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  1. Newty82

    Lucas Digne

    Only happy if he's any good....!!!
  2. Newty82


    He's only 21 mind...
  3. Newty82


    My god...just Googled it. It's everywhere! Sky Sports main headline. £50 million. Surely it's not £50 million. That's fuckin insane.
  4. Newty82


    Good player, seems highly rated but surely to god not £40-£50million!!! Think I'll go check out The Hornets Nest, that lot will be going nuts...
  5. Newty82

    Elephant in the room

    Be worried whenever you want to be worried Palfy, it's your prerogative. I said last week in the Transfer thread that my curiosity grows as time passes. Wondering what is going on behind the scenes etc. I think it's only natural that the feeling grows as the deadline closes in. But I completely disagree with anyone who believes the squad is bottom half material. Sorry but it's been factually proven not to be! We had a shit storm last season...3 different managers...3 different ways of playing...and still finished 8th. There is talent in the squad that will perform a lot better under a forward thinking man manager. BUT some key signings will be needed to bring balance if we want to push on beyond 8th.
  6. Newty82

    Elephant in the room

    I think it's because we only have 2 full weeks of the window now. Along with us only being one of 3 teams that haven't made an impactful move. It's understandable if people get a bit twitchy. Not so understandable if they go full on fucktard abuse mode. I'm sure we have something lined up but as the days tick down, it becomes a dangerous game. And you naturally start getting the Everton Twitch.
  7. Newty82


    This would be an awesome signing, and we have enough players to offer in exchange. I'm also thinking Spurs are more likely. However, I just wonder if they will pay what is required? In both transfer fees and salary. They're not keen on splashing money.
  8. Newty82

    Elephant in the room

    10th??? I absolutely agree with what you are saying though. I'm in the camp that doesn't believe this squad is as shit as it performed last season. A few key signings will make a tonne of difference.
  9. Newty82

    Oumar Niasse

  10. Newty82


    Ive not read all the above but in terms of Leavers regretting their vote...Ive read plenty of comments online from people who voted Remain who would now change to Leave due how the thing has been handled by all sides. For a lot of people, it's been an eye opener as to how things REALLY work. However, as always, some real shit gets spoken from firm supporters of both sides if the coin.
  11. Newty82

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    On tonight lads. 7.45 KO.
  12. Newty82

    Kopite Thread

    Again though, it just shows how tough it will be to crack into those top 5 or 6 teams. They're spending this sort of money without blinking. The financial gap gets wider year on year.
  13. Newty82

    Jack Rodwell

  14. Oh yeah...of course...how did I do that!!!!
  15. Newty82

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I know.... I know we'll make signings. That's not a doubt, it's just....well, I've already said!!!