and not the prices. Does the player improve our team? If so then a signing is worth it. Im by no means saying let teams take us to the cleaners, but we need to look at the larger picture.
  10. No way, he’s pasta his sell by date! Im not very good at this I know!
  11. Luke Shaw

    Started again for Man U tonight. Seems he is back in the team, so can’t see this at all.
  12. Needs for 2018/19

    Hahaha brilliant.
  13. No need to worry mate, we fluctuate between miserable twats and suicidal twats!
  14. Luke Garbutt

    So Garbutt could be Niasse? I’m confused now.
  15. Luke Garbutt

    Garbutt had a nasty injury as well didn’t he? Not sure but I thought I could remember him having a bad injury when he came here. Might be my imagination haha I’m tired.