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  1. Well, as a human, all thoughts to Gomes. Awful injury. Class player. Hope to see him make a full recovery. As an Evertonian, shit just keeps sticking to us. We again shoot ourselves in the foot with that woeful pass that lead to the goal. Shit just keeps happening and it's too frustrating. As for VAR, I'm not a fan. Never have been and for me it's getting more inconsistent as the weeks go on. It's getting worse rather than better. Stuck for words tbh. Feel quite emotional for some reason. Life of an Evertonian eh.
  2. Horrible that. When your down on your shit, it just keeps going. Class player aswell.
  3. I've got shit loads to do bit for some reason will still sit and watch this. Was surprised to see Walcott in...now glad to see Iwobi coming on!
  4. ...a fuckin big proper garden gnome though. Not one of those little cheap ones.
  5. I'm 5.7"...on a good day...and would lose a header against a garden gnome.
  6. That'll happen one day. No doubt 👍
  7. I think Keane can slightly be put in the softer, pushed around category. But I think Mina has balls of steel. I think he's squared up and argued with an opposition player each game so far. The guy seems a great character to have around.
  8. Glad to be of some use to someone! I need to get it out my system now so I can get a good night's kip!
  9. But to honest guys n girls, I'm not too worried about the season ahead. Generally. I think today will end up being one of our worst all round performances this season. We'll get beat again, no doubt. But we'll rarely play like that again. There'll be goals in this team. They'll come. I've no worries about that. And we've shown we can play tight at the back. It's just so bloody frustrating tonight. No point slinging mud only 3 games in, but we do need to find a way to break teams down when they pack their boxes.
  10. Gotta say though Bailey, those 2, Keane and Mina, have done bloody well considering they've had minimal offerings from the 2 in front of them. I've got nothing against Morgan or Gomes. Well, maybe Morgan a little bit. But neither of them will give the bite that's needed in there. Certainly not today anyway!!
  11. Just one of those nights lads. Absolutely frustrating as can be. Not helped by a non existent central midfield. Them 2 today were pure shite. There's gonna be plenty of teams who pack their box against us, and as has been the case for years now, we really need to learn how to break them down. Or else we'll not touch that top 6. Hopefully, this will develop as the season goes on. And just as I'm typing they score another one. And again, the CMs are fucking ghosts. One to forget this.
  12. Anyone else pissed with how easy these Villa players seem to go down?
  13. Honestly, Morgan and Gomes are absolutely doing my tits in tonight.
  14. Hmmm. Not sure to be honest. Really rate the guy. Just seems when he has a 'mare, he has a proper 'mare!!!
  15. Bollockings needed here. We've got worse as the games gone on. Too many players missing and doing basic stuff shite...Richarlisons off boil, Schneiderlein is nowhere to be seen, Gomes has strangely hit a sudden brick wall. We really need that man in the middle who can tackle everything in sight because they are going right through us at the moment. DCL...feel for him. Really should have scored. Does many thinks well, but needs goals. Other than that. Spot on.
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