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  1. Iwobi. Came on with a bit of passion. Won a header up top, played a through ball to set up Kean, and two minutes later swept up as last man. The rest were abysmal.
  2. Wouldn’t mind seeing that. Very pacy front 4. Good solid central line.
  3. Looking forward to the match today. Hoping Jags gets a massive reception. Hate this waiting around ready to go haha. I’m like a child on match day.
  4. I think the two styles of DCL and Kean compliment each other. I would have a midfield hat consisted of two wide men .. Roxharliaon and Iwobi, both who are capable of cutting in and overloading the penalty area. Then I would have a center of Delpth sitting, and preferably Gomes in front. This gives us a fast paced attack, but also an outlet. We would also have a strong central line, with wingers that are more than capable of helping out in defence when we haven’t got the ball.
  5. I would love to see them together. Last week we had DCL flicking headers on to..... well no one. Then kean came on and looked totally isolated. Problem is to play them together, means someone else has to drop. At home this could easily be a defensive mid. But again, now out problem is we need two to make up for the one we lost. And we’re still conceding. So although I would love to see them both together, it’s hard to see how 😳
  6. I’m hoping he starts on Saturday. Home matches are ideal for him to start. The crowd will back him and we should be constantly attacking. We need some pace and aggression on the pitch at home.
  7. That’s not a bad team at all heath. Very direct and attacking. With two good wingers alongside him, Richarlison could be a handful up there.
  8. Doubt he could score without playing..... so ye guess he must have played 😉
  9. I feel like I’ve missed something exciting? Did we have some idiot doing a bad job of trolling or something haha.
  10. Was a great finish. But he can’t seem to hit it between the corner flags in the premier.
  11. Well the FIFA ratings have came out now and it’s proved me correct. I knew it all along, but this just proves it beyond doubt. DCL 77 Kean 76 factual as it comes!!!!
  12. I would go for that team. I can see why he may use DCL I’m away matches, but we really need pace and direct play at home. Got my tickets for this one too.
  13. Everton 3-0 Sheff Utd Richarlison.
  14. Already has. Fact. Big massive 0. Not using that as a judgement, as I’m just pissed from a shit performance mate. Honestly could slag anyone off right now. They bottled it.
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