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  1. I've noticed he's done that in other games he's been captain. Just looks straight ahead, full of focus. Great stuff.
  2. Great result. I'm away in Dumfries with the family, kept a watch of it on my mobile but signal was shit, then battery died! Managed to see Richarlison and Digne goals and patches of the game. Never looked troubled in the bits I seen. Don't care what anyone says, or how pundits and PeteO want to play it, we smashed them. Convincingly. Now keep the focus and carry it on for the next 3 games.
  3. It's never going to be a smooth ride guys! Just as you think we've sussed it....uuuuuuurgh!!!! Haha. A pals accumulator was on for a £500 (ish) return from a £1.50 bet. The one let down? Everton!!! Haha. It's why I don't gamble. Fuck that. could have had a bag of crisps and a curly wurly with that £1.50. All will be forgiven if we get at Man Utd. As for Europe etc, absolutely I want us to be in Europe. Even via the awful qualifiers. Of course it extends the season, but it gets our club out there. Back on the European map. It's going to be a tight battle for 7th. I thought we'd finish 7th anyway, as did many others. But if we get it, does that make it a good season? Not really. We shouldn't really be battling for 7th, ideally it should be ours. We should be battling for 6th and so on. And the cup runs should be longer. It's been a real rollercoaster season, as many of us thought it would be, plenty to build on. Good to get through the season with the same manager, and then next season there's a bit more pressure. Look forward to seeing more sorting out of the squad this pre season.
  4. Absolutely. Same here, not bothering reading the usual drivel. Same with the Silva thread a bit ago tbh. In his role, doing what he does, the man is a key player for us.
  5. Really enjoyed that today. Brilliant result and the team performance was top notch. Goodison looks so much better these days too. They've done a great job of refreshing the Grand Old Lady (last lot of games I've been to have been winter and/or night time, so I've not done a lap for a while!). Hard to criticise anyone really. The lads really seem to be clicking at the moment and taking it up a level. When was the last time we had to moan about conceding at set pieces? Small things are being put to bed bit by bit, and that early season form and, more importantly, style of play is returning. Hopefully this will show why we can't sack a manager as soon as we hit a poor run. Hopefully I said!!! Players that stood out most for me were DCL. That boy is a nightmare for the opposition. He's being lightly criticised out there for not scoring enough, yet he has a better goals to minutes ratio than anyone else! What he does is hold the ball up, brilliantly, and creates enough of a head ache that the likes of Gylfi, Richarlison and Bernard get the chance to score, or should do! Really want him to get at least 2 more to get him to a minimum of 10, I always think getting to double figures is a good start. Bernard was great again. He tracks back brilliantly and pops up all over. Just needs a bit more finesse in and around the penalty box. Gana and Gomes. Don't even need to say anything. Excellent 3 points.
  6. Haha. My wife is a Jock. One of them Glaswegian types. Still can't understand her and we've been at it for 14 years. I'll get there with you one day Mike. You and a good few others on here I hope.
  7. I'll be there too chaps. Managed to get some tickets in the Park End for me and my stepson while getting pissed at my Grandads funeral on Friday. Was 'lucky' enough to be a pall bearer and we carried his coffin in to Z-Cars, so have a feeling I might get wet eyes as Z-Cars blasts out at Goodison!!! Weather forecast is decent, really looking forward to it. Might see some of you there!
  8. We made them poor. That's a key point to make. We went at them from the go. We could have been 4 up in 15 minutes. Their keeper kept them in it. We beat them to every ball. We doubled up on their men. We pressed them. And we attacked with a pace I haven't seen from us since about October time. I mean, literally, they would be building up an attack and within a couple of passes we'd be up the other end. If we were more clinical, they'd be dead and buried within 15 minutes. We made them shit. We smashed their confidence to pieces and made them feel like little boys. This isn'tt aimed at you Haf, well it could be depending on what you believe, but we can't keep downgrading our wins as the opposition being pure shite. It's perfectly possible that we play in a way that allows the opposition to do nothing...find no momentum, no rhythm, overthrow their game plan etc etc.
  9. Think that 2nd half was a confidence boosting exercise for us. Just do the basics, keep control, bring home the points. Very good win for us there.
  10. Brill first half. Only thing we could ask more of from the lads is more goals. Really impressive. But, I'll wait before getting too excited. As we know of Everton, we definately show football to be a game of 2 halves.
  11. Whooooosh! There it is. Everton typified in one game. Shite in first half. Polar opposite in 2nd. There's something there to build on. If this doesn't give the players a boost and wake up, nothing will.
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