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  1. Why did you ask... just whhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!
  2. Cat I know said he’s on 200k a week with bonuses for his name beginning with a D of 100k. Gets his own locker as well.
  3. This lad is starting to turn into my favourite character. Seems a very grounded young man.
  4. I didn’t go exactly no, but I was a lot closer than you wasn’t I 😉 But what did you think of his comments at AFCON? Good? Bad? Or didn’t see them, so it never happened?
  5. It is turning it into a negative, your probably the one person that exists who can’t see that. And he is doing exactly the opposite to what you are saying, that’s a fact... not opinion, cold hard fact. Though you’ll still argue otherwise haha 😉 Lets look at it. He was recently asked about it at the AFCON. His answer was that he wasn’t going to comment on any rumours and just wanted to concentrate on the tournament.... I mean what an asshole eh! Before that, PSG made public many offers for him. It was turned down. He was asked about it. He answered honestly by saying it would have been a dream move for him, but it was turned down so wasn’t to be. He then went on by saying all he can do, is play for his current club, put the effort in and try even harder. He did this.... again... what an asshole haha! Now if you can’t see how your turning that into a negative... then frankly your lying to yourself, and that’s commonly know as.... your only cheating yourself 😉 Now if he comes out and publicly says that he wants to leave us, puts in a transfer request and does countless interviews about how he wants to play for a bigger club... then I’ll join your little group mate. Until then, I’ll have respect for a player that has earnt it, regardless of ability level.
  6. Or it may be is just very professional and doesn’t let rumours etc influence him. Sad world where a player comes out like he has.... and people still try to turn it into a negative.
  7. Marco has already said that he sees him as a different style than Gana. I do tho k that once Gana goes, we will replace him, or one of the young lads will get promoted. Delph isn’t a replacement for Gana.
  8. Shame for him, had a good tournament. They just didn’t do enough in that last third though.... remind you of a certain team? But I think he can hold his head high.
  9. Somethings exciting me about this. Preparing myself for inevitable comedown.
  10. He’s going very cheap though, due to having his hair cut! Not sure he has the strength for the premier league.
  11. Feel like I’ve just been scolded.
  12. Completely agree with all of that... the reason I asked your thoughts to be honest. Yes the highlights at Barca showed him to be a more offensive player, or box to box. I wonder if it’s his preferred role here, or just situational for the team orders. Will be interesting to see him develop his position now he’s permanent. I do agree with Elston though, that we need to see him take more shots etc, and see what he has up there.
  13. Is so the new 33/34 now? We seem to be writing players off once they hit 30, yet is t this prime for a footballer?
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