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  1. Theo Walcott

    Bailey: I think Walcotts start has set expectations very high. He is inconsistent, but as far as wingers go, much less than 99% of others. He hasn’t been as effective rice recently, but there is still enough to show he is a quality player. Wingers that score goals for fun are either world class, or are converted into strikers. He is still a quality player and offers a lot to our team.
  2. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    We didn’t play well, but a win is a win and on a day like that... that was all that mattered. We need to improve, but maybe results can help us breed a bit of confidence and allow the players to relax and play their own game.
  3. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    I agree Palfy that the football still isn’t at the level that we want it to be. But watching the match, we were never going to lose it, a draw would have been the worst result as Stoke created the square root of nothing. The sending off was an easy decision. Studs first and boot off the floor. Commentators can say it was harsh... but any knowledgable football brain knows it wasn’t hash. The offside wasn’t cut and dry, and you see those week in week out as the human eye can’t make those desicions correctly on a regular basis. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes wrong. But the chances I listed DID happen, I did t make it up. Surely we were all groaning when we made the wrong decisions in the box? And surely we could all see how the right ball could have easily gave us some excellent chances. Tosun would have had a literal tap in if Walcott would have squared. The Gana comment was just sarcasm obviously as it seems because he played we have to play the win down... again. We do have some real miserable fans on this site that each win has to be broken down and pulled apart. It’s as if some of feel that our opposition should let us play our own game instead of competing. This is the premier league! There aren’t any teams that will just roll over for you. A cold snowy day in Stoke and we come away with a win. Improvement to be made no doubt, but an away win is still an away win.
  4. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Football doesn’t work like that and you well know it. if the first doesn’t go in, the game is different. It doesn’t end the same way with the same chances. But it’s very simple, the goal did stand and we won. Did you see Walcott blast the ball I to the side netting when there was a very simple roll across the box for a tap in? Dod you see Walcott miss control the ball when he would have been clean through? Did you see DCL make an absolute mess of his control while five yards ahead of any defender for a clean one on one? No? Like I said, you should have watched the match rather than read stats. Gana! Gana! Gana! What a worldie we have!
  5. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Sorry mate but I don’t agree. You can stat me as much as you like, but anyone that watched knows we wasted a lot of good opportunities, while at the same time, Stoke really created naff all. Walcott wasted two very good chances. Cenk could have had a hat trick. DCL had an absolute shite touch where he was clean through..... what did Stoke do again?
  6. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Watched the replay. sending off was 100% correct. Feet off the ground studs first.... can’t believe commentators get paid. Adams knew it to give him some credit and just walked. They had a 15 minute period where they scored and had a bit off possession. But they didn’t create anything to win. Sinple fact is that we were wasteful with our chances and scored two. We even gave away a very simple goal to defend.
  7. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Great mate! Hope you enjoyed it.
  8. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 0-0 City none.
  9. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Gotta give the Ps some credit today... Gana was awful. Had a few good moments, like winning he ball and setting Bolasie on his way, but some of it was lazy. Terrible today.
  10. Man of the Match at Stoke

    Tosun. Two goals and chased down a lot too. This guy is going to be a solid goal scorer for us.
  11. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Come on Sam, shut up shop and take the 0-0..... amazing result for you!
  12. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Anyone have a link? Mine is down 🙁
  13. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    The Ps would pick anyone other than Gana to price a point..... even an injured Siggy! I am starting to think that they don’t rate Gana?
  14. Jack Wilshere

    No Bias, just recognise that he is a gifted player when fit. And you may rate Everton as a punt and run, but I think we are much more than that and want to see us being linked with players like this. Watch him a few times and you will see he is a box to box player who is always looking to receive a ball and play forward.
  15. Jack Wilshere

    Ability wise he is a mile above Walcott mate. I dthink br think Arsenal will even let him go, they can’t afford to lose that type of quality. One of their better players.