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  1. True, could be anything there.
  2. Did he really? I’m interested to know what for. And to be fair, I didn’t realise that was common knowledge..... I mean if it wasn’t... in essences that would make yours a massively bizarre statement haha! And let’s be fair... no one could accuse you of being bizarre 😉 But seriously, what did he go to jail for? And is it really common knowledge? Not sure I do want him now.
  3. would have been much shorter if you would have stopped arguing with everything I say 🙄
  4. Haha think your looking to hard to find something that’s not there mate. I’m in no way upset. The whole thread of my posts is to say that he isn’t a push over and he IS a good businessman. Read SteveO’s post above. It shows that he spoke his mind strongly and this is the reason Kroenke didn’t want him on board. My point was that if people believed he was such a push over, then surely we wouldn’t want him near our club. The type that puts money in purely for profit, without work..... is a freeloader to me. I wouldn’t want that type near our club. Sorry for being a bit manipulative, but my point was kore towards the Chelsea/City scenario. I’m pointing out that I don’t think he is anywhere near those models. Someone said he had NO say, I was just pointing out that just because he didn’t get his own way, doesn't mean he was silent and had no say. Not trying to argue with anyone in any way.
  5. That’s what I mean. He isn’t a sit in the corner and bow down type of guy. He is a strong business man and won’t be bullied. He isn’t a crook, well no worse than any other billionaire. The guy isn’t going to pump money into us and sit back and watch. He won’t be happy to just see money grow, he is a football fan and wants his ego stroked by creating something. He is a mile away from a Chelsea or City.
  6. I do t tho k he had no say Palfy. He would never have had in investment there in the first place if he had NO say. Again, if he did. We should steer well clear of him, as we do t have room for freeloaders. Look guys, anyone can read a tabloid report and few they know everything. But the reality is that he is a successful businessman. Yes he wanted more lower and was never going to get it. But I find it extremely to think this guy got into his position, by sitting back and doing nothing. I don’t happen to be ITK when it comes to Arsenals board room. But to think this guy sat in the corner and had no say sounds ridiculous. If that is true.... then why would any person of sound mind, want him anywhere near our club. We should all step back and just think a little.
  7. I’m pretty sure anyone putting that much money into a team made sure his voice was heard. If he didn’t, then let’s steer well clear of him as he is just another glory hunter who wants his name on a premiership club. I’m guessing he got involved though. He ended up leaving because he wanted more of a say and more to do with running the club.
  8. He has come from Arsenal though. Arsenal are known for being one of the best business run clubs in the premier league for a long time. He was part of that. I think Chelsea are a complete different kettle of fish.
  9. Where do people download Zcars with the sirens for their phone? Anyone with any tips, would be grateful 🙂
  10. Haha but sorry to derail the thread. So, Europe? We need to be able to offer European football to attract the type of players that can take us to our next level.
  11. Appreciate it mate. There are many in much more bad situations than I could ever imagine. I just think that one day Karma comes around, good or bad 🙂.
  12. Friend I knew from school. Backed him all my life through some tough times. But he had history for this, so my own fault. But you move on 🙂
  13. From what I have read Bailey, they have been investigated before. This time they have been falsifying records as well as not meeting FFP stipulations. Im hoping we are far away from that model. And I am quietly confident we are. I mean.... it’s not like I’ve ever been wrong before is it?
  14. I agree mate, but that’s on them not me. I would rather be in my shoes than someone who mistrusts everyone. I have been ripped off enough times, that I should be different... including having my life savings taken from me two years ago. But the person that did it, struggles with mental health, while I smile and play with my amazing kids, and beautiful missus. He may have more money than me, but I’m happy in my own way 🙂
  15. As we know, only players not fit to grace the premier go there 😉
  16. He has had a few food games to be fair, but that’s all for me. True, in typical TT fashion, that makes him our best midfielder though 😉 But if he could keep up the form of his last outing, I would be glad to see him on the pitch again. But he is far from what we’re looking for.
  17. I have never heard anyone accuse us of falsifying records before, or fraudulent income. Not sure our model is anything like theirs.
  18. I am mate. I’m a very trusting person haha. Everyone starts with respect, it’s up to them if they gain more or lose it. I always show faith and trust, people’s actions dictate if I lose that trust or gain more. Glass is always half full. People are great, and the world is a wonderful place. I hope I never have reason to change.
  19. We getting cowboy builders to build the stadium?
  20. Sure, but I trust Everton a damn site more than City. To be honest, I would have thought every teams books are checked every year.
  21. Wow it’s crazy when you look at the wages we spend on those guys. But if they end up as stepping stones to where we are now, then it may all be worth it.
  22. Answered your question before you even asked it haha😉 knew it would be coming x It all depends on our books this next season in all honesty. Football doesn’t work the same as a normal business. Capex still exists, but they are not tied down to it. They can spend more than their budget as long as the money is there, and so finish with a deficit. What FFP asks, is that there is a solid plan to balance it back up. If we are spending money like that, with no long term plan in place, then, we could be in trouble. But I honestly think our club isn’t as naive as eastern billionaires. Though that could easily be me, being said naive.
  23. Last I read, we had excellent books. We may have operated at a loss due to signings, but our accountants said that we have nothing to worry about. I know they wouldn’t exactly come out and say, we’re in trouble, but I do trust our club is run the correct way. After reading that article, I’m more confident now. They may look to put us on a 3 year plan, and that’s fine.
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