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  1. Morgan Schneiderlin

    He’s never been forward, he would get a nosebleed and take the rest of the match to get back!
  2. Oumar Niasse

    So a goal every 76 min, only Martial has a better ratio on 75. Bet Utd wish they had brought him instead of Lukaku who only gets a goal every 140 mins. Sure I heard Mourinho talking about the one that got away.
  3. Nikola Vlasic

    Where are you Vlasic? Injured? Unfit? Not working hard enough in training? Or is there something else going on? will be very interesting to see if he turns up in the Euro squad.
  4. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Our most overrated player for years. Came with a big reputation and has never had the ability or desire to live up to it. Even when he looked a better player, it was largely because we were so desperate for some light. I dont know what it is with this guy, but he just doesn’t seem to have the heart for it.
  5. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    It’s rough mate it really is. But us Everton fans are hardened to it haha!
  6. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Ye my answer was tongue in cheek as well mate. But we could have easily fell apart after going behind twice, but managed to scrape a point however lucky it was.
  7. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Sorry mate bought you were directing it generally at those that are confident we won’t. i would say that picking up points when you are playing this bad is a positive though. Not pulling up trees but a step in the right direction.
  8. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Your right, somehow he’s pulled four points from the last two games.... and we’re still playing shit.
  9. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Can’t remember anyone saying it’s inconceivable . But I did say I don’t think we will go down. I still don’t, we played badly and picked up a point.
  10. Man of the Match at Palace

    Niasse for doing what we seem incapable of doing.
  11. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Come on sandro show us something. Step up a hero!
  12. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Like to see him on as well. His pace with DCL winning headers up top. He could profit from a few knock ons.
  13. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    I agree Nogs, that is a slow, immobile and in creative midfield. Looks so much better with Davies energy on.
  14. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Those are the two we want on. Come on boys, let’s put a shift in.
  15. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    I’m on my iPhone you total plum haha!