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  1. No drama Palf. All's cool. Those who know Pete, know Pete!!!
  2. Somethings been lost between us there. In typical TT Forum style!
  3. Yep. I absolutely do. Why would I not? If you were going to a new job, would your line manager not make a difference to you?! You know, the bloke you're going to work with every day?!
  4. “I asked Marco [Silva] to talk with him because he knows him very well and the player was enthusiastic about it. I went back to Barcelona and asked if there was a possibility of getting him on loan." Credit where it's due eh.
  5. Not that I want to get involved in this revolving non debate, but I'm pretty sure that when I have previously got involved, that your problem has been he is too basic??? For example, doesn't forward pass enough, doesn't take the ball forward enough...that sort of thing? Anyway, just saying. Bye!
  6. Oh shit yeah. You make a point I didn't think of there. 4 points ahead and Fulham at Home next. Bugger.
  7. Exactly. We need a good striker!!! I'm not sure DCL is doing enough is persuade the boss man that he can be number 1 next season.
  8. Frustrating that. Should have been 3 points. So much good build up play, just couldn't find that magical touch you need when playing against a team that floods their box with players. And to have so many corners cone to nothing, urgh. This has been our story for a few years now, and as much as I had a dislike for him, Lukaku was that player who could pop up with a goal. Can't help but wonder if DCL is doing enough to put off the hunt for a Number 1 striker in the summer. As much as I like him, not sure we can afford to 'wait and see'. 2 games to go for 7th. Wolves in control, with Fulham at Home and Liverpool Away. Watford have Chelsea Away and West Ham Home. We have Burnley Home Spurs Away. Gonna be tight.
  9. I've noticed he's done that in other games he's been captain. Just looks straight ahead, full of focus. Great stuff.
  10. Great result. I'm away in Dumfries with the family, kept a watch of it on my mobile but signal was shit, then battery died! Managed to see Richarlison and Digne goals and patches of the game. Never looked troubled in the bits I seen. Don't care what anyone says, or how pundits and PeteO want to play it, we smashed them. Convincingly. Now keep the focus and carry it on for the next 3 games.
  11. It's never going to be a smooth ride guys! Just as you think we've sussed it....uuuuuuurgh!!!! Haha. A pals accumulator was on for a £500 (ish) return from a £1.50 bet. The one let down? Everton!!! Haha. It's why I don't gamble. Fuck that. could have had a bag of crisps and a curly wurly with that £1.50. All will be forgiven if we get at Man Utd. As for Europe etc, absolutely I want us to be in Europe. Even via the awful qualifiers. Of course it extends the season, but it gets our club out there. Back on the European map. It's going to be a tight battle for 7th. I thought we'd finish 7th anyway, as did many others. But if we get it, does that make it a good season? Not really. We shouldn't really be battling for 7th, ideally it should be ours. We should be battling for 6th and so on. And the cup runs should be longer. It's been a real rollercoaster season, as many of us thought it would be, plenty to build on. Good to get through the season with the same manager, and then next season there's a bit more pressure. Look forward to seeing more sorting out of the squad this pre season.
  12. Absolutely. Same here, not bothering reading the usual drivel. Same with the Silva thread a bit ago tbh. In his role, doing what he does, the man is a key player for us.
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