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  1. brought me to tears last night and epitomised all that is good about the sport i love. For football to come together like that makes me have hopes for our football and all that it stands for. great tribute and moved me to tears. It's not always about kicking a ball!
  2. somone close this thread please. It's an insult to Evertonian's surely we can behave better than this. The coments made were in bad taste about a horid situation, a situation where people need to act with more dignity, class is nothing to do with it, but dignity is. Come on guys lets get back to representing our so called "family club".
  3. Shukes


    I would be more than happy with this! In fact i think it would be a huge gestrure for the whole premiership to play it. sometimes we all have top pull together and remember what football should be about.
  4. Is it true that Barkley is going to Wednesday on loan? i think it was in the Daily Express. If so this could gain him some valuable experience. Good move.
  5. Ye it doesnt deny it, but over the last few years you have heard this type of thing happen with a score of players, the players just keep tight lipped about it and stay all profesional and all that. Felli didnt have to talk about it, he could have just done what 90% of the others do and just say "it's all speculation and i am just concentrating on playing for my current team" But he opted foe the approach that us fans like to hear! or at least i do. and in todays climate i have respect for a player that takes that approach. If he leaves for the right money i will still be a fan. But ye maybe we should be thinking of finding a worthy succesor now and slowly groom them into position. But any idea's how we could replace the big man?
  6. I feel so much better today. Ok the guy will leave one day and when he does it will be a big move, but just to hear that he was misquoted makes me feel so much better. I was real dissapointed when it seemed he had said those comments. yes he said them but something was lost in translation that i am sure. The guy is not just a good footballer but he has a good head on his shoulders too and you can see he has a lot of respect for this team and it's fans.
  7. ye i have been really excited about this one. I will be gutted if this one does not come through. Looks just the type of player to take us one more step forward. a tricky box to box player is just what we need through the middle. Also think it would be good for Barkley as he could go and get some experience then. Come on give us an anouncment!
  8. I remember him signing autographs with a smile on his face when we had just signed coleman and everyone thought that he was coleman. Great attitude. Next week i watched him playing for England u17s and thought he was a prospect, he still is. Great guy with a good attitude and would be made up if this guy gets back into the prem, he deserves it. And by all acounts he is a stand out performer for Tranmere.
  9. I know he wasnt in the same mold skill wise, but i still have to say Big Dunc for me. I remember sitting away at leicester and if we had not won this match it would have made it a full 12 months without an away month. Dunc was injured and did not play. 90 minutes on the clock and the score is 0 - 0, Danny Cadamartri steps up to take a penalty and buries it!. All i can remember is jumping in the air with delight and relief and turning to the side to see my mate in Duncs arms and screaming! he celebrated as much as an Everton fan that night. The fact that he sat next to us away at Leicester and watched the whole match left a big impression on me.
  10. Oh my god! i cant believe i was about to reply to that. i was mad reading that! i totally brought that haha!
  11. birmingham asking for 8m apparently.
  12. SSN said were in talks with Jack Butland. Do we need another keeper lol? was hoping we are looking for another mid.
  13. Some rumours on SSP forums that we have agreed a fee for N'Zonzi? anyone know if there is any substance in this? Getting pretty excited over this transfer deadline for a change.
  14. What do you guys think of this situation? Villa agree fee of 7m then he says publically that he wants to join liverpool and they drop out.......this guy could end up on the scrapheap if no one comes in for him. But honestly...7m seems a good price. but now we have super Kev i suppose its moot.
  15. Shukes

    Leyton Orient

    Really like the look of this team. industrious players that would allow the likes of Barkley to express himself. Attack looks very young and pacy.
  16. Guys we need to move on from this one. Theres plenty more fish in the sea!
  17. This has been said before i know, but i dont often see that. I look at when we concede goals and being the critic that i am ( football coack ) i sometimes may be a bit harsh. But there are too many instances when i genuenly think to myslef...where was Heitinga? or Heitinga was a yard from his man, why didnt he jump? or ...and this is the most frustrating for me........that ball was about an inch away from his head, why didnt he head it? ok he may be facing his own goal in the 6 yard box, but if you leave it and we concede then you are at fault. Sorry i just dont see him doing anything that others dont do and i see others seeing things he wont. Problem for me is, Heitinga makes the simple things look really easy and classy, but difficult things hard and sloppy.
  18. Heitinga is a really good player, but not world class! 9m + a player is deal that in our situation we should take advantage of. there seems to be two opinions on this site: 1 = Heits is world class and a ball playing centre back 2 = Heits is a good player, but better ball player than a defender. Myself..as you all know favour the latter. He is a good player but not as good a defender than Jags. Jags puts his body on the line to make blocks and go in where it hurts. Heits just doesnt unless its a header he will obviously win. Now before you all knock this back...i challenge you! look back through a few highlights and see for yourself. Even type into youtube to look for Heitinga blocks. Now i dont need to show you highlights of jags doing it as, he has made a career of it. Thats not to say there isnt an argument for Heits ball playing. But myself, i think hes just good, nothing special and not that far ahead of Jags. Now does this warrant selling him? not at all, i would rather keep him. But if jags keeps in form then im pretty sure that Heits will move on either January or next summer. And lets face it, we wont get offered 9m + again.
  19. At risk of gettin g slammed yet again lol...i pretty much agree. Heits is classy and had a great season last season. Before that i agree he is still one of our better ball players in defence ( withstanding Baines ) But for me he just does not have the tackling ability or body on the line attitude that say Jags has. I am a fan of his and would be loathe to lose him. But in no way do i think he is a mile ahead of the others. On a par yes. I actually think he is a good defensive midfileder with the right partner. Please remember i am no SAF or Moysey and it is just an opinion before you all think i am crazy haha!
  20. Fellaini = a god amongst men! Jags = awesome. Hibbert = an aging whiskey.
  21. Big difference in getting stuck in and going in intentionally to hurt someone. And i have played with and against many players like Adams, he is not a fully commited player who gets stuck in but rather a player who will try to take players out of games by any means. dont get lost in the old footy manager statistics, any footballer knows they dont mean shit. If a team shoots from 30 yrds 10 times during a match and has no chance of scoring, still gets 10 shots added to thier stats. Adams simply should have had more cards than he ended up with, but he is a clever player. he immediately gets up and tells the ref why it was not his fault and how it looked worse than it was. Look at his face when he goes into a bad tackle, he grins.
  22. After the way he has gone about this, i just hope moyes stays away. i have gone from being a fan of his to praying he doesnt come her. We are Everton FC and just the same as Drenthe, we need to stick to our rpincipals and stay an honest club.
  23. Would hate to see him here, dirty F'ing twat! He is overated and a nasty player. Not the type we want here at Everton.
  24. so what do you guys think of Niang then? Lets get back on course guys. He is here for a trail. Would we expect him to join if we decide we want him? Most trialists are usually impressed when they come here so we could be suprised with this one. And he does look an exciting prospect.
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