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  1. Agreed. We need to get out of the small club mentality. Buying for future sales is a Southampton mentality. We need to rise above.
  2. Sign him on a 3 year contract. Problem solved.
  3. When I was at school I didn’t really like football, never played it. I was one of the quieter kids. One of the school sports stars was in the same class as me and went around the lads asking everyone who they supported. I could see it was my turn soon and was shitting myself as I didn’t even know any teams names. Yvette Leurs was a few tables away from me and she said she supported Everton. And she was pretty fit for a 12 year old (that sounds so bad) so here was my chance to impress her, while not looking like a complete pussy at the same time. So I said Everton. That weekend I stayed at a friends house and his dad just happened to be watching the 1985 FA cup final. So I thought I should at least find out what colour they play in just in case I’m ever grilled about it. That day changed my life, as even though we lost..... I simply fell in love with Everton. I ended up trying football after that and found I was a natural at it, even though I started so late. I still play whenever I get chance now. I watch football, play football, and coach U8s and U10s. I have draws full of shirts, my car is even good old Everton blue. My missus even plans days around Everton matches. Provably not the beat reason to support a team, but since then, Everton have taken over my life, mind and heart. First and only team I have ever and ever will support. And my missus’s name isn’t Yvette Leurs haha.
  4. Same here. Don’t really know anything about him. Might go take a look and see if there’s any videos etc.
  5. We’ve already made a gentleman’s agreement and it should be completed in 48 hours. He’s on the plane already!
  6. Hahaha I suppose I loaded it for you there haha.
  7. Pretty sure I was the first one who backed Holgate and I challenge anyone to go back in his threat and fine support before me. Same with DCL! I’m just a regular guru. People need to start listening to my wise words. Including the club! And the missus! And kids!
  8. Exactly Haf, that’s why I only ever argue with Palfy. I never get proven wrong that way 😉
  9. This is what I mean. I haven’t said anywhere he is good enough, he’s not. But he doesn't deserve all the hate is getting. He isn’t the one picking himself. He didn’t sell Cenk either. And I doubt he injured Richarlison.
  10. Don’t disagree at all. I don’t think he’s good enough for us at all. Shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team.
  11. I think Finn has it right haha. Take a break and breathe.
  12. I would much rather have Simms on the bench as well.
  13. Don’t disagree. But we didn’t. And he isn’t the manager.
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