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  1. Jermaine defoe

  2. Martin Terrier

    Bet he likes it doggy style.....
  3. Jermaine defoe

    No way! It's true! Was one 't' when I hit Submit!!!
  4. Trim the squad and have a core focus of players. Get rid of passengers.
  5. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    This is the stand out thing. He came in, we looked at defence first. We picked up points and kept clean sheets. We sat back when we shouldn't have, vs WBA and Bournemouth. And got next to nothing. This caused a bit of a fan uproar. In the last few games, we have attempted, with our line ups at least, to look more attacking. Unfortunately, we've done this against teams that are simply better than us. Did we expect any wins from the last 3? Shame to think like this, but it's true of the last 20 years! I think with us keen to add a striker, and keen to add more pace in the side and use natural wingers, we know we need to do more going forward. Well, it's blatantly obvious, isn'tt it? I don't know where I'm going with this post! Such a bizarre season.
  6. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    I'll be at this one!!! Step son is a WBA fan so he got us tickets for my birthday. Looking forward to a good day out. We've already 'joked' that it's going to be an absolute boring twat of a game!!!
  7. Oumar Niasse

    Hang on...in today's market, with his goal to game ratio this season, plus it being January, he should be a £50million player!
  8. Cenk Tosun

    Like this.... Juh - Eh - Nuh - Curly K
  9. Cenk Tosun

    I've heard he's a right Cenkleman. Ha. Cenkleman. See? A true 'Cenk'....'Cenk'....Cenkleman...oh fuck off!!!
  10. Cenk Tosun

    Spoil sport!!!
  11. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    ....someones been on the shandy.
  12. Kevin Mirallas

    Another shithouse on the move...can only be good for the club.